Science Daily

Wednesday th 13th of August 2008

Trapping White Blood Cells Proves Novel Strategy Against Chronic Viral Infections - 14:21

Genomics Of Plant-based Biofuels - 14:21

Novel Mechanism That Controls The Development Of Autoimmunity Discovered - 14:21

Extensively Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Found In California - 14:21

How DNA Repairs May Reshape The Genome - 14:21

Mass Extinctions And 'Rise Of Slime' Predicted For Oceans - 14:21

How Flesh-eating Bacteria Attack The Body's Immune System - 12:28

Cocaine-induced Synaptic Plasticity Linked To Persistent Addictive Behaviors - 12:28

Sensitivity To Antidepressants Linked With TrkB-mediated Neural Proliferation - 12:28

White Blood Cell Uses DNA 'Catapult' To Fight Infection - 12:28

New Theory For Latest High-temperature Superconductors - 12:28

Sky Islands Of Mammal Distribution: Metaphor Or Misnomer? - 12:28

Simply Listening To Music Affects One’s Musicality - 11:21

Light Metals Against Bombs And Grenades - 11:21

APA Task Force Recommends Dissemination Of Evidence-based Practice - 11:21

Using Live Fish, New Tool A Sentinel For Environmental Contamination - 11:21

Water Is No Passive Spectator Of Biological Processes: It Is An Active Participant - 11:21

Smells Like Bees' Spirit - 11:21

Protein Key To Control, Growth Of Blood Cells - 11:21

Tai Chi Program Helps Prevent Falls Among Older Adults - 11:21

Technique Developed To Capture Human Movement In 3D - 11:21

Gene's Newly Explained Effect On Height May Change Tumor Disorder Treatment - 11:21

Coated Film As A Bacteria Killer - 11:21

Nano Vaccine For Hepatitis B Shows Promise For Third World - 11:21

How Non-stick Bugs Evade Natural Fly Paper - 11:21

Computer-generated Images: Hollywood Hair Will Be Captured At Last - 10:35

Invasion Of Comb Jellyfish - 10:35

With Skate Eyes, Scientists Peer Into Human Disease - 10:35

Climate Change Threatens One In Five Plant Species In Germany - 10:35

Robot Vehicle Surveys Deep Sea Off Pacific Northwest - 10:35

Scientists Overcome Nanotechnology Hurdle - 09:49

Infant Sensitivity To Negative Emotional Expressions Develops At Around 6 Months - 09:49

A Direct Gaze Enhances Face Perception - 09:49

Causes For Sexual Dysfunction Change As People Age - 08:21

Childhood Dairy Intake May Improve Adolescent Bone Health - 08:21

Caregivers Of Spouses With Dementia Enjoy Life Less - 00:28

Scientists Call For Trial Of 'Hen Harrier Ceiling' - 00:28

New Group Of Plant Hormones Discovered - 00:28

Parents Shape Whether Their Children Learn To Eat Fruits And Vegetables - 00:28

Mature Trees: Surviving The Revolution, Easier Than Withstanding Human Use And Abuse - 00:28

Single MicroRNA That Controls Blood Vessel Development Identified - 00:28

Signs Of Alzheimer's Disease May Be Present Decades Before Diagnosis - 00:28

Global Warming Will Do Little To Change Hurricane Activity, According To New Model - 00:28

Poor Coordination In Childhood Linked To Obesity In Later Life - 00:28

Cancer Cells With A Long Breath: Seeking Origin Of Brain Tumors In Children - 00:28

Targeted Radiation Therapy Can Control Limited Cancer Spread - 00:28

Strange Molecule In The Sky Cleans Acid Rain, Scientists Discover - 00:28

Contraceptive Pill Influences Partner Choice - 00:28

Tiny Molecule Helps Control Blood-vessel Development - 00:28

Tuesday th 12th of August 2008

X-rays Use Diamonds As Window To Center Of The Earth - 10:28