Science Daily

Thursday th 4th of September 2008

Global Sea-rise Levels By 2100 My Be Lower Than Some Predict, Says New Study - 16:35

Numerous Undiscovered Gene Alterations In Pancreatic And Brain Cancers Detected - 16:35

Discovery Challenges Fundamental Tenet Of Cancer Biology - 16:35

Massive Cancer Gene Search Finds Potential New Targets In Brain Tumors - 16:35

Neutral HIV Presentations More Likely To Be Considered Inviting, Study Finds - 16:35

Delaying Evolution Of Drug Resistance In Malaria Parasite Possible - 16:35

No Connection Between Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccine And Autism, Study Suggests - 16:35

A Fine-tooth Comb To Measure The Accelerating Universe - 16:35

Many Americans Tap Into Social Security Too Early - 15:28

Digitizing Archives From The 17th Century - 15:28

Child Safety Seats And Lap-and-shoulder Belts Effective In Preventing Serious Injury, Study Suggests - 15:28

Astronomers Discover Missing Link For Origin Of Comets - 15:28

Toxic Plastics: Bisphenol A Linked To Metabolic Syndrome In Human Tissue - 15:28

Computerized Whiteboards Improve Classroom Learning, Study Suggests - 11:35

First Prognosticator Of Survival In Aggressive Cancer Revealed - 11:35

Petascale Climate Modeling Heats Up - 11:35

Potential New Threat For Coral Reefs And Health Of Communities In The Tropics - 11:35

Speed Of Growth Of Young Dogs And Development Of Common Skeletal Diseases Not A Simple Relationship - 11:35

Significance Of Milk In Development Of Culture To Be Studied - 11:35

Promising Method For Reducing MRSA Infections In Hospitals - 11:35

Major Flooding Risk Could Span Decades After Chinese Earthquake - 11:35

World-first To Predict Premature Births - 10:28

Eyeball Reflexes: Security and Biometrics That Cannot Be Spoofed - 10:28

Hallucinations In The Flash Of An Eye - 10:28

Molecular Evolution Is Echoed In Bat Ears - 10:28

Gaining A Better Understanding Of Kidney Diseases - 10:28

Unsuccessful Drug Against Anxiety Opens A Novel Gateway For The Treatment Of Cancer - 10:28

Last-ever Look At ESA's Gravity Satellite GOCE - 10:28

Thinking People Eat Too Much: Intellectual Work Found To Induce Excessive Calorie Intake - 10:28

Chemobrain Treatment? Potential Remedy For The 'Mental Fog' In Cancer Patients - 10:28

New Stem Cell Screening Tool Takes Adult Stem Cell Research To New Level - 10:28

Wednesday th 3rd of September 2008

Post-marketing Studies Finding Adverse Events In Drugs Used In Children - 23:35

A Little Nitrogen Can Go A Long Way - 23:35

How Often Do Hip And Knee Replacements Need Revision? - 23:35

Verifying Wireless Hackers For Homeland Security - 23:35

Is There Hope For The Prevention Of Dementia? - 23:35

Wolves Would Rather Eat Salmon - 23:35

Children Of Older Fathers More Likely To Have Bipolar Disorder, New Report Finds - 23:35

Researchers Create Animal Model Of Chronic Stress - 23:35

True Extent Of Self-harm Amongst Teenagers Revealed - 23:35

PET Scans Help Identify Mechanism Underlying Seasonal Mood Changes - 23:35

Tutankhamen Fathered Twins, Mummified Fetuses Suggest - 23:35

African-Americans Twice As Likely As Caucasians To Die Following A Liver Operation, Study Finds - 23:35

Global Warming: Warmer Seas Linked To Strengthening Hurricanes, According to New Research - 23:35

Second Site For Prostate Cancer Gene Found - 23:35

Hearing Restoration May Be Possible With Cochlear Repair After Transplant Of Human Cord Blood Cells - 23:35

Closest Look Ever At Edge Of A Black Hole - 23:35

Participating In Religion May Make Adolescents From Certain Races More Depressed - 23:35

Complex Ocean Behavior Studied With 'Artificial Upwelling' - 23:35

Addicted To Tanning Beds? 'Tanorexia' Common Among University Students - 23:35