Science Daily

Wednesday th 3rd of September 2008

Cigarettes' Power May Not Be In Nicotine Itself, New Study Suggests - 23:35

Do 68 Molecules Hold The Key To Understanding Disease? - 23:35

'Bar-coding' Midges Could Help Prevent Spread Of Bluetongue In The UK - 21:21

Physicists Discover 'Doubly Strange' Particle - 17:14

New Virtual Telescope Zooms In On Milky Way's Super-massive Black Hole - 14:14

Nanoscale Droplets With Cancer-fighting Implications Created - 13:28

B-vitamin Deficiency May Cause Vascular Cognitive Impairment - 13:07

Infidelity Gene? Genetic Link To Relationship Difficulties Found - 13:07

More Daytime Sleeping Predicts Less Recovery During Rehabilitation For Older Adults - 13:07

Dashing Computer Interface To Control Your Car - 13:07

All Types Of Antipsychotic Drugs Increase The Risk Of Stroke, Study Finds - 13:07

New Sensory Devices To Aid Parkinson’s And Stroke Patients Under Development - 13:07

Person's Geographic Origins Located From DNA - 13:07

Neurogenesis In Adult Brain: Association With Stress And Depression - 13:07

Why Did The Squirrel Cross The Road? - 13:07

Heavy Snoring Is An Independent Risk Factor For Carotid Atherosclerosis - 13:07

Vaginal Proteins In HIV-resistant Prostitutes Suggest New Prevention Measures - 13:07

Scientists Develop New Computational Method To Investigate Origin Of Life - 13:07

Ecologists Search For Invasive Ladybird’s Weak Spot - 13:07

Artificial Meadows And Robot Spiders Reveal Secret Life Of Bees - 13:07

Bowling Alone Because The Team Got Downsized - 13:07

Nuclear Shortcuts Exposed In U.S. Nuclear Fuel Facility - 13:07

Periodic Limb Movement During Sleep Is Less Common In African-Americans; Associated With Insomnia - 13:07

Gene 'Network' Linked To Schizophrenia Pieced Together; Patients Confirmed To Carry Mutations - 13:07

Thousand-ruby Galaxy: Pinwheel Shines In The Darkness - 13:07

Risks And Benefits Of Antipsychotics In Children And Adolescents - 13:07

New Methods To Protect Wind Generators During Voltage Dips Developed - 13:07

Brain Imaging Links Chronic Insomnia To Reversible Cognitive Deficits Without Changes In Behavior - 13:07

Babies' Rapid Weight Gain Linked To Higher Blood Pressure As Adults - 13:07

Black-footed Ferrets Sired By Dead Males Via Frozen Sperm - 13:07

Why Strawberry Jam Is More Regulated Than Cigarettes - 13:07

Safe, Inexpensive Alternative To Antibiotics Developed For Production Of Biofuels And Biopharmaceuticals - 13:07

How First Autism Disease Genes Were Discovered - 13:07

Scientists Grow 'Nanonets' Able To Snare Added Energy Transfer - 13:07

Value Of Direct-to-consumer Drug Advertising Oversold, Study Finds - 13:07

How Friendly Bacteria Avoids Immune Attack To Live Happily In The Gut - 13:07

How Gastric Bypass Rapidly Reverses Diabetes Symptoms - 13:07

Trends For Mega Cities Like Seoul - 13:07

New Hope For Treating Common Form Of Inherited Neuromuscular Disease - 13:07

Oldest Gecko Fossil Ever Found, Entombed In Amber - 13:07

Playing, And Even Watching, Sports Improves Brain Function - 13:07

Directing A Driver's Gaze Results In Smoother Steering - 13:07

First Direct Proof Of How Osteoarthritis Destroys Cartilage - 13:07

Heavy Trucks: Safety Research Identifies Factors That Lead To Loss Of Control, Accidents - 13:07

Battling Diabetes With Beta Cells - 13:07

'Autonomous' Helicopters Teach Themselves To Fly - 13:07

Cardiac Cell Transplant Studies Show Promise In Cardiac Tissue Repair - 11:35

Shifting Earth Near Closed Mines: Ground In Dutch Province Rising Faster Than Expected - 10:28

Hunt For Higgs Boson: Most Highly Sought-after Particle In Physics - 09:21

Zen Training Speeds The Mind's Return After Distraction, Brain Scans Reveal - 09:21