Science Daily

Tuesday th 2nd of September 2008

Directing A Driver's Gaze Results In Smoother Steering - 10:28

Early Onset Gene For Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Identified - 10:28

Multitasking Can Be Efficient At Certain Optimal Times - 10:28

B-vitamin Deficiency May Cause Vascular Cognitive Impairment - 10:28

Thousand-ruby Galaxy: Pinwheel Shines In The Darkness - 10:28

Depression Common Among Rwandan Youth Who Head Households - 09:43

Hospitals Provide Formula Sample Packs While Medical Organizations Encourage Breastfeeding - 09:42

'Lab On A Chip' Improves Success Of In Vitro Fertilization - 09:42

New Evidence On Folic Acid In Diet And Colon Cancer - 09:42

Cinnamon-based Packaging To Prevent Mold In Bread And Other Baked Goods - 09:42

New Endometrial Cancer Treatment Stops Growth Of Tumors And Kills Cancer Cells, Study Shows - 09:42

When Charities Ask For Time, People Give More Money - 09:42

New Field Of Research Could Help Police In Crime Scene Forensics - 09:42

Jumping For Joy ... And Stronger Bones - 09:42

Crystals Improve Understanding Of Volcanic Eruption Triggers - 09:42

Smoking During Pregnancy A 'Double-edged Sword' In SIDS - 09:42

Faster Rise In Sea Level Predicted From Melting Greenland Ice Sheet, Based On Lessons From Ice Age - 09:42

Charities Take Note: Personal Relationships Increase Donations - 09:42

Secret Of Plasma Heating Revealed - 09:42

Medication To Lower Blood Pressure Reduces Outcome Of Cardiovascular Death, Heart Attack Or Stroke, Study Suggests - 09:42

Diversity Among Parasitic Wasps Is Even Greater Than Suspected - 09:42

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Humans Could Be Infected Through Blood Transfusions - 09:42

'Armored' Fish Study Helps Strengthen Darwin's Natural Selection Theory - 09:42

Powerful Donor Motivators For Fundraising - 09:42

New Genes Found For Inflammatory Bowel Disease In Children - 09:42

Sex Differences Seen In Response To Common Antidepressant - 09:42

A Room With A Viewpoint: Conservation Messages And Motivation - 09:42

Treatment Appears To Reduce Heart Attack Risk And Revascularisation In Stable Coronary Patients - 09:42

Bitter-tasting Nectar And Floral Odors Optimize Outcrossing For Plants - 09:42

Biophysical Method May Help To Recover Hearing - 09:42

Prehistoric Funerary Precinct Excavated In Northern Israel: Grave Goods Include Phallic Figurines, Sea Shells - 09:42

Low-income? No Car? Expect To Pay More For Groceries - 09:42

Train Safety: Season Of Mists And Leaves On The Line - 09:42

Coronary Stents: Safety And Long Term Results Debated - 09:42

Landmark Study Opens Door To New Cancer, Aging Treatments - 09:42

Bonobos May Have Greater Linguistic Skills Than Previously Thought - 09:42

Campus Diversity Important Predictor Of Interracial Friendships - 09:42

DNA Tubes Created With Programmable Sizes For Nanoscale Manufacturing - 09:42

'Superbug' Breast Infections Controllable In Nursing Mothers, Researchers Find - 09:42

Analysis Begins On Phoenix Mars Lander's Deepest Soil Sample - 09:42

Researchers Devise Means To Create Blood By Identifying Earliest Stem Cells - 09:42

Kids Still Drinking Too Much Soda, Even When Not Available At School - 09:42

New Giant Clam Species Offers Window Into Human Past - 09:42

New Approach, Old Drug Show Promise Against Hepatitis C, Research Shows - 09:42

Teflon: Chemists Break Harmful Bonds - 09:42

Sex Hormones Link To Heart Risk - 09:42

Thawing Permafrost Likely To Boost Global Warming, New Assessment Concludes - 09:42

Most Vaccine-allergic Children Can Still Be Safely Vaccinated, Experts Say - 09:21

New Drug Protects Against Second Heart Attack or Stroke, Study Suggests - 09:21

Black-footed Ferrets Sired By Males That Died 8 Years Ago - 09:21