Science Daily

Wednesday th 18th of June 2008

Patient's Own Infection-fighting T Cells Put Late-stage Melanoma Into Long-term Remission - 19:28

Worm-like Marine Animal Providing Fresh Clues About Human Evolution - 19:28

Steroids In Female Mouse Urine Light Up Nose Nerves Of Male Mice - 19:28

Molecular Imaging Sheds New Light On Progression Of Alzheimer's Disease - 19:28

Marine Biologists Investigate Aliens Beneath The Waves - 19:28

Stem Cell Researchers Give Old Muscle New Pep - 19:28

Ordered Drinks Can Be Larger And Have Greater Alcohol Content Than You May Think - 19:28

IRobot Secures Licensing Agreement For Underwater Seagliders - 19:28

PET Scans Reveal Hormone Replacement Therapy May Be Beneficial For Postmenopausal Women - 19:28

Test Of Bacteria Toxin Delivery System Could Pave Way For New Antibiotic Drugs - 19:28

First Gene Therapy For Heart Failure Offered In Clinical Trials - 19:28

Male Homosexuality Can Be Explained Through A Specific Model Of Darwinian Evolution, Study Shows - 13:28

New Soft Safety Helmet Lining Turns Into Rock Hard Shock Absorber When Hit - 13:28

Gene Variation May Be Why Some Don't Respond To Cholesterol-lowering Drugs - 13:28

Key Mechanism Of DDT Resistance Found In Malarial Mosquitoes - 13:28

Olfactory Bulb Size May Change As Sense Of Smell Changes - 13:28

Black Holes Have Simple Feeding Habits - 13:28

Patterns Of Normal Brain Activity May Predispose Individuals To Different Symptoms Of Psychosis - 13:28

Rising Diesel Prices Renew Interest In Fuel-saving Technologies For Heavy Trucks - 13:28

Blood Pressure Levels In Childhood Track Into Adulthood - 13:28

Inflammatory Disease Causes Blindness, Study Suggests - 13:28

It's The Way You Say It: How Using The Right Words Can Cut Environmental Conflicts - 13:28

New Intrusion Tolerance Software Fortifies Server Security - 13:28

HIV Screening Found Cost-effective In Older Adults - 13:28

Plan To Conserve Forests May Be Detrimental To Other Ecosystems - 13:28

New Cellular Mechanism That Will Significantly Advance Vaccine Development Discovered - 13:28

Flies Found To Have Internal Thermosensors To Monitor Environmental Temperatures - 13:28

World's Only Captive Hairy-nosed Otter Gets New Home - 12:21

Great Apes Think Ahead: Conclusive Evidence Of Advanced Planning Capacities - 12:21

Trap And Zap: Harnessing The Power Of Light To Pattern Surfaces On The Nanoscale - 12:21

Computers As Safe As Medical Experts In Prescribing Blood Thinning Drugs - 12:21

Toxic To Aliens -- But Key To Health Of Planet - 12:21

Tartalo The Robot Is Knocking On Your Door - 12:21

Caesarean Sections Associated With 50% Increased Risk Of Asthma In Child, Study Shows - 12:21

Efforts To Revegetate Mount Lofty Ranges In Australia To Halt Loss Of Species - 11:35

Stress During Childhood Increases Risk Of Allergies - 11:35

Advance Towards Early Alzheimer's Diagnosis - 09:21

Unlocking Genome Of World's Worst Insect Pest - 09:21

Sprinters Closest To Starter Pistol Have Advantage Over Those Farther Away, Says Study - 09:21

Chimps Not So Selfish: Comforting Behavior May Well Be Expression of Empathy - 09:21

US Could Face Shortage Of 44,000 Primary Care Physicians By 2025 - 09:21

New Method To Recycle Unwanted Byproduct Of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Production - 09:21

New Therapy Shows Promise For Fighting Treatment-resistant Cancer Cells - 09:21

Unraveling Bacteria Communication Pathways - 09:21

Adult Stem Cells Aid Fracture Healing; UNC Study Lays Groundwork For Potential Treatments - 09:21

Female Chimps Use Copulation Calls Strategically - 09:21

Effective Health Messages May Yield Vaccine Compliance Among ER Workers - 08:14

Birds Communicate Reproductive Success In Song - 08:14

Tuesday th 17th of June 2008

Soccer Parents: Why They Rage - 21:14

Phoenix Lander Bakes Sample, Arm Digs Deeper - 20:07