Science Daily

Wednesday th 25th of June 2008

Mars Air Once Had Moisture, New Soil Analysis Says - 09:28

Immune Cells Cause Inflammation By Destroying An Anti-inflammatory Protein - 09:28

Kids Connect Alcohol Odors With Mom's Emotions - 09:28

Electromagnetic Interference From Some Identification Devices May Pose Hazards To Medical Equipment - 09:28

New Process Brings Nanoparticles Into Focus - 09:28

Athletes Susceptible To Antibiotic-resistant Staph Infections - 09:28

Mini Subs To Probe Odd Coral-like Growths In British Columbia, Canada, Lake - 09:28

How Ritalin Works In Brain To Boost Cognition, Focus Attention - 09:28

Computer Scientist Turns His Face Into A Remote Control That Speeds And Slows Video Playback - 08:21

Bedsharing And Bassinets: Two New Studies Assess The Risks - 08:21

'Directed Thinking' Increases Time Spent Exercising - 08:21

Oral Cannabis Ineffective In Treating Acute Pain, Study Finds - 08:21

Alzheimer's Disease As Case Of Brake Failure? Loss Of Protein Function In Neurons May Lead To Dementia - 08:21

Our Genome Changes Over Lifetime, And May Explain Many 'Late-onset' Diseases - 08:21

'Neglected Infections Of Poverty' In United States Disable Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans Annually - 08:21

Moon-Bound NASA Spacecraft Passes Major Preflight Tests - 08:21

How An Anticancer Drug Dampens The Immune System - 08:21

Newly Identified Role For 'Power Plants' In Human Cells Could Lead To Targeted Therapies - 08:21

Simple Ultrasound Exam May Predict Osteoporosis Risk - 08:21

How To Attract Young People To Engineering: 'Make A Difference' Message Is Key - 08:21

Idle Computers Offer Hope To Solve Cancer's Mysteries Through Grid Computing Project - 08:21

Severe Retinal Hemorrhaging Is Linked To Severe Motor Vehicle Crashes - 08:21

Automated MRI Technique Assists In Earlier Alzheimer's Diagnosis - 08:21

New Invention Effectively Kills Foodborne Pathogens In Minutes - 08:21

Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Transplants May Help ALS Patients - 07:14

Diversity Among Bird Populations Found To Reduce Threat Of West Nile Virus - 07:14

Extreme Weather Events Can Unleash A 'Perfect Storm' Of Infectious Diseases, Research Study Says - 07:14

Climate Change Could Severely Impact California's Unique Native Plants - 07:14

Tuesday th 24th of June 2008

Better Tools Needed For Assessing Infant Pain - 21:28

A Doorman In Plant Cells: Important Signalling-protein For The Stress-response Of Plant Cells Identified - 21:28

Researchers To Simulate And Analyze Brain, Immune System Activity And Apply Math To Medical Problems - 21:28

Overcoming Resistance To A Cancer Drug - 21:28

Life On The Edge: To Disperse, Or Become Extinct? - 21:28

Exploited Fish Make Rapid Comeback In World's Largest No-take Marine Reserve Network - 21:28

Systems Properties Of Insulin Signaling Revealed - 21:28

Potential Role Of Fish-based Fatty Acids In Resolving, Preventing Asthma - 21:28

Accidental Discovery Could Enable Development Of Faster Computers - 21:28

From The Egg, Baby Crocodiles Call To Each Other And To Mom - 21:28

Engineers Reveal What Makes Diamonds Slippery At The Nanoscale - 21:28

How Low Blood Flow Promotes Vascular Disease: Better Understanding To Lead To New Therapies - 21:28

Tethered Molecules Act As Light-driven Reversible Nanoswitches - 21:28

Phoenix Lander Prepares For Microscopy, Wet Chemistry On Mars - 21:28

Certain Anticancer Agents Could Be Harmful To Patients With Heart Disease - 21:28

When Threatened, A Few African Frogs Can Morph Toes Into Claws - 21:28

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures To Exceed 55 Million In 2015, Study Predicts - 21:28

Physicists Develop 'Impossible' Technique To Study And Develop Superconductors - 21:28

Crucial Factors In Lymphoma Development And Survival Discovered - 21:28

To Find Out What's Eating Bats, Biologist Takes To Barn Rooftops - 21:28

Many ALS Patients Have High Quality Of Life, Studies Find - 12:28

New Study Raises Concerns About Proposed Mitigation Strategy For Marine Bycatch - 12:28