Science Daily

Sunday th 26th of October 2008

Depression During Pregnancy Can Double Risk Of Preterm Delivery - 23:28

21st Century Detective Work Reveals How Ancient Rock Got Off To A Hot Start - 23:28

Nearly Half Of US States Fail On Emergency Plan Communication, New Study Shows - 23:28

Increase in Leptospirosis Disease in Sea Lions - 23:28

Toxic Bile Damages The Liver - 23:28

Gene Find Sheds Light On Motor Neuron Diseases Like ALS - 23:28

NASA Tests Rover Concepts In Arizona - 19:21

Vaccinating Family Members Offers Important Flu Protection To Newborns - 15:14

Exercise-induced Fatigue In Muscular Dystrophies Explained - 15:14

Purple Tomatoes, Rich In Health-Protecting Anthocyanins, Developed With Help of Snapdragons - 15:14

MicroRNAs Make For Safer Cancer Treatments - 15:14

High Dose Of Flu Vaccine Boosts Immune Response In Elderly - 14:28

First International Guidelines For Treatment Of Psoriatic Arthritis Developed - 14:28

Acupuncture Used For Animal Ailments - 10:42

Robotic Technology Takes Inspiration From Service Dogs - 10:42

How Breastfeeding Transfers Immunity To Babies - 10:42

'Voter-Verifiable' Voting System Ensures Accuracy And Privacy - 10:42

Mouse Genes Guide Search For Human Anxiety Disorder Genes - 10:15

Scientist Uses Tracer To Predict Ancient Ocean Circulation - 10:15

Sun-damaged Skin Responds Well To Laser Treatment - 10:15

New Coral Reef Discovered In The Seychelles - 10:15

Safer, More Effective TB Vaccine For HIV-positive People Developed - 10:15

Deprived Of A Sense Of Smell, Worms Live Longer - 10:15

Genomic Changes Found In Brains Of People Who Commit Suicide - 10:15

Digesting The Termite Digestome: A Way To Make Biofuels? - 10:15

Heart Failure Patients Have Higher Risk Of Fractures - 10:15

Science Of Speed: Building The Fastest Car In The World - 10:15

New Hope For Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers - 10:15

Tiny Juvenile Dinosaur Fossil Sheds Light On Evolution Of Plant Eaters - 10:15

Stem Cell Research To Benefit Horse Owners And Trainers - 10:15

Engineering Nanoparticles For Maximum Strength - 10:15

Gene Expression Pattern Predicts Response In Advanced Bowel Cancer - 10:15

Mercury Pollution Causes Immune Damage To Harbor Seals - 10:14

Chemists Devise Self-assembling 'Organic Wires' - 10:14

Potent Greenhouse Gas From Computer Display And TV Manufacture Prevalent In Atmosphere - 10:14

Child Abuse Increases Risk For Later Sexually Coercive Behavior In Some Men - 10:14

Cause Of Weakness In Marine Animal Hybrids Discovered - 10:14

Cancer Treatment: How Eating Fruit And Vegetables Can Improve Cancer Patients' Response To Chemotherapy - 10:14

Seeing Red -- In The Number 7 - 10:14

Highest Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Ever Reached - 10:14

Should Hepatitis C Patients Who Smoke Marijuana Be Eligible For Liver Transplants? - 10:14

Modern Genetics Versus Ancient Frog-killing Fungus - 10:14

Gene Mutation In Worms Key To Alcohol Tolerance - 10:14

Secrets From Within Planets Pave Way For Cleaner Energy - 10:14

Secret Of Death Protein's Activation Unlocked; May Lead To Drugs That Force Cancer Cells To Self-destruct - 10:14

Female Plant 'Communicates' Rejection Or Acceptance Of Male - 10:14

UK Teen Suicide Rates On The Decline - 10:14

Photo Safeguards Confidential Information - 10:14

Laser Therapies For Hair Removal Appear To Be More Effective Than Combination Treatments, Study Suggests - 10:14

Physical Strength, Fighting Ability Revealed In Human Faces - 10:14