Science Daily

Thursday th 11th of September 2008

Oxygen Theory Of Mass Extinction Questioned By New Research Findings - 09:49

New Drug Hope For Cystic Fibrosis Patients - 09:49

New Nano Device Detects Immune System Cell Signaling - 09:49

Why Do Some Lifelong Nonsmokers Get Lung Cancer? - 09:49

Manure 'Smells Like Money' As Energy Costs Rise - 09:49

Diversity At Medical Schools Makes Stronger Doctors, Study Shows - 09:49

Climate: New Spin On Ocean's Role - 09:49

Protein Essential In Long Term Memory Consolidation Identified - 09:49

Nanoscale Droplets With Cancer-fighting Implications Created - 09:49

Eating Fish While Pregnant, Longer Breastfeeding, Lead To Better Infant Development, Research Finds - 09:49

Upper Mass Limit For Black Holes? - 09:49

Wednesday th 10th of September 2008

Over 1 In 4 South African Men Report Using Physical Violence Against Their Female Partners - 21:28

Hydrogen Bonds: Scientists Find New Mechanism - 21:28

UK Children's Physical Activity Levels Hugely Overestimated - 21:28

Calculating How Breast Cancers Will Respond To Tamoxifen - 21:28

Potential Approach To Treatment Of Hepatitis B Virus Infection - 21:28

World's First Synthetic Tree: May Lead To Technologies For Heat Transfer, Soil Remediation - 21:28

Bacteria Stop Sheep Dip From Poisoning Fish And Bees - 21:28

Older Women Who Get Little Sleep May Have A Higher Risk Of Falling - 21:28

Dirty Air Brings Rain – Then Again, Maybe Not: Scientists Reconcile Contradictory Effects - 21:28

How Parkinson's Develops: Protein Found That Regulates Gene Critical To Dopamine-releasing Brain Cells - 21:28

Brightest Gamma-ray Burst Provides Wealth Of Information On How Stars Explode - 21:28

Switchable Bio-adhesion - 21:28

Pain Appears Common Among Patients With Parkinson's Disease - 21:28

Brush Your Teeth To Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease - 21:28

Immaturity Of The Brain May Cause Schizophrenia - 21:28

Enzyme Detectives Uncover New Reactions: Implications For Engineering Biofuels - 21:28

Variety In The Splice Of Life: Chromosome Breaks Are Surprisingly Complex - 21:28

Geologists Dig Up One Of The Largest Lakes In The World, Dammed By Ice During Last Ice Age - 21:28

Help From Herpes? Coinfection Induces Acyclovir To Inhibit HIV - 21:28

1843 Stellar Eruption May Be New Type Of Star Explosion - 21:28

Why Delaying Gratification Is Smart - 21:28

May 2008 Earthquake In China Could Be Followed By Another Significant Rupture - 21:28

Cortisol And Fatty Liver: Researchers Find Cause Of Severe Metabolic Disorders - 21:28

Evidence Of Survivors Of 9/11 Will Help Save Lives In Future High Rise Evacuations - 21:28

Popular Surgery Provides No Relief For Osteoarthritis Of The Knee, Study Finds - 21:28

Bilingual Children More Likely To Stutter - 11:14

Magnetic Resonance And Radar Technology United In One Prototype: New Process To Improve Diagnostic Images - 11:14

Researchers Identify Natural Tumor Suppressor - 11:14

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Secretions Minimize Tissue Injury After Heart Attack - 11:14

A New Addiction: Internet Junkies - 11:14

Oil Seed Rape Grown For Biofuel Can Help Clean Up Toxic Soils - 11:14

Golf-related Eye Injuries In Children Are Rare, But Can Be Devastating - 11:14

Bacteria's Sticky Glue Is Clue To Vaccine, Says Scientist - 11:14

New Gecko-like Adhesive Shakes Off Dirt - 11:14

Tsunami Survivors Experienced Complex Trauma And Grieving Process, Says New Study - 10:22

Cryopreservation Techniques Bring Hopes For Women Cancer Victims And Endangered Species - 10:22

Mathematics Aids Mayonnaise Production - 10:22

Sleek Probe To Map Earth’s Gravity - 10:22

Sexual Harassment 10 Times More Likely In Casual And Contract Jobs - 10:22