Science Daily

Thursday th 19th of June 2008

Same Drug, Different Results: Researchers On The Path To Personalized Medicine - 12:28

Exciton-Based Circuits Eliminate A ‘Speed Trap’ Between Computing And Communication Signals - 11:21

Zebra's Stripes, Butterfly's Wings: How Do Biological Patterns Emerge? - 11:21

Memory Loss Linked To Poor Diet, Study Suggests - 11:21

Protecting Muscles Of Astronauts - 11:21

New Research On Mutation In Yeast Can Enhance Understanding Of Human Diseases - 11:21

Desert Plant May Hold Key To Surviving Food Shortage - 10:35

Surprisingly Rapid Changes In The Earth’s Core Discovered - 10:35

Chill Out, Your Computer Knows What’s Best For You - 10:35

New Technique To Optimize Computer Speed - 10:35

New Findings On Immune System In Amphibians - Researchers Unravel Complexity Of The Major Histocompatibility Complex In Tailed Amphibians - 10:35

It’s All In Your Head - The Effect Of Metaphor On Web Navigation - 10:35

Saturn’s Secondary Aurora Is Much More Like Jupiter’s In Origin Than It Is The Earth’s - 10:35

Lifestyle Can Alter Gene Activity, Lead To Insulin Resistance - 09:25

Ancient Fort Opens New Chapter In First Nations' History - 09:25

Evalve MitraClip: Clinical Trial Of Nonsurgical Repair For Severe Mitral Valve Regurgitation - 09:24

Active Submarine Volcanoes Found Near Fiji - 09:24

Space Radar To Improve Miners' Safety - 09:23

Consumers May Fare Better With Peer-to-peer Online Lending Web Sites - 09:23

Vitamin D Linked To Colon Cancer Survival - 09:22

New Test Makes Cheating With Drugs In Sports Easier To Detect - 09:22

Exercise Reduces Hunger In Lean Women But Not Obese Women - 09:22

Ocean Temperatures And Sea Level Increases 50 Percent Higher Than Previously Estimated - 09:21

Slimmer Milky Way Galaxy Revealed By New Measurements - 09:21

Wednesday th 18th of June 2008

People With Lower Incomes, Lower Education Levels Have Higher Death Rates After Heart Attacks - 19:28

The APCs Of Nerve Cell Function - 19:28

NASA Aircraft Examine Impact Of Forest Fires On Arctic Climate - 19:28

Gene Variants Linked To Metabolic Syndrome And HDL Cholesterol Levels - 19:28

Group Therapy May Help Memory - 19:28

Computer Predicts Anti-cancer Molecules - 19:28

New Cancer Treatment Targets Both Tumor Cells And Blood Vessels - 19:28

Thinking Ahead: Bacteria Anticipate Coming Changes In Their Environment - 19:28

Claims Linking Health Problems And The Strength Of Cannabis May Be Exaggerated - 19:28

Grains And Liquids Demonstrate Similar Cohesion Effects - 19:28

New Possibilities For Breast Cancer Treatment On The Horizon - 19:28

Plants Can Make Golf Courses Greener By Filtering Pesticides - 19:28

Patient's Own Infection-fighting T Cells Put Late-stage Melanoma Into Long-term Remission - 19:28

Worm-like Marine Animal Providing Fresh Clues About Human Evolution - 19:28

Steroids In Female Mouse Urine Light Up Nose Nerves Of Male Mice - 19:28

Molecular Imaging Sheds New Light On Progression Of Alzheimer's Disease - 19:28

Marine Biologists Investigate Aliens Beneath The Waves - 19:28

Stem Cell Researchers Give Old Muscle New Pep - 19:28

Ordered Drinks Can Be Larger And Have Greater Alcohol Content Than You May Think - 19:28

IRobot Secures Licensing Agreement For Underwater Seagliders - 19:28

PET Scans Reveal Hormone Replacement Therapy May Be Beneficial For Postmenopausal Women - 19:28

Test Of Bacteria Toxin Delivery System Could Pave Way For New Antibiotic Drugs - 19:28

First Gene Therapy For Heart Failure Offered In Clinical Trials - 19:28

Male Homosexuality Can Be Explained Through A Specific Model Of Darwinian Evolution, Study Shows - 13:28

New Soft Safety Helmet Lining Turns Into Rock Hard Shock Absorber When Hit - 13:28

Gene Variation May Be Why Some Don't Respond To Cholesterol-lowering Drugs - 13:28