Science Daily

Saturday th 27th of September 2008

Deactivating A Cancer Growth Promoter - 19:21

Effect Of Climate Change On Animal Diversity - 19:21

Working Environment Is One Cause Of Rheumatoid Arthritis - 19:21

Brand Attitudes Improve When Product Is Paired With Favorable Actor - 19:21

Most Elementary Schools In California Will Fail To Meet Proficiency Requirements By 2014, Study Shows - 19:21

Majority Of Children Vaccinated Against Hepatitis B Not At Increased Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis, Study Shows - 19:21

Global Carbon Emissions Speed Up, Beyond IPCC Projections - 19:21

CDC Urges More Children To Get Flu Shots - 19:21

Acoustic Communication In Deep-sea Fish - 19:21

Workers More Prone To Lie In E-mail, And Feel Justified In Lying - 19:21

Inhibiting Cholesterol-associated Protein Reduces High-risk Blockages In Arteries - 19:21

Brain Imaging Study Provides New Insight Into Why People Pay Too Much In Auctions - 19:21

Novel Mechanism To Reduce Nervous System Inflammation Identified - 19:21

Compound Could Help Detect Chemical, Biological Weapons At Long Distances - 19:21

Friday th 26th of September 2008

Personality Can Hamper Physician's Assessment Of Depression - 23:28

Captive Breeding Introduced Infectious Disease To Mallorcan Amphibians - 23:28

Calorie Restriction Does Not Appear To Induce Bone Loss In Overweight Adults - 23:28

Toward A Fast, Life-saving Test For Identifying The Purity Of Heroin - 23:28

Open Cancer Surgery Set To Become A Thing Of The Past, According To Experts - 23:28

Weak Bladders Deter Many Young Women From Sports Participation - 23:28

From One Laying To Another, The Female Collembolan Adapts Its Eggs To Environmental Constraints - 23:28

Vaccine For Pneumococcus Disease Possible, With New Immune System Finding - 23:28

Gene Variant Boosts Risk Of Fatty Liver Disease - 23:28

Tobacco-movie Industry Ties Traced To Hollywood's Early Years - 23:28

Size And Fitness Levels Of NHL Players Have Improved, Study Shows - 23:28

New Tool Helps Physicians Tailor Hormone Therapy For High-risk Prostate Cancer Patients - 23:28

Bees Can Mediate Escape Of Genetically Engineered Material Over Several Kilometers - 23:28

Lung Cancer: Radiation, Immunotherapy Gives Greater Effectiveness, Study Suggests - 23:28

Learning From Mistakes Only Works After Age 12, Study Suggests - 23:28

Do 'Light' Cigarettes Deliver Less Nicotine To The Brain Than Regular Cigarettes? - 19:21

Arctic Saw Fastest August Sea Ice Retreat On Record, NASA Data Show - 19:21

Scientists Go Green With Gold, Distribute Environmentally Friendly Nanoparticles - 19:21

Special Probe Aids In Looking For Water On Mars - 19:21

Near Infrared Nanoparticles Shine A Bright Light On Cancer - 19:21

Tsunami Invisibility Cloak - 18:14

Dark Energy Vs. The Void: What If Copernicus Was Wrong? - 18:14

Meta-Screens: Squeezing Light Into Sub-Wavelength Spots - 18:14

Tweezers Trap Nanotubes By Color - 18:14

Naturally Occurring 'Protective RNA' Used To Develop New Antiviral Against Influenza - 16:21

Free-Living Protozoa Found In Meat-Cutting Plants - 16:21

New Astroviruses Identified In Bats - 16:21

Physicists Find That Size Matters When Initiating An Object's Movement Through Grains - 15:14

New Way To Make Malaria Medicine Also First Step In Finding New Antibiotics - 15:14

Novel Mechanism For Regulation Of Gene Expression Identified - 14:21

Toddlers' Focus On Mouths Rather Than On Eyes Is Predictor Of Autism Severity - 14:21

Mother Of A Goose! Giant Ocean-going Geese With Bony-teeth Once Roamed Across SE England - 14:21

Post-traumatic Stress Experienced By Family Members Months After Loved One's Stay In Intensive Care Unit - 13:35

Photonic Crystal Biosensors Detect Protein-DNA Interactions - 13:35

Diffusion Caused Jupiter's Red Spot Junior To Color Up - 13:35

Social Class Dictates Cancer Risk - 13:35