Wednesday th 22nd of August 2018

Chances of an Atlantic hurricane season busier than 2005’s are slim — for now - 13:20

Air pollution is shaving a year off our average life expectancy - 13:00

Meet the first known child of a Neandertal and a Denisovan - 12:20

Scientists create a mineral in the lab that captures carbon dioxide - 11:20

Tuesday th 21st of August 2018

Beaked whales may frequent a seabed spot marked for mining - 18:20

Five things we learned from last year’s Great American Eclipse - 14:01

A fossil mistaken for a bat may shake up lemurs’ evolutionary history - 10:20

There’s a new cervical cancer screening option - 10:20

Monday th 20th of August 2018

Americans support genetically engineering animals for people’s health - 14:20

A freshwater, saltwater tug-of-war is eating away at the Everglades - 08:20

Ghostly antineutrinos could help ferret out nuclear tests - 06:20

Friday th 17th of August 2018

How salamanders can regrow nearly complete tails but lizards can’t - 11:40

Cheese found in an Egyptian tomb is at least 3,200 years old - 08:01

A galaxy 11.3 billion light-years away appears filled with dark matter - 07:20

Thursday th 16th of August 2018

A filter that turns saltwater into freshwater just got an upgrade - 13:20

Here’s what robots could learn from fire ants - 13:20

In 1968, scientists tried taming hurricanes - 11:10

More than 2 billion people lack safe drinking water. That number will only grow. - 06:04

Wednesday th 15th of August 2018

Cancer drugs may help the liver recover from common painkiller overdoses - 13:30

Children may be especially vulnerable to peer pressure from robots - 13:10

Viruses may help phytoplankton make clouds — by tearing the algae apart - 11:34

Why sea level rise varies from place to place - 08:42

As waters rise, coastal megacities like Mumbai face catastrophe - 08:42

Tuesday th 14th of August 2018

A resurrected gene may protect elephants from cancer - 13:30

A new computer program generates eerily realistic fake videos - 09:51

Scientists-turned-students guide viewers through ‘The Most Unknown’ - 07:39

Monday th 13th of August 2018

Tiny bits of RNA can trigger pain and itchiness - 13:10

Strange brains offer a glimpse into the mind - 08:10

In the animal kingdom, what does it mean to be promiscuous? - 06:10

Sunday th 12th of August 2018

The Parker Solar Probe has launched and is on its way to explore the sun - 07:32

Friday th 10th of August 2018

The first gene-silencing drug wins FDA approval - 15:10

With launch looming, the Parker Solar Probe is ready for its star turn - 13:10

What ‘The Meg’ gets wrong — and right — about megalodon sharks - 11:50

A faint glow found between galaxies could be a beacon for dark matter - 06:10

Thursday th 9th of August 2018

Pregnant women’s use of opioids is on the rise - 15:20

Here’s how fast cell death can strike - 14:35

A ghost gene leaves ocean mammals vulnerable to some pesticides - 13:20

A newly approved drug could be a boon for treating malaria - 09:00

New Horizons may have seen a glow at the solar system’s edge - 06:20

Wednesday th 8th of August 2018

Researchers say CRISPR edits to a human embryo worked. But critics still doubt it - 14:00

Global dimming may mitigate warming, but could hurt crop yields - 13:20

The debate over people’s pathway into the Americas heats up - 13:20

Nasty stomach viruses can travel in packs - 10:20

Tuesday th 7th of August 2018

Zika may harm nearly 1 in 7 babies exposed to the virus in the womb - 16:30

Football and hockey players aren’t doomed to suffer brain damage - 14:10

Astronomers saw the first mass eruption from a star that’s not the sun - 08:10

For popularity on Twitter, partisanship pays - 06:07

Monday th 6th of August 2018

This killifish can go from egg to sex in two weeks - 14:10

The first detailed map of red foxes’ DNA may reveal domestication secrets - 10:10

Hopes dim that gamma rays can reveal dark matter - 10:10