Science Daily

Tuesday th 23rd of September 2008

New Tool For 'Right First Time' Drug Manufacture - 01:28

New Insights Into How Cells Accessorize Their Proteins - 01:28

Deactivating Radioactive Waste In Hundreds, Not Millions, Of Years - 01:28

New Bluetooth System Orients Blind And Sighted Pedestrians - 01:28

New Diagnostic Tool For Arthritis Could Stop Irreversible Damage - 01:28

ATV Guidelines Inadequate, Study Finds - 01:28

Cells That Mediate Steroid-resistant Asthma Identified - 01:28

Pollution, Everyday Allergens, May Be Sources Of Laryngitis - 01:28

Smoothest Surface Ever Created: May Lead To World's First Atomic Microscope - 01:28

Monday th 22nd of September 2008

Saturn's Rings May Be More Massive, Older, Than Previously Thought - 20:14

Exercise Effective In Helping Pregnant Women Kick The Habit - 20:14

Formula Discovered For Longer Plant Life - 20:14

Quality Assurance Programs Improve Clinical Trials - 13:48

Breast MRI Scan Could Determine Need For Radiation Therapy - 13:48

Gene Linked To Common Ailment In Labrador Retrievers Identified - 13:48

'Friendly' Bacteria Protect Against Type 1 Diabetes, Researchers Find - 13:48

World's Largest Corporations Seek Clarity On Climate Change Regulation - 13:48

HPV DNA Test Identifies Cervical Pre-cancerous Disease In Developing Countries With 90% Success Rate - 13:48

Mom's Beliefs May Impact Their Kids' Alcohol Use, Study Finds - 13:48

Wildlife Management: Salmon Fisheries, Yellowstone Wolf Introduction Show What Is Possible - 13:48

Adults With Aortic Valve Disorder Do Not Experience Reduction In Survival Rate - 13:48

Nanoscale Structures: A Snapshot Of Transformations - 13:48

New Colorectal Screening Procedure Is Accurate And Less Invasive, Trial Finds - 13:48

Astrophysicists 'Weigh' Galaxy's Most Massive Star - 13:48

Positive Thinking Trial In UK Aims To Prevent Childhood Depression - 13:48

Estrogen 'Flooding Our Rivers,' Montreal Study Finds - 13:48

Cardiologists Find Physical Exams Just As Good For Assessing Heart Failure - 13:48

Sophisticated Monitoring Array To Address Mystery Of Uranium Plume - 13:48

Internationally Adopted Children Hit Puberty Earlier, Study Finds - 13:48

Marine Debris Will Likely Worsen In The 21st Century - 13:48

Face Blindness Research Shows Emotions Are Key In The Study Of Face Recognition - 13:47

Introducing The Next Generation Of Chemical Reactors - 13:47

New Model Predicts Long-term Survival Of Critically Ill Patients - 13:47

Global Warming's Ecosystem Double Whammy - 13:47

Receptor Activation Protects Retina From Diabetes Destruction - 13:47

Pulsating Stars Enable New Precise Determination Of Rotation Of The Milky Way - 13:47

Bisexual Community Reports Need For Improvements In Mental Health Services - 13:46

Scientists Trace Extensive Networks Regulating Alternative RNA Splicing - 13:46

Vanderbilt Researchers Seek To Make Standardized Tests Accessible - 13:46

Small Changes To Transport Systems Could Mean Big Benefits For Older People - 13:46

Estrogen Reduces Risk Of Fracture After Menopause, Study Suggests - 13:46

Using Novel Tool, Researchers Dig Through Cell 'Trash' And Find Treasure - 13:46

Monitoring Outcomes Of Suicide Attempts In Pregnancy Can Better Assess Drug Dangers - 13:46

Project To Turn Plant Cells Into Medical Factories - 13:46

Minimally Invasive Surgery Alleviates Pain Caused By Hip Impingement - 13:46

Fuel-saving Designs Improve Efficiency Of Hydraulic Systems - 13:45

Older People Who Diet Without Exercising Lose Valuable Muscle Mass - 13:45

Climate Change, Human Activity And Wildfires - 13:45

Long-term Global Food Crisis Looms: Experts Urge Immediate Action - 13:45

Fifth Dwarf Planet Named Haumea - 13:44