Science Daily

Thursday th 22nd of May 2008

High School Knee Injuries By Sport And Gender - 07:21

It Pays To Be Heart Smart If Considering Hormone Therapy - 07:21

Oregano Oil Works As Well As Synthetic Insecticides To Tackle Common Beetle Pest - 07:21

Estrogen Fuels Female Need For Power And Control - 07:21

Wednesday th 21st of May 2008

Ancient Amphibian: Debate Over Origin Of Frogs And Salamanders Settled With Discovery Of Missing Link - 16:21

Observation Of X-rays From Birth Of Supernova Leads To All-out Effort To Record Stellar Death - 16:21

Delayed Adverse Effects May Occur Following Injection With Cosmetic Skin Fillers - 16:21

Turning Conventional Video Coding Wisdom On Its Head - 16:21

Tracking Influenza's Every Movement - 16:21

Food For Thought: Environmental Cost Of Getting Food To Restaurants Far Higher, UK Study Finds - 16:21

Halting Methane Squanderlust: Catalyst Converts Methane To More Useful Compounds - 16:21

Dermatologists Link Family History To Shingles Susceptibility - 16:21

Mars Express Mission Controllers Ready For NASA Phoenix Landing - 16:21

Continuing Upward Pressure On Retail Gasoline Prices Expected - 16:21

Scientists Develop Way To Predict Properties Of Light Nuclei - 16:21

Neural Cell Transplants May Help Those With Parkinson's Disease - 16:21

White-handed Gibbons Now Presumed 'Extinct' In China, Forest Survey Shows - 16:21

Method To Duplicate Primitive Stem Cells And Prevent Cell Differentiation Discovered - 16:21

Most North Pacific Humpback Whale Populations Rebounding - 16:21

Identifying The Global Elements Of Job Satisfaction - 16:21

Technique For Nasal Obstruction Helps Patients Breathe Easier, Study Finds - 16:21

Daily Glass Of Wine Could Improve Liver Health - 16:21

Gene Therapy: Oral Gene Delivery System For Inflammatory Bowel Disease Works, Study Shows - 16:21

Early Life Exposure To Cats May Reduce Risk Of Childhood Allergies And Asthma Symptoms - 16:21

How Can We Measure The Emotional States Of Animals? - 16:21

Protecting Polar Bears Must Include Mitigating Global Warming, Group Argues - 16:21

Scientists Characterize Protein Structure Of Environmentally Friendly Bacteria - 16:21

Invasion Of Gigantic Burmese Pythons In South Florida Appears To Be Rapidly Expanding - 16:21

New Blood Test Reveals Risk For Metabolic Syndrome - 16:21

Supernova Birth Seen For First Time - 13:21

Incisionless Procedure To Reduce Weight Regain After Gastric Bypass Surgery - 13:21

Old Antibiotic May Find New Life As A Stroke Treatment - 13:21

Improved Gene Therapy Agent Is 30 Times More Efficient Than Current One - 13:21

New Research Improves Early Detection And Survival For Pancreatic Cancer - 13:21

Fungus That Produces Biofuels From Plants: Genome Sequenced - 13:21

Teen Blood Donors Have Higher Risk Of Donation-related Complications - 13:21

Counting Immune Cells On A 'Protein Printboard' - 13:21

Blood-clotting Protein Modified For People With Hard-to-treat Hemophilia - 13:21

Targeting A Pathological Area Using MRI - 13:21

First-born Babies' Higher Asthma And Allergy Rates Due To Pregnancy Conditions - 13:21

Carbon Nanotubes That Look Like Asbestos, Behave Like Asbestos, Could Lead To Asbestos-related Disease - 13:21

Grasshopper-Inspired Jumping Microrobot Can Make Staggering Leaps - 12:14

Modeling How We See Natural Scenes - 12:14

Brain's 'Trust Machinery' Identified - 12:14

Storm Winds Blow In Jupiter's Little Red Spot - 12:14

Biofuels: Process Used To Roast Coffee Beans May Give Biomass A Power Boost - 11:28

Ocean Acidification: Another Undesired Side Effect Of Fossil Fuel-burning - 11:28

Virtual Biopsy Can Tell Whether Colon Polyp Is Benign Without Removal, Researchers Say - 11:28

Does Patient Outcome Depend On Who They Are Or Where They Go For Care? - 11:28

Why Do Astronauts Suffer From Space Sickness? - 11:28