Science Daily

Friday th 15th of August 2008

Synthetic Biology Is Bearing Fruit: Blockers Against Blockers - 17:21

Potatoes May Hold Key To Alzheimer's Treatment - 17:21

Young Children's 'Theory Of Mind' Linked To Subsequent Metacognitive Development In Adolescence - 17:21

Images For 3-D Video Games Without High Price Tags Or Stretch Marks From UC San Diego - 17:21

Dying Frogs Sign Of A Biodiversity Crisis - 17:21

Old Growth Giants Limited By Water-pulling Ability - 17:21

Surprising Details Of Evolution Of Protein Translation Revealed - 17:21

By Amplifying Cell Death Signals, Scientists Make Precancerous Cells Self-destruct - 17:21

Light Receptors In Eye Play Key Role In Setting Biological Clock, Study Shows - 14:21

New Mushroom Study Shows The Power Of Energy Density - 13:35

'Virtual Archaeologist' Reconnects Fragments Of An Ancient Civilization - 13:35

Personalized Immunotherapy To Fight HIV/AIDS - 13:35

True Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes Measured - 13:35

Engineers Build Mini Drug-producing Biofactories In Yeast - 13:35

Parents' Expectations, Styles Can Harm College Students' Self-esteem - 13:35

New Bird Species Discovered - 13:35

Stone Age Graveyard Reveals Lifestyles Of A 'Green Sahara' - 10:35

Inhibitors Of The Molecule PI3K Throw One Form Of Leukemia A CurveB-ALL - 09:28

Fruit Flies Provide Insight Into Bacterial Infections In Humans - 09:28

Helping Tumor Cells Not To Stick To The Wound During Surgical Removal - 09:28

Surgical Weight Loss Does Not Eliminate Obstructive Sleep Apnea - 07:14

Older Adult Caregivers Of People With Dementia Have Worse Sleep Than Noncaregivers - 07:14

Hope For Patients With COPD - 07:14

Asthma In Boys May Be Just A Phase, But For Girls It May Be There To Stay - 07:14

Measures To Assess Potential Lung Injury During Ventilation Inadequate - 07:14

Prototype Test For Predicting Clinical Outcome For Melanoma Patients - 07:14

Mechanism Behind Cocaine Craving Identified - 07:14

Cancer Signatures Uncovered - 07:14

Thursday th 14th of August 2008

Antarctic Climate: Short-term Spikes, Long-term Warming Linked To Tropical Pacific - 23:21

Burmese Pythons Will Find Little Suitable Habitat Outside South Florida, Study Suggests - 23:21

Stress, Anxiety Can Make Allergy Attacks Even More Miserable And Last Longer - 23:21

Public Health Clinic Study Links 'Americanization' And Depression - 22:35

Towards Zero Training For Brain-computer Interfacing - 22:35

Managing the Conch Fishery - 22:35

Structural Biology Spin-out Tackles Major Diseases - 22:35

Wide Variety Of Errors Found In Testing Process At Family Medicine Clinics - 22:35

Risk Assessment Plays Key Role In Long-term Treatment Of Breast Cancer - 22:35

Snooze Button For Body's Circadian Clock - 22:35

Declaration Opposes Transplant Commercialism, Transplant Tourism And Organ Trafficking - 22:35

Hybrid 'Muttsucker' Has Genes Of Three Species - 22:35

Major Genetic Cause Of Colon Cancer Found, Linked To Unequal Gene Activity - 22:35

Climate Change Caused Widespread Tree Death In California Mountain Range, Study Confirms - 22:35

New Nanomaterial Makes Plastic Stiffer, Lighter And Stronger - 22:35

In The Long Run, Exertion Regulation Wins The Day For Marathon Runners - 22:35

Chemists Take Gold, Mass-produce Beijing Olympic Logo - 22:35

Cassini Pinpoints Source Of Jets On Saturn's Moon Enceladus - 21:28

Call For Better Protection Of Older People From Climate Change Impact - 21:28

Big-brained Animals Evolve Faster - 20:21

Lessons From Yeast: A Possible Cure For Parkinson's Disease? - 17:21

Slipping Through Cell Walls, Nanotubes Deliver High-potency Punch To Cancer Tumors In Mice - 17:21