Science Daily

Friday th 16th of May 2008

Pain Free Without Numbness -- Substance Combination With Chili Peppers - 11:28

Biodiversity Loss Puts People At Risk - 11:28

Interior Of Mars Is Colder Than Previously Thought, So Any Possible Liquid Water Would Be Deep Underground - 11:28

Disabling Mouse Enzyme Increases Fertility - 11:28

New Drug Combination Kills Leukemia Cells By Shutting Down Their Energy Source - 11:28

Natural Killer Cells In Umbilical Cord Blood Fight Leukemia - 11:28

Biosensor For Measuring Stress In Cells - 10:21

Precision Control Of Movement In Robots - 10:21

Novel Enzyme Inhibitor Paves Way For New Cancer Drug: Agent proves effective against melanoma cells - 10:21

Separation From Mom, Dad Linked With Learning Trouble In Kids - 10:21

Cancer Treatment: Administering Calcium And Magnesium Effectively Reduces Neurological Sensitivity - 10:21

Cancer Treatment: Adding Epratuzumab To Standard Chemotherapy Looks Promising - 10:21

Mastectomies On The Rise And MRI Use May Explain Part Of The Trend, Say Mayo Researchers - 10:21

Cancer Patients' Quality Of Life Directly Relates To Their Survival - 10:21

Ponderosa Pine Forests Need Thinning Or Controlled Burns To Keep Old-Growth Characteristics - 10:21

Proteins That Help Develop Mammalian Hearts Identified - 10:21

Tracking The Effects Of Addictive Drugs On Brain - 10:21

New Study Links Fate Of Personal Care Products To Environmental Pollution And Human Health Concerns - 10:21

Weather, Waves And Wireless: Super Strength Signalling - 10:21

Iressa Shows Promise For Treatment Of Metastatic Breast Cancer When Combined With Hormonal Therapy - 10:21

Study Revives Olympic Prospects For Amputee Sprinter - 10:21

HIV Infection Stems From Few Viruses - 09:14

How Small Molecule Can Take Apart Alzheimer's Disease Protein Fibers - 09:14

Strange Spinning Star Stumps Astronomers - 09:14

Electric Shocks Can Cause Neurologic And Neuropsychological Symptoms - 08:28

LIDAR Imaging Detector Could Build 'Super Road Maps' Of Planets And Moons - 08:28

Key Molecule Discovered In Venus's Atmosphere - 08:28

Simple Artificial Cell Created From Scratch To Study Cell Complexity - 08:28

Thursday th 15th of May 2008

Window Of Opportunity For Restoring Oaks Small, New Study Finds - 22:21

Aprotinin Used In Heart Surgery Associated With Increased Risk Of Death, Study Shows - 22:21

Innovative Swiss Programme Offers New Hope For Long Term Weight-loss - 22:21

Atmosphere Threatened By Nitrogen Pollutants Entering Ocean - 22:21

Obesity And Unhealthy Lifestyles Linked To More Complex Urinary Problems - 22:21

Student Innovation Could Improve Data Storage, Magnetic Sensors - 22:21

New Role Found For A Cardiac Progenitor Population - 22:21

Bears And Hibernation: New Insights Into Metabolism In Extreme Conditions - 22:21

Common Bacteria Activating Natural Killer T Cells May Cause Autoimmune Liver Disease - 22:21

Rapid, Dramatic 'Reverse Evolution' Documented In Tiny Fish Species - 22:21

Mixed Results For Late-talking Toddlers - 22:21

Firearms Microstamping Feasible But Variable, Study Finds - 22:21

Prostate Cancer Increases The Risk Of Bone Fracture, Study Shows - 22:21

Deep Sea Methane Scavengers Captured - 22:21

Most Effective Initial Therapy For HIV-1 Infection Identified - 22:21

Crystal (Eye) Ball: Visual System Equipped With 'Future Seeing Powers' - 22:21

Having Less Power Impairs The Mind And Ability To Get Ahead, Study Shows - 22:21

Nanotechnology In Reverse Uses Red Blood Cell To Calibrate Atomic Force Microscope - 22:21

Risk Of Death Persists In Heart Patients With Acute Kidney Injury, Study Shows - 22:21

El Niño May Have Been Factor In Magellan's Pacific Voyage - 22:21

'Mitochondrial Eve' Research: Humanity Was Genetically Divided For 100,000 Years - 22:21

Physicists Demonstrate How Information Can Escape From Black Holes - 13:21