Science Daily

Friday th 24th of October 2008

Chest Scans May Help Monitor Spread Of Head And Neck Cancer In High-risk Patients - 07:28

Biomarkers For Identifying Infant Infections - 07:28

Safety Problems For Biological Products Documented - 07:28

Archaeologists Find Unique, Early US Relic Of African Worship - 07:28

Different Psychosocial Factors Predict Adoption, Maintenance Of Physical Activity Program - 07:28

Scientists Go Cloud-hopping In The Pacific To Improve Climate Predictions - 07:28

New TB Test Reveals Patients At Risk, Says Study - 07:28

Ecosystem-level Consequences Of Frog Extinctions - 07:28

Chronic Inflammation Can Help Nurture Skin Cancer, Study Shows - 07:28

Cross-protective Vaccine May Treat Broad Spectrum Of Bacterial Diseases - 07:28

Early-onset Depressive Disorders Predict The Use Of Addictive Substances In Adolescence - 07:28

LCDs Improved With 3-D Nanoimaging Process - 07:28

Why Past Oral Contraceptive Use Dramatically Lowers Risk Of Ovarian And Uterine Cancers - 07:28

Which Grass Is Greener? Study To Select Northeast Grasses That Can Power The Bioenergy Era - 07:28

ADHD Appears To Increase Level Of Nicotine Dependence In Smokers - 07:28

Denser, More Powerful Computer Chips Possible With Plasmonic Lenses That 'Fly' - 07:28

Effective Anti-tobacco Ads Should Either Scare Or Disgust Viewers, Study Reveals - 07:28

Memoirs Of A Qubit: Hybrid Memory Solves Key Problem For Quantum Computing - 07:28

Seemingly Suicidal Stunt Is Normal Rite Of Passage For Immune Cells - 07:28

Neural Probe Developed That Will Limit Damage To Cells And Biological Tissue - 07:28

New Genes Linked To Lung Cancer In Large-scale Genetic Study - 07:28

'Magnetic Death Star' Fossils: Earlier Global Warming Produced A Whole New Form Of Life - 07:28

Been There, Done That: Brain Mechanism Predicts Ability To Generalize - 07:28

Impacts Of Climate Change On Lakes - 07:28

Sugar Plays Key Role In How Cells Work - 07:28

Florida's 'Worm Grunters' Collect Bait Worms By Inadvertently Imitating Mole Sounds - 07:28

Silencing A Protein Could Kill T-Cells, Reverse Leukemia - 07:28

Memories Selectively, Safely Erased In Mice - 07:28

Overweight Women Find Health Care Access And Attitudes A Constant Struggle - 00:21

Fisheries Management And Environmental Conditions: Win-win For Baltic Cod - 00:21

Getting To Grips With The Complexity Of Disease Proteins - 00:21

Extinction Risks High For Social Species Such As The African Wild Dog - 00:21

Good Vibrations Of Nearby Stars: Satellite Data Sheds New Light On The Sun - 00:21

Race And Insurance Status Associated With Death From Trauma - 00:21

3-D Doppler Ultrasound Helps Identify Breast Cancer - 00:21

Knocking The 'Sox' Off Cancer And Lymphatic Disorders - 00:21

First Gene For Clubfoot Identified - 00:21

Naturally Produced 'Rotten Egg' Gas Helps Control Blood Pressure In Body, Researchers Find - 00:21

Mouse Genes Guide Search For Human Anxiety Disorder Genes - 00:21

Scientist Uses Tracer To Predict Ancient Ocean Circulation - 00:21

Sun-damaged Skin Responds Well To Laser Treatment - 00:21

New Coral Reef Discovered In The Seychelles - 00:21

Safer, More Effective TB Vaccine For HIV-positive People Developed - 00:21

Deprived Of A Sense Of Smell, Worms Live Longer - 00:21

Genomic Changes Found In Brains Of People Who Commit Suicide - 00:21

Digesting The Termite Digestome: A Way To Make Biofuels? - 00:21

Heart Failure Patients Have Higher Risk Of Fractures - 00:21

Science Of Speed: Building The Fastest Car In The World - 00:21

New Hope For Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers - 00:21

Tiny Juvenile Dinosaur Fossil Sheds Light On Evolution Of Plant Eaters - 00:21