Science Daily

Saturday th 9th of August 2008

Robotics Research: Enhancing The Lives Of People With Disabilities - 00:21

Putting MicroRNAs On The Stem Cell Map - 00:21

Quantum Chaos Unveiled? - 00:21

Trigger For Brain Plasticity Identified: Signal Comes, Surprisingly, From Outside The Brain - 00:21

Diet And Autism Research Focuses On Which Foods May Affect Autistic Behavior - 00:21

Global Warming Forecasts Not Taking Into Account Nanoscale Atmospheric Aerosols - 00:21

Spiders Who Eat Together, Stay Together -- And Form Enormous Colony Sizes - 00:21

Organic Food Has No More Nutritional Value Than Food Grown With Pesticides, Study Shows - 00:21

Friday th 8th of August 2008

Birds Move Farther North; Climate Change Link Considered - 18:21

Early Treatment Is Key To Combating Hepatitis C Virus - 15:21

Coronary CTA Costs Less Than Standard Of Care For Triaging Women With Acute Chest Pain - 15:21

Cassini Prepares To Swoop By Saturn's Geyser-Spewing Moon - 15:21

Why Dopamine Freezes Parkinson Patients And Drives Drug Addicts - 15:21

Distinguishing Between Two Birds Of A Feather - 13:28

Healthy Diet Study Will Take Place Entirely In Virtual World Of Second Life - 13:28

Physicist's Quantum-'Uncollapse' Hypothesis Verified - 13:28

Tumor Suppressor Inhibits Cell Growth - 13:28

Beijing Olympics Air Pollution Control Efforts Being Assessed - 13:28

Embryonic-like Stem Cells Can Be Created Without Cancer-causing Gene - 13:28

Complete Neanderthal Mitochondrial Genome Sequenced From 38,000-year-old Bone - 13:28

Extreme Appeal: Voters Trust Extreme Positions More Than Moderate Ones, Study Finds - 13:28

Novel Method Quickens Discovery Of Gene Function - 13:28

B Cells Can Act Alone In Autoimmune Disease - 13:28

Fingerprints Provide Clues To More Than Just Identity - 13:28

New Biochemical Pathway That Triggers Critical Repairs In DNA Replication Process Discovered - 13:28

Attention Grabbers Snatch Lion's Share Of Visual Memory - 13:28

Beyond 3G: Ultra-fast Mobile Radio Networks Of The Future - 13:28

Twenty Disease-specific Stem Cell Lines Created - 13:28

Multi-tasking Molecule Holds Key To Allergic Reactions - 13:28

Meta-materials Mimic Ice And Illuminate Why Water-ice Doesn't Fully Conform To Third Law Of Thermodynamics - 13:28

If Your First Cigarette Gave You A Buzz And You Now Smoke, A Gene May Be To Blame - 12:21

Maximum Of Perseid Meteor Shower, August 12 -13, 2008 - 12:21

Tiny Invasive Snail Impacts Great Lakes, Alters Ecology - 11:35

First Step Towards Switching Off Breast Cancer And Leukaemia - 11:35

Asthma, Outdoor Air Quality And The Olympic Games - 11:35

Eat Oily Fish At Least Once A Week To Protect Your Eyesight In Old Age - 11:35

Virtual Reality Goggles Create An Equal Opportunity Eye Test - 11:35

NOAA Forecasts Even Stronger Atlantic Hurricane Season For 2008 Than Earlier Prediction - 11:35

How Whales And Other Marine Mammals React To Sonar - 11:35

Fuel From Cellulose, Cheaper And With Better Yields Than Ever Before - 11:35

Red All Over: How The Color Red Affects A Referee's Judgment - 11:35

U.S. Swimmers Trim Times At Beijing Olympics Using 'Top Secret' Technology - 10:28

Testosterone Key To Disease Transmission - 09:21

Brown Tree Snake Could Mean Guam Will Lose More Than Its Birds - 09:21

PSA Screening May Be Biased Against Obese Men, Leading To More Aggressive Cancers - 09:21

One-stop Shop For Minimal Information Standards - 09:21

Nanowires From DNA: Project Opens Up New Possibilities For Modified Chain Molecules - 09:21

Large Area Transistors Get Helping Hand From Quantum Effects - 09:21

Thursday th 7th of August 2008

Hope: An Overlooked Tool In The Battle Against HIV/Aids - 22:28

Why Elite Rowers Have Bigger, Stronger Hearts - 22:28