Thursday th 27th of April 2017

Cassini’s ring dive offers first close-up of Saturn’s cloud tops - 17:11

Cassini’s ring dive offers first close-up of Saturn’s cloud tops - 16:51

Ancient DNA bucks tale of how the horse was tamed - 13:12

Zika hides out in body’s hard-to-reach spots - 11:11

How a mushroom gets its glow - 08:11

The scales of the ocellated lizard are surprisingly coordinated - 05:11

Wednesday th 26th of April 2017

First settlers reached Americas 130,000 years ago, study claims - 12:04

Dog DNA study maps breeds across the world - 10:41

Long naps lead to less night sleep for toddlers - 06:21

Tuesday th 25th of April 2017

‘Fossil’ groundwater is not immune to modern-day pollution - 15:21

How a dolphin eats an octopus without dying - 12:24

Faux womb keeps preemie lambs alive - 11:41

’s brain shows humanlike features - 11:21

Oldest evidence of patterned silk loom found in China - 06:02

Monday th 24th of April 2017

Beetles have been mooching off insect colonies for millions of years - 15:02

No long, twisted tail trails the solar system - 10:21

Gamma-ray evidence for dark matter weakens - 08:02

Saturday th 22nd of April 2017

We went to the March for Science in D.C. Here's what happened - 18:21

Watch the March for Science in Washington, D.C. - 05:22

Friday th 21st of April 2017

Ötzi the Iceman froze to death - 17:01

Top 10 science anniversaries of 2017 - 10:01

In ‘grand finale,’ Cassini spacecraft sets off on collision course with Saturn - 06:22

Thursday th 20th of April 2017

Collider data hint at unexpected new subatomic particles - 15:02

Immune cells play surprising role in steady heartbeat - 11:42

50 years ago, continental drift began to gain acceptance - 08:11

Plot twist in methane mystery blames chemistry, not emissions, for recent rise - 07:11

Evidence is lacking that ‘cocooning’ prevents whooping cough in newborns - 06:12

Wednesday th 19th of April 2017

March for Science will take scientists’ activism to a new level - 15:12

The Arctic is a final garbage dump for ocean plastic - 13:12

Brain gains seen in elderly mice injected with human umbilical cord plasma - 12:11

Readers bugged by wine-spoiling stinkbugs - 11:11

Scientists find amazement in what’s most familiar - 11:11

Venomous fish have evolved many ways to inflict pain - 10:52

Frog slime protein fights off the flu - 08:11

How the house mouse tamed itself - 06:11

Tuesday th 18th of April 2017

Autism, ADHD risk not linked to prenatal exposure to antidepressants - 14:11

Bubbles may put mysterious fizz in Titan’s polar sea - 10:11

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the proton - 07:11

Monday th 17th of April 2017

Early dinosaur relative sported odd mix of bird, crocodile-like traits - 13:31

‘River piracy’ on a high glacier lets one waterway rob another - 10:11

Improbable ‘black swan’ events can devastate animal populations - 08:12

Hawk moths convert nectar into antioxidants - 06:11

Sunday th 16th of April 2017

The drama of Albert Einstein’s life unfolds in the new series - 07:01

Friday th 14th of April 2017

Size matters to lizards, but numbers may not - 15:21

Shock-absorbing spear points kept early North Americans on the hunt - 14:21

New particle probably can’t explain nuclear reactor neutrino mystery - 09:01

New particle probably can’t explain nuclear reactor neutrino mystery - 08:41

More than one ocean motion determines tsunami size - 06:21

Thursday th 13th of April 2017

New tech harvests drinking water from (relatively) dry air using only sunlight - 13:11

Food for microbes found on Enceladus - 13:11