Science Daily

Tuesday th 19th of August 2008

Novel Method To Grow Human Embryonic Stem Cells Developed - 23:21

Magician's Hand: How Humor And Misdirection Can Manipulate Levels Of Attention - 23:21

'Point Of Care Diagnostics' In The Starting Blocks - 23:21

Heads-up Study Of Hair Dynamics May Lead To Better Hair-care Products - 23:21

Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths In 1918 Influenza Pandemic - 23:21

Greenland Ice Core Reveals History Of Pollution In The Arctic - 23:21

Calculators Okay In Math Class, If Students Know The Facts First, Study Finds - 23:21

Can Biofuels Be Sustainable? - 23:21

Silver Is Key To Reducing Pneumonia Associated With Breathing Tubes - 23:21

Researchers Uncover Attack Mechanism Of Illness-inducing Bacterium - 23:21

Critical Protein Complex In Formation Of Cell Cilia Identified - 23:21

Key Advance Toward 'Micro-spacecraft' - 23:21

Monday th 18th of August 2008

How Daughter Is Different From Mother - 22:14

Chemical Liberated By Leaky Gut May Allow HIV To Infect The Brain, Scientists Find - 22:14

Limbs Saved By Menstrual Blood Stem Cells - 22:14

Mirror Self-recognition In Magpie Birds - 22:14

Aboriginal Kids Can Count Without Numbers - 18:28

Potential Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Cure Found In Century-old Drug - 10:14

Chemists Make Beds With Soft Landings: Researchers Create Stable, Highly Pure Helical Peptide Arrays - 08:21

New Speed Record For Magnetic Memories - 08:21

Prediction Markets Strong At Forecasting US Presidential Elections, Says New Management Insights - 08:21

Targeted Drug Therapy Found Effective In Patients With Common Form Of Immune-mediated Kidney Disease - 08:21

Why An Exciting Book Is Just As Thrilling As A Hair-raising Movie - 08:21

Light Finds A Way -- Even Through White Paint: Specially-prepared Light Moves Through 'Open Channels' - 08:21

Extinction Most Likely For Rare Trees In Amazon Rainforest - 08:21

New Robot Scouts Best Locations For Components Of Undersea Lab - 08:21

Leishmaniasis Parasites Evade Death By Exploiting Immune Response To Sand Fly Bites - 08:21

Sunday th 17th of August 2008

Improved Technique Determines Structure In Membrane Proteins - 23:21

New 52-city Report Examines Use Of Wastewater In Urban Agriculture - 23:21

Patients Reluctant To Change Surgeons Despite Lure Of Shorter Wait Times - 23:21

Toward Plastic Spin Transistors: Ultrafast Computers And Electronics On The Horizon? - 23:21

Virtual Reality Gets Real - 23:21

Experiments Could Lead To New Treatments For Neuroblastoma - 23:21

Olympic Swimmers Shattering Records In NASA-Tested Suit - 23:21

Adults Easily Fooled By Children's False Denials, Study Finds - 23:21

A Therapy For Baby Boomers To Sleep On: New Drug For Insomniacs Over 55 - 23:21

Massaging Muscles Facilitates Recovery After Exercise - 23:21

Safer Alternative To Heparin Created - 23:21

Study Examines The Psychology Behind Students Who Don't Cheat - 23:21

Newly Detected Air Pollutant Mimics Damaging Effects Of Cigarette Smoke - 23:21

Playing Video Games Offers Learning Across Life Span, Say Studies - 23:21

India Continues To Progress In AIDS Vaccine Development Efforts - 23:21

Antidepressants May Impair Driving Ability, New Research Finds - 23:21

Using Sunlight To Split Water Into Hydrogen And Oxygen By Replicating Key Process In Photosynthesis - 22:14

Hydrogels Provide Scaffolding For Growth Of Bone Cells - 22:14

Bipolar Disorder And Gene Abnormalities: Sodium, Calcium Imbalances Linked To Manic Depressive Episodes - 22:14

Analysis Of Lake Washington Microbes Shows The Power Of Metagenomic Approaches - 22:14

1918 Flu Antibodies Resurrected From Elderly Survivors - 22:14

Synthetic Molecules Could Add Spice To Fight Against Cancer - 22:14

Friday th 15th of August 2008

English Health-care System Failing To Provide Basic Care, Shows Major Survey - 17:21