Monday th 5th of June 2017

Scalding hot gas giant breaks heat records - 10:21

Friday th 2nd of June 2017

When it comes to the flu, the nose has a long memory - 13:12

Sooty terns’ migration takes the birds into the path of hurricanes - 09:51

Thursday th 1st of June 2017

Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf is within days of completely cracking - 17:31

U.S. will withdraw from climate pact, Trump announces - 17:12

When preventing HIV, bacteria in the vagina matter - 13:53

Brains encode faces piece by piece - 13:12

LIGO snags another set of gravitational waves - 10:11

50 years ago, antibiotic resistance alarms went unheeded - 08:11

Babies categorize colors the same way adults do - 06:11

Wednesday th 31st of May 2017

Mummy DNA unveils the history of ancient Egyptian hookups - 15:32

Some topics call for science reporting from many angles - 15:11

Readers puzzled by proton's properties - 14:51

For babies exposed to opioids in the womb, parents may be the best medicine - 14:32

Researchers stumble onto a new role for breast cancer drug - 08:12

Peru’s plenty brought ancient human migration to a crawl - 06:12

Tuesday th 30th of May 2017

The opioid epidemic spurs a search for new, safer painkillers - 12:11

Sea scorpions slashed victims with swordlike tails - 10:11

Why you can hear and see meteors at the same time - 06:11

Monday th 29th of May 2017

Citizen scientists join the search for Planet 9 - 06:11

Friday th 26th of May 2017

Trump’s proposed 2018 budget takes an ax to science research funding - 16:41

Running is contagious among those with the competitive bug - 10:21

Magnetism disrupts winds on ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet - 06:01

Thursday th 25th of May 2017

Juno spacecraft reveals more complex Jupiter - 13:21

Deep heat may have spawned one of the world’s deadliest tsunamis - 13:02

Obscure brain region linked to feeding frenzy in mice - 13:02

Wednesday th 24th of May 2017

New test may improve pancreatic cancer diagnoses - 17:02

The Zika epidemic began long before anyone noticed - 12:02

Petite parrots provide insight into early flight - 08:02

Drugs for reflux disease in infants may come with unintended consequences - 06:02

Tuesday th 23rd of May 2017

How a flamingo balances on one leg - 19:21

TRAPPIST-1’s seventh planet is a chilly world - 08:02

Tool sharpens focus on Stone Age networking in the Middle East - 06:22

Monday th 22nd of May 2017

Mouse sperm survive space to spawn - 14:22

Older adults may not benefit from taking statins - 13:41

European fossils may belong to earliest known hominid - 13:02

40 more ‘intelligence’ genes found - 10:03

Friday th 19th of May 2017

Even short-term opioid use can set people up for addiction risks - 08:21

Quantum tractor beam could tug atoms, molecules - 06:22

Thursday th 18th of May 2017

Global access to quality health care has improved in the last two decades - 18:01

Hybrid protein offers malaria protection - 13:43

Transplanted stem cells become eggs in sterile mice - 11:22

50 years ago, an Earth-based telescope spotted Saturn’s fourth ring - 06:01

Wednesday th 17th of May 2017

When it’s hot, plants become a surprisingly large source of air pollution - 16:42

Orangutans take motherhood to extremes, nursing young for more than eight years - 14:02

Readers ponder the randomness of DNA errors - 10:02

Jumping genes are part of all that makes us human - 10:02

Chaco Canyon’s ancient civilization continues to puzzle - 06:02

Tuesday th 16th of May 2017

Higher temperatures could trigger an uptick in damselfly cannibalism - 18:21

Blennies have a lot of fang for such little fishes - 09:02