Science Daily

Monday th 4th of August 2008

Project Aims To Improve Energy Efficiency Of Computing - 11:28

Endoscopic Circumferential Ablation Promising For Barrett's Esophagus With High-grade Dysplasia - 11:28

When Our Protective Armor Shows Weakness: Genetic Defect In Skin Cells Leads To Neurodermatitis, Hay Fever And Asthma - 11:28

Australian Bird Research Could Rewrite 'Ring Theory' Of Speciation - 11:28

World's Smallest Snake Found In Barbados - 10:21

Saving Our Bees: Implications of Habitat Loss - 10:21

Switching On First Neutrons at UK's ISIS Second Target Station - 10:21

Patagonian Glacier Yields Clues For Improved Understanding Of Global Climate Change - 10:21

Electronic Tongue Tastes Wine Variety, Vintage - 10:21

Maternal Deaths Following Cesarean Delivery Can Be Reduced - 10:21

Travel Industry Should Inform Travelers About Malaria, Say Doctors - 03:14

Lapatinib Reduces Brain Metastases In Mouse Model Of Metastatic Breast Cancer - 03:14

Visualizing Open Source Software Development - 03:14

Schizophrenia Researchers Welcome New Blood - 03:14

Giant Grass Miscanthus Can Meet US Biofuels Goal Using Less Land Than Corn Or Switchgrass - 03:14

Doctors Must Be Held Accountable For Complying With Torture, Experts Argue - 03:14

Spotting Tomorrow’s Forest Fires - 03:14

Same Dose Of Anthracycline Is Not Safe For Everyone, Study Finds - 03:14

Prelude To The Higgs: A Work For 2 Bosons In The Key Of Z - 03:14

Low-gravity Training Machine Reduces Joint, Muscle Impacts, Says Study - 03:14

Physicians Ask EPA, 'Antibiotics To Cure Sick Apples, Or Sick Children?' - 03:14

Multiple Sclerosis: New MRI Contrast Medium Enables Early Diagnosis In Animal Model - 03:14

Cellular Symmetry: What Cues Tell A Cell To Divide At The Center - 03:14

Flu Vaccine May Not Protect Seniors Well - 03:14

Genetically Modified Root Systems Result In Plants That Survive With Little Water - 03:14

China Becomes A Physics Powerhouse - 03:14

Turned-off Cannabinoid Receptor Turns On Colorectal Tumor Growth - 03:14

Plant Parasite 'Wiretaps' Host - 03:14

Methadone Breaks Resistance In Untreatable Forms Of Leukemia - 03:14

Smart Contact Lenses Dispense Medication - 03:14

Saturday th 2nd of August 2008

Watching Too Much TV Is Causing Some University Students To Pack On The Pounds - 23:21

Hybrid Cars Could Be More Reliable And Cheaper With New Fuel Cell Technology - 23:21

High Resolution Heart Images Now Available At Peak Stress - 23:21

Mussels To Determine How Much Contamination Is In The Ports - 23:21

Fruit-fly Study Adds Weight To Theories About Another Type Of Adult Stem Cell - 23:21

Brightest, Sharpest, Fastest X-ray Holograms Yet - 23:21

Free Academic Articles Get Read But Don't Generate More Citations - 23:21

Treatment Corrects Severe Insulin Imbalance In Animal Studies - 23:21

Brain Plays Key Role In Appetite By Regulating Free Radicals - 23:21

How 'Hidden Mutations' Contribute To HIV Drug Resistance - 23:21

Mother Earth Naked: A Modern Masterpiece - 23:21

Cancer Patients Are Not Given Enough Information, Experts Say - 23:21

Cutting The Brakes On The Immune System; Newly Discovered Gene Variant Implicated In Lupus - 23:21

Timing Is Everything: How Vulnerable To Flooding Is New York City? - 23:21

Common Vaginal Infection May Increase Risk Of HIV Infection - 23:21

Alzheimer's Drug May Help Mild Memory Loss, Imaging Study Suggests - 23:21

Friday th 1st of August 2008

Like Eavesdropping At A Party: How A Tiny Protein Senses All The Communications In A Cell - 22:35

NASA Spacecraft Confirms Martian Water, Mission Extended - 22:35

New Immune Disease Identified - 22:35

How Some Bacteria May Steal Iron From Their Human Hosts - 22:35