Science Daily

Tuesday th 14th of October 2008

Coastal Dead Zones May Benefit Some Species, Scientist Finds - 13:35

Being Altruistic May Make You Attractive - 13:35

Did Termites Help Katrina Destroy New Orleans Floodwalls? - 13:35

Biomarkers For Identifying Infant Infections - 13:35

Lunar Prospecting Robot To Be Field Tested On Hawaii's Mauna Kea - 13:35

Why Do Women Get More Cavities Than Men? - 12:28

Virus As Nano-building Block: Extreme Nature Helps Scientists Design Nano Materials - 11:21

Breast Is Best In Fight Against Childhood Asthma - 11:21

Plant-eating Predator To Fight Superweed Is Not Magic Bullet, According To Japanese Knotweed Expert - 11:21

Searching The Internet Increases Brain Function - 11:21

Researchers Continue To Find Genes For Type 1 Diabetes - 11:21

Soothing Music Reduces Stress, Anxiety And Depression During Pregnancy - 11:21

Computers That Understand How You Feel - 11:21

Rising Arctic Storm Activity Sways Sea Ice, Climate - 11:21

Scientists Trigger Cancer-like Response From Embryonic Stem Cells - 11:21

When Seeing IS Believing - 11:21

Genome Of A Monkey-human Malaria Parasite - 11:21

How 'Sandfish' Swim: Could Help Materials Handling And Process Technology Specialists - 11:21

Why Sufferers From Alzheimer's Disease Might Have Lower Blood Pressure - 11:21

Targeting Space Debris Using Networks - 11:21

Computer Grids Get Down To Business - 10:14

Personal Music Players: Scientists Warn Of Health Risks From Exposure To Noise - 09:28

Longtime Visual Puzzler Explained In New Way - 09:28

NASA's Mars Odyssey Shifting Orbit For Extended Mission - 09:28

Caffeine Consumption Not Associated With Breast Cancer Risk In Most Women, Study Suggests - 09:28

Men Who Never Smoke Live Longer, Better Lives Than Heavy Smokers - 09:28

Triple Antiplatelet Therapy Appears Superior To Dual Antiplatelet Therapy, Study Suggests - 07:29

Vulnerable Plaque May Be Easier To Detect Through New Imaging Technology - 07:29

Important New Hair-loss Gene Discovered - 07:29

Nanotechnology Boosts War On Superbugs - 07:29

Pandemic Flu Models Help Determine Food Distribution And School Closing Strategies - 07:29

Body's Anti-HIV Drug Explained - 07:29

Religiosity Curbs Teen Marijuana Use By Half, National Study Finds - 07:29

New Tool Probes Function Of Rice Genes - 07:29

Hodgkin Lymphoma: New Characteristics Discovered; Cytokines Help Tumor Cells Evade Immune System - 07:29

Future Risk Of Hurricanes: The Role Of Climate Change - 07:29

Eliminating Viral Vector In Stem Cell Reprogramming - 07:29

How Dust Rings Point To Exo-Earths With Supercomputer's Help - 07:29

Does It Matter If Black Plus White Equals Black Or Multiracial? - 07:29

Scientists Explore Putting Electric Cars On A Two-way Power Street - 07:29

Tamoxifen Chemoprevention Tied To Early Detection Of Breast Cancer - 07:29

RNA Molecules, Delivery System Improve Vaccine Responses, Effectiveness - 07:29

Important Clue To Learning Deficit In Children With Autism - 07:29

Brainy Genes, Not Brawn, Key To Success On Mussel Beach - 07:29

Babies And Beethoven: Infants Can Tell Happy Songs From Sad - 07:29

Gut Reaction To Arsenic Exposure Simulated - 07:29

Pollution From Livestock Farming Affects Infant Health - 07:29

Preserved By Ice: Glacial Dams Helped Prevent Erosion Of Tibetan Plateau - 07:29

Fat-regenerating 'Stem Cells' Found In Mice - 07:29

Insects Trained In Quest For Artificial Nose - 07:29