Science Daily

Tuesday th 24th of June 2008

Weight Gain Within The Normal Range Increases Risk Of Chronic Kidney Disease - 12:28

When It Comes To Female Red Squirrels, It Seems Any Male Will Do, Even Close Relatives - 12:28

Neural Implant That Learns With The Brain May Help Paralyzed Patients - 12:28

Paradox Discovered About General Anesthesia: It Can Increase Post-surgical Pain - 12:28

Single Insecticide Application Can Kill Three Cockroach Generations - 12:28

Refusal Of Suicide Order: Why Tumor Cells Become Resistant - 12:28

Scientifically Valid Prevention Programs Cut Rates Of Juvenile Delinquency - 12:28

Abandoned Farmlands Are Key To Sustainable Bioenergy - 12:28

Understanding The Migration Of Cancer Cells - 12:28

Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With Death From Cardiovascular, All Causes - 12:28

Binge Drinking Due To 'Copying' Behavior - 11:21

Men Share Their Creative Work Online More Than Women - 11:21

Anti-inflammatory Drug Blocks Brain Plaques - 11:21

Pigs Prefer Three Square Meals A Day - 11:21

Viruses Hitch A Ride In The Cell - 11:21

Eczema In Infancy May Be Linked To Cat Ownership In Those With A Specific Gene Mutation - 11:21

Cells Have An Appetite For Micro-doughnuts - 11:21

Monday th 23rd of June 2008

The Way Mothers Interact With Babies In First Year Predicts Child Behavior To Age 13 - 22:28

New Role For Factor Critical To Transcription Identified - 22:28

Known Genetic Risk For Alzheimer's In Whites Also Places Blacks At Risk - 22:28

Reducing Impact Of Climate Change On Estuaries, Forests, Wetlands And Coral Reefs - 22:28

Supercomputer Explores Biochemical Landscape To Find Memory Switches - 22:28

New Patented Prophylactic Mesh For The Repair Of Defects In The Abdominal Wall - 22:28

Improving Understanding Of Cell Behavior In Breast Cancer - 22:28

Lyme Disease Spirochetes Tracked in 3D - 22:28

Micromagnets Show Promise As Colorful 'Smart Tags' For Magnetic Resonance Imaging - 22:28

Potential Key To Better Drugs To Fight Toxoplasmosis Parasite Discovered - 22:28

Warning For Teens: Teeth And Jewelry Don't Mix - 22:28

Celestial Clues Hint At Eclipse In Homer's Odyssey - 22:28

Risk Factors For Sudden Death For Adult Muscular Dystrophy Identified - 22:28

Tiny Refrigerator Taking Shape To Cool Future Computers - 22:28

Subtle Nervous System Abnormalities Appear To Predict Risk Of Death In Older Individuals - 22:28

Neurological Assessment Of Older Adults: A Crystal Ball To The Future - 22:28

Kidney Transplant Patients May Benefit From Going Off Of Certain Immunosuppressive Drugs - 22:28

Evolutionarily Preserved Signature Found In The Primate Brain - 22:28

Alcohol Abuse Can Damage The Brain By Decreasing Insulin And Insulin-like Growth Factor Receptors - 11:28

Protons Partner With Neutrons More Often Than With Other Protons - 11:28

Math Could Help Cure Leukemia - 11:28

Mental And Physical Exercise Improves Genetic Mental Impairment In Rett Syndrome - 11:28

Inherited Melanoma Risk: What You Do Know Does Help You - 11:28

Common Cooking Spice Found In Curry Shows Promise In Combating Diabetes And Obesity - 11:28

Protecting Yourself From Nasty Superbugs: Suggestions From Mayo Clinic - 11:28

High Hormone Levels In Seabird Chicks Prepare Them To Kill Their Siblings - 11:28

Radio Telescopes Reveal Unseen Galactic Cannibalism - 11:28

Effective Treatment For Sickle Cell Underused By Doctors - 11:28

Infant Play Drives Chimpanzee Respiratory Disease Cycles - 11:28

Neuroscientists Show Insulin Receptor Signaling Regulates Structure Of Brain Circuits - 11:28

Election Forecasters Preparing For Historic Election - 10:21

New Paradigm For Cell-specific Gene Delivery - 10:21

Engineers Create 3-D Model To Help Biologists Combat Blue Tongue Virus - 10:21