Science Daily

Friday th 20th of June 2008

Wavelets Crunch Through Doctors' Day Long Struggle To Diagnose Brain Tumors - 22:35

Digital Water Pavilion Makes A Splash In Spain - 22:35

Huntington's Disease: Discovery Will Assist Treatment And Research Into Fatal Brain Disorder - 22:35

Getting Wrapped Up In Solar Textiles - 22:35

Low Testosterone Appears To Increase Long-term Risk Of Death - 22:35

Battle Of The Bulge: Low Leptin Levels Undermine Successful Weight Loss - 21:28

Smoking Out The Mediators Of Airway Damage Caused By Pollutants - 21:28

New Ways To Regulate Genes, Reduce Heart Damage Identified - 21:28

Stem Cells Correct Defect In Child’s Fatal Skin Disease - 21:28

How Measles Virus Spreads (in Its Host) - 19:35

Novel X-ray Source Could Be Brightest In The World - 12:28

Birds Migrate Earlier, But Some May Be Left Behind As The Climate Warms Rapidly - 12:28

Opioids And Cannabinoids Influence Mobility Of Spermatozoids - 12:28

Identification Of 5 Genes Involved In The Metastasis Of Breast Tumors To The Lung - 12:28

Could New Discovery About A Shape-shifting Protein Lead To A Mighty 'Morpheein' Bacteria Fighter? - 12:28

Thursday th 19th of June 2008

Bright Chunks At Phoenix Lander's Mars Site Must Have Been Ice - 22:35

Global War Deaths Have Been Substantially Underestimated, Study Shows - 21:28

Jules Verne Refuels The International Space Station - 21:28

Failure To Bridle Inflammation Spurs Atherosclerosis - 21:28

New Way To Control Water Pollution? Mats Designed To Capture And Stabilize Pollution In Rivers - 21:28

Experimental Anti-cancer Synthetic Molecule Targets Tumor Cell Growth And Angiogenesis - 21:28

New Computerized System Estimates Geographic Location Of Photos - 21:28

Should Doctors Be 'Selling' Drugs For The Pharmaceutical Industry? - 21:28

Allergy Expert Has Advice For Flood Victims - 21:28

Radiation Therapy Prolongs Life In Men With Recurrent Prostate Cancer - 21:28

Minimally-invasive Weight Loss Surgery Improves Health And Morbidly Obese Teens - 21:28

Technique Used In Human Ankle Injuries Modified To Treat Dogs' Knees - 19:35

Latrines And Out-houses Trounce Toilets In Global War Against Poor Sanitation - 19:35

Lou Gehrig's Protein Found Throughout Brain, Suggesting Effects Beyond Motor Neurons - 19:35

Expect More Droughts, Heavy Downpours, Excessive Heat, And Intense Hurricanes Due To Global Warming, NOAA - 19:35

Depression And Diabetes: Fellow Travelers, Researchers Say - 17:21

Ultrasonic Instruments Associated With Improved Outcomes For Some Surgical Procedures - 17:21

New Role Of Inflammatory Protein In Polycycstic Kidney Disease Identified, Could Lead To Treatment - 17:21

New Method Drastically Reduces Wait Time For New Teeth Implant - 17:21

Researchers Explain Nitrogen Paradox In Forests, Illuminating How Ecosystems Respond To Global Warming - 17:21

Pharmacology Of Crystal Meth Described - 17:21

Toward Designing Medications To Enhance Innate Immunity: A Single VSOP Can Do 'Proton' Magic - 17:21

Developing Unique Brain Maps To Assist Surgery And Research - 17:21

Low Testosterone May Cause Health Problems That Lead To Erectile Dysfunction - 17:21

Researchers Witness Assembly Of Molecules Critical To Protein Function - 17:21

Complex Changes In The Brain's Vascular System Occur After Menopause - 17:21

Immune Molecule That Plays A Powerful Role In Avoiding Organ Rejection Identified - 17:21

Infectious And Non-infectious Prions Have Clear Differences In Molecular Structures - 15:28

Some Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Have Beta Cells, Live Complication-free Even 50 Years After Diagnosis - 15:28

Gesture Computer Interface Device Developed For Surgeons - 15:28

Identifying Canadian Freshwater Fish Through DNA Barcodes - 15:28

Mechanism Contributing To Appropriate Formation Of The Spine Discovered - 15:28

Legionnaire Microbe's Tricks Discovered - 14:21

Scientists Fix Bugs In Our Understanding Of Evolution - 14:21

Microscopic 'Clutch' Puts Flagellum In Neutral - 14:21