Science Daily

Sunday th 31st of August 2008

Sex Hormones Link To Heart Risk - 21:21

Effects Of N-3 PUFA In Patients With Symptomatic Chronic Heart Failure: The GISSI-HF Results - 21:21

Treatment Appears To Reduce Heart Attack Risk And Revascularisation In Stable Coronary Patients - 21:21

Coronary Stents: Safety And Long Term Results Debated - 21:21

Landmark Study Opens Door To New Cancer, Aging Treatments - 15:21

New Genes Found For Inflammatory Bowel Disease In Children - 15:21

New Master Switch Found In Brain Regulates Appetite And Reproduction - 15:21

New Approach, Old Drug Show Promise Against Hepatitis C, Research Shows - 15:21

Faster Rise In Sea Level Predicted From Melting Greenland Ice Sheet, Based On Lessons From Ice Age - 15:21

What is Bipolar Depression? - 11:14

Medication To Lower Blood Pressure Reduces Outcome Of Cardiovascular Death, Heart Attack Or Stroke, Study Suggests - 11:14

'Superbug' Breast Infections Controllable In Nursing Mothers, Researchers Find - 11:14

Growth Factor Predicts Poor Outcome In Breast Cancer - 10:22

Rosetta Spacecraft On Its Way To Meet Asteroid Steins - 10:22

Rapid Changes In Key Alzheimer's Protein Described In Humans - 10:22

Unexpected Large Monkey Population Discovered In Cambodia: Tens Of Thousands Of Threatened Primates - 10:22

Americans Show Little Tolerance For Mental Illness Despite Growing Belief In Genetic Cause - 10:22

Atomic Bomb Effect Results In Adult-onset Thyroid Cancer Identified - 10:22

Doctors Performing Heart Surgery Face Risks To Eyes - 10:22

Katrina And Rita Provide Glimpse Of What Could Happen To Offshore Drilling If Gustav Hits Gulf - 10:22

New Approach To Detect Early Progression Of Brain Tumors Identified - 10:22

Scientists Discover Why Flies Are So Hard To Swat - 10:22

Environmental Friendly Technology Can Remove Ink Stains In Paper Recycling - 10:22

'Fingerprinting' Helps Make Great Grapes - 10:22

Grain Moisture Measurements May Divert Mold, Insect Infestation - 10:22

More Than 150,000 Species Of Flies, Gnats, Maggots, Midges, Mosquitoes Documented In Database - 10:22

Happiness And Satisfaction Might Lead To Better Health - 10:22

Sexual Matters Don’t Sway Mothers On HPV Vaccine - 10:22

Slowing Ships To Protect North Atlantic Right Whales - 10:21

Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary In Fair Condition, Facing Emerging Threats - 10:21

Researchers Develop New Technique For Fabricating Nanowire Circuits - 10:21

New Report Loosens Noose Around Albatross’s Neck - 10:21

Shot In The Arm For Sumatran Elephants And Tigers - 10:21

Baltic States Failing To Protect Most Damaged Sea - 10:21

Sleight Of Hand And Sense Of Self - 10:21

‘Lost World’ Beneath The Caribbean - 10:21

Newly-defined Factors May Prevent Postpartum Smoking Relapse - 10:21

Tiny 3-D Ultrasound Probe Guides Catheter Procedures - 10:21

ABC-transporters Expressed On Endothelial Cell Membranes Efflux Anti-HIV Drugs - 10:21

Antidepressants Need New Nerve Cells To Be Effective, Researchers Find - 10:21

Location, Location, Location Important For Genes, Too - 10:21

Antarctic Research Helps Shed Light On Climate Change On Mars - 10:21

Global Survey Highlights Need For Cancer Prevention Campaigns To Correct Misbeliefs, Survey Finds - 10:21

Novel Approach In Molecular Differentiation Of Prion Strains - 10:21

One Cause Of Higher Rates Of Transplanted Kidney Rejection In Blacks - 10:21

Magmatically Triggered Slow Earthquake Discovered At Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii - 10:21

Young Type-2 Diabetic Men Suffer Low Testosterone Levels, Study Shows - 10:21

Treatment For Hearing Loss? Scientists Grow Hair Cells Involved in Hearing - 10:21

Public Involvement Usually Leads To Better Environmental Decision Making - 10:21

Incidence Of Intestinal Parasite Coccidia Is Increasing In Broilers - 10:21