Science Daily

Thursday th 25th of September 2008

Serious Disease In Pet Lizards Caused By New Bacteria - 09:36

Stopping Cancer Cells Before They Start? Inhibitor Of Gene Regulator Discovered - 09:36

Burden Of Neglected Tropical Diseases In Latin America And Caribbean May Exceed That Of HIV/AIDS, TB And Malaria - 09:36

Study Merges Decade Of Arctic Data As Ice Collapses Into The Sea - 09:35

Statins Increase Risk Of Postoperative Delirium In Elderly Patients, Study Suggests - 09:35

Epilepsy, Autism, Schizophrenia: Master Switch That 'Balances The Brain' Found - 09:35

Emotional People Likely To Move Away, But Not Likely To Move Often - 09:35

Researcher Working On Destruction Of Chemical Weapons - 09:35

Aspirin And Atherosclerosis: Mechanism Uncovered - 09:35

American Kids Most Medicated - 09:35

Growing Up Too Fast May Mean Dying Young In Honey Bees - 09:35

Ultra-Endurance Competitors: Lessons From Sled Dogs In The Iditarod - 08:28

Galloping And Breathing At High Speed - 08:28

Artificial Meteorite Shows Martian Impactors Could Carry Traces Of Life - 08:28

Wednesday th 24th of September 2008

Strong Leaders Who Punish Freeloaders And Cheats Can Benefit Society: UBC Research - 23:28

Purifying Nanorods: Big Success With Tiny Cleanup - 23:28

Isoflavone Dietary Supplement Improves Functioning Of Arteries In Stroke Patients - 23:28

Old Growth Forest Must No Longer Be Ignored In Carbon Balances - 23:28

New Drug Target For Inflammatory Disease Discovered - 23:28

World’s Largest Tsunami Debris Discovered - 23:28

Presidential Debates Likely To Be As Significant As 1960 Kennedy-Nixon Debate - 23:28

Split In Perception Of Similarity Could Double Web Advertising - 23:28

Genome Of One Of World's Most Common And Destructive Plant Parasites Sequenced - 23:28

Rare Genetic Disorder Gives Clues To Autism, Epilepsy, Mental Retardation - 23:28

Essential Gene For Forming Ears Of Corn Discovered - 23:28

Ocean Floor Geysers Warm Flowing Sea Water - 23:28

Impact Of Beetle Kill On Rocky Mountain Weather, Air Quality - 23:28

New Virus Is Culprit, Not Bystander, In Deadly Skin Cancer - 23:28

Missing Link Of Neutron Stars? Bizarre Hibernating Stellar Magnet Discovered - 23:28

Political Conservatives Fear Chaos; Liberals Fear Emptiness - 23:28

New European Record Efficiency For Solar Cells Achieved: 39.7% - 23:28

New Instrument Can Quickly Examine Multiple Proteins In A Single Cancer Sample - 23:28

Severe Climate Change Costs Forecast For Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, North Dakota, And Other U.S. States - 23:28

Obesity Surgery Performed Through Vagina, U.S. First - 23:28

Global Solar Wind Plasma Output At 50-Year Low, Ulysses Spacecraft Reveals - 23:28

'Casual' Smokers Have A Greater Risk Of Hazardous Drinking And Alcohol-use Disorders - 09:35

New Technology Takes On Food Safety, Wastage And Inaccurate 'Best Before' Dates - 09:35

Flooding Might Help Lower Gas Emission From Wetlands - 09:35

Plant Antioxidant May Protect Against Radiation Exposure - 09:35

Deep Interior Of Neptune, Uranus And Earth May Contain Some Solid Ice - 09:35

New Life For Middle English: Norwegian Detective Work Gives New Knowledge Of The English Language - 09:35

New, More Sensitive Nanotechnology Test For Chemical DNA Modifications Developed - 09:35

Human Or Animal Faces Associated With At Least 90 Percent Of Cars By One-third Of Population - 09:35

Scientists Deliver Toxic Genes To Effectively Kill Pancreatic Cancer Cells - 09:35

Holiday Drug Taking Linked To Acts Of Violence - 09:35

Lack Of Large-scale Experiments Slows Progress Of Environmental Restoration - 09:35

What Is The Best Strategy For Treating Helicobacter Pylori? - 09:35

European Research Effort Tackles Dangerous Mould - 09:35

Compounds That Prevent Nerve Damage Discovered - 09:35

Caffeine Experts Call For Warning Labels For Energy Drinks - 08:28