Science Daily

Monday th 9th of June 2008

Morningness Is A Predictor Of Better Grades In College - 07:14

More Marital Happiness = Less Sleep Complaints - 07:14

Reduced Sleep On School Nights Begins In Early Adolescence - 07:14

Poor Sleep Quality And Insomnia Associated With Suicidal Symptoms Among College Students - 07:14

Nurses With Adverse Work Schedules Have Poor Sleep, Which Can Affect Their Work Performance - 07:14

Excessive Mobile Phone Use Affects Sleep In Teens - 07:14

Sunday th 8th of June 2008

New Satellite Remote Sensing Tool For Improving Agricultural Land Use Observation - 21:28

Phoenix Mars Lander Sifts For Samples, Continues Imaging Landing Site - 21:28

Did Slow Deformation Mitigate Peru Quake? - 21:28

Pinning Down A Cause Of Disease In A Model Of Psoriasis - 21:28

Film Content, Editing, And Directing Style Affect Brain Activity, Neuroscientists Show - 21:28

Improving Drug Design: Chemist Learn To Make Left Or Right Versions Of Synthetic Drug Molecules - 21:28

Galaxy Collision Debris As A Laboratory To Study Star Formation - 21:28

Why Alcohol Is Bad For Your Pancreas - 21:28

Longer Life For Paraplegic Patients With Superman Bicycle - 21:28

Antarctic Ice Stream Radiates Seismically: Sticks, Slips Like An Earthquake - 21:28

Magnetic Sensor That Brooks No Interference - 21:28

Enzyme Plays Key Role In Cell Fate - 21:28

Lower Crop Yields Due To Ozone A Factor In World Food Crisis - 21:28

Sheep's Sex Determined By Diet Prior To Pregnancy - 21:28

Complex Synapses Drove Brain Evolution - 13:35

Surprising Graphene - 13:35

Brain Pathway That Shuts Down Seizures Identified - 13:35

New PET Scanning Probe Will Allowing Monitoring Of The Immune System - 13:35

Caution On Stem Cell Therapy: Single Organs May Contain Several Types Of Adult Stem Cells - 13:35

Caribbean Monk Seal Gone Extinct From Human Causes, NOAA Confirms - 07:14

Saturday th 7th of June 2008

Health Care Providers Urged To Address The Relationship Between Type 2 Diabetes And Sleep Apnea By International Diabetes Federation - 23:21

Gene Therapy Involving Antibiotics May Help Patients With Usher Syndrome - 23:21

Phoenix Mars Lander Checking Soil Properties - 23:21

Genes May Determine Which Smoking Cessation Treatment Works Best - 23:21

Nano-tech Process Produces Plastics That Are 10 Times More Stretchable - 23:21

Family Traits Provide Clues To Genes For Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder - 23:21

New Method Of Managing Risk In Pregnancy Leads To Healthier Newborns, Better Outcomes For Moms - 23:21

Earthworm Detectives Provide Genetic Clues For Dealing With Soil Pollution - 23:21

Protein Found To Promote Antibiotic Resistance In A Common Food-borne Pathogen - 23:21

Astronomers Weigh The Coldest Brown Dwarfs With Astronomy's Sharpest Eyes - 23:21

Average Shoppers Are Willing To Pay A Premium For Locally Produced Food - 23:21

Mouse Ovaries And Testes Age In Unique Ways - 23:21

Substance In Red Wine, Resveratrol, Found To Keep Hearts Young - 23:21

Improving Brain Function In Rats Following A Stroke - 23:21

Burrows Of Land Vertebrates 245 Million Years Old Discovered In Antarctica - 23:21

Having Heart Surgery? Watch Your Blood Sugar, Especially If You're Overweight Or Older - 14:21

Weight Gain May Be Healthy When It Comes To Type 1 Diabetes - 08:21

Friday th 6th of June 2008

Grandma And Grandpa Are Good For Children - 18:28

Salmonella In Garden Birds Responsive To Antibiotics - 18:28

Lead Leaching And Faucet Corrosion In PVC Home Plumbing - 18:28

New Model Predicts Whether Patients Will Be Free Of Renal Cancer 12 Years After Initial Treatment - 18:28

Feasibility Of Preventing Malaria Parasite From Becoming Sexually Mature Demonstrated - 18:28

Keeping Beer Fresher - 18:28

Vigorous Exercise Can Help Seniors Avoid Disability - 18:28