Science Daily

Wednesday th 22nd of October 2008

Pesticide Concentrations Decreasing - 13:21

Non-AIDS Deaths In People With HIV Linked To Inflammation And Coagulation, Study Suggests - 13:21

Cleaning Up Iraqi Nuclear Facilities, Radioactive Waste - 13:21

Beta-blocker Use Linked To Risks Of Death And Heart Attack After Surgery, Study Suggests - 13:21

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Governor's Palace In Turkey - 13:21

Effect Of Gamma Waves On Cognitive And Language Skills In Children - 13:21

Squeezing More Synthetic Fuel From Abundant Supplies Of Coal - 13:21

Potential New Way To Make A Good Anti-leukemia Drug Even Better - 13:21

Microwaves Could Extract Water From Moon And Mars - 13:21

Vaccine Type That Holds Promise In Protecting Against TB Identified - 13:21

Vast Stellar Nursery: Claret-colored Cloud With A Massive Heart - 13:21

Baseball: Professor Sees 59 Percent Chance Of Rays Win Over Phillies In World Series - 13:21

New Hope For The Red Squirrel - 13:21

Embolic Neuroprotection System Reduces Risk Of Cardiac Events, Study Reveals - 13:21

Can Exercise Prevent A Severe Stroke? - 13:21

Microscopic Structure Of Quantum Gases Made Visible: Bose-Einstein Condensate - 13:21

Creating Unique Health ID Numbers Would Improve Health Care Quality, Efficiency, Study Claims - 13:21

Out Of Mesopotamia: Evolutionary History Of Tuberculosis - 13:21

How Neuronal Activity Leads To Alzheimer's Protein Cleavage - 13:21

Fitness In A Changing World: Genetics And Adaptations Of Alaskan Stickleback Fish - 13:21

On The Trail Of A Targeted Therapy For Blood Cancers - 13:21

Amphibian Diversity Decreases Chances Of Parasitic Disease, Study Shows - 13:21

Grades In College Directly Linked To Health-related Behaviors - 13:21

Smart Materials: Textile That Change Phase, Intelligent Molecules That Absorb Shocks, And More - 13:21

T Cell Response To New Melanoma Antigen Linked To Relapse-free Survival - 13:21

Mechanical Pressure Accelerates Early Stages Of Colon Cancer - 13:21

Self-assembling Nano-fiber Gel Delivers High Concentrations Of Clinically Approved Drugs - 13:21

Serendipitous Observations Reveal Rare Event In Life Of Distant Quasar - 13:21

'Western' Diet Increases Heart Attack Risk Globally - 13:21

$2 Egg-beater Could Save Lives In Developing Countries - 13:21

Tick-borne Encephalitis Virus Reveals Its Access Code - 13:21

‘Waterless’ Concrete Seen As Building Block On Moon - 13:21

Education Protects Against Pre-Alzheimer's Memory Loss - 13:21

Study Of Polar Dinosaur Migration Questions Whether Dinosaurs Were Truly The First Great Migrators - 13:21

Scientific Hunch Poised To Save Thousands From Toxic Fish Poisoning - 13:21

Egg Whites Solve The 3-D Problem - 13:21

Allergy Patch Test: Children Tend To React To Different Allergens Than Adults - 13:21

A Large Spiral Galaxy, NGC 7331, In All Its Splendor - 13:21

Contact Lenses Are Home To Pathogenic Amoebae - 13:21

Physicists Find New State Of Matter In 'Transistor': Huge Implications For New Electronic Devices - 13:21

Eating Quickly And Until Full Triples Risk Of Being Overweight - 10:21

X Marks The Spot: Sharpies Get Thumbs-up For Marking Surgery Sites - 10:21

Scientists Enhance Immune System Attacks On Cancer - 10:21

Couples With Children With ADHD At Risk Of Higher Divorce Rates, Shorter Marriages - 10:21

Computer Model Against Unnecessary Use Of Antibiotics - 10:21

New MRI Technique May Identify Cervical Cancer Early - 10:21

Turtle Doves Commit Adultery - 10:21

Erectile Dysfunction Gives Early Warning Of A Heart Attack, Warns Expert - 10:21

Ancient Bone Tool Sheds Light On Prehistoric Midwest - 10:21

U.S. Suicide Rate Increasing; Largest Increase Seen In Middle-aged White Women - 10:21