Science Daily

Wednesday th 21st of May 2008

New Research Improves Early Detection And Survival For Pancreatic Cancer - 13:21

Fungus That Produces Biofuels From Plants: Genome Sequenced - 13:21

Teen Blood Donors Have Higher Risk Of Donation-related Complications - 13:21

Counting Immune Cells On A 'Protein Printboard' - 13:21

Blood-clotting Protein Modified For People With Hard-to-treat Hemophilia - 13:21

Targeting A Pathological Area Using MRI - 13:21

First-born Babies' Higher Asthma And Allergy Rates Due To Pregnancy Conditions - 13:21

Carbon Nanotubes That Look Like Asbestos, Behave Like Asbestos, Could Lead To Asbestos-related Disease - 13:21

Grasshopper-Inspired Jumping Microrobot Can Make Staggering Leaps - 12:14

Modeling How We See Natural Scenes - 12:14

Brain's 'Trust Machinery' Identified - 12:14

Storm Winds Blow In Jupiter's Little Red Spot - 12:14

Biofuels: Process Used To Roast Coffee Beans May Give Biomass A Power Boost - 11:28

Ocean Acidification: Another Undesired Side Effect Of Fossil Fuel-burning - 11:28

Virtual Biopsy Can Tell Whether Colon Polyp Is Benign Without Removal, Researchers Say - 11:28

Does Patient Outcome Depend On Who They Are Or Where They Go For Care? - 11:28

Why Do Astronauts Suffer From Space Sickness? - 11:28

Saltwater Sleuths: Seeking Clues To Help Determine The Ages Of Fish And Shellfish Populations - 11:28

Increase In Drunk Driving Fatalities Followed Ban On Smoking In Bars - 11:28

RNA Toxicity Contributes To Neurodegenerative Disease, Scientists Say - 11:28

Kangaroos Threaten One Of Australia's Last Remaining Original Grasslands, And Endangered Animals - 11:28

Ozone Might Help Make Bee Hives Cleaner And Safer - 10:21

New Peanut Variety Resistant To Nematodes, Virus - 10:21

Corn Rootworm Population Studies: Faster, Cheaper, And Just As Good - 10:21

Genetic 'Fix' For Problem In Some Sweet Corn Hybrids Developed - 10:21

Merging 'control' software with smart devices could optimize manufacturing - 10:21

What Is The Value Of Biodiversity To Our Collective Future? - 10:21

Iron Transport Protein Mapped - 08:28

Analysis Of Millions Of US Births Shows Association Between Birth Defects And Preterm Birth - 08:28

Low-intensity Case Management Cuts COPD-related Hospital Visits In Half - 08:28

Iraq War Service: A Risk Factor For Bronchiolitis? - 08:28

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Is Health Factor From Day One - 08:28

Possible Biological Explanation For C-Section-linked Allergies And Asthma Found - 08:28

Insights Into Lung Disease And Lung Function In Young Adults - 08:28

Tuesday th 20th of May 2008

Clear Racial Discrepancies Exist Among Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease - 21:29

Silver-coated Endotracheal Tube Dramatically Reduces Resistant Infections - 21:29

Benefit Of Surgery For Gastroesophageal Reflux Confirmed - 21:29

Plant Biologists Discover Unexpected Proteins Affecting Small RNAs - 21:29

Could Common Pain Killers Have A Role In Cancer Prevention? - 21:29

Using Forest Residues Reduces Soil Carbon Stock - 21:29

Turn Off Gene Regulators To Tune In To Development - 21:29

Cure For The Common Cold? Smallpox Drug May Also Target Some Upper-Respiratory Infections - 21:29

Recalled Toy Beads, Aqua Dots, Did Contain High Level Of Poisonous Chemical, 'Date Rape' Drug, Study Shows - 21:29

Embryonic Pathway Delivers Stem Cell Traits - 21:29

Stroke Victims Experiencing Seizures More Likely To Die, Study Shows - 21:29

First Dinosaur Tracks Discovered On Arabian Peninsula - 21:29

To Here But Not Sea: Complexities Of Spelling Difficulties Explored - 21:29

Astronomers Search For Orphan Stars Using Newly Upgraded Telescope - 21:29

Cancer Drug May Help Patients With Heart-lung Disease - 21:28

Sleep-deprived Brains Alternate Between Normal Activity And 'Power Failure' - 21:28