Science Daily

Sunday th 1st of June 2008

How Advanced Prostate Cancer Becomes Resistant To Androgen-deprivation Therapy - 09:28

Mom's Behavior Key To Dad's Involvement In Child Care - 09:28

Saturday th 31st of May 2008

Alzheimer's Protection? Appealing The Death Sentence For Brain Cells - 23:21

Potential Tool For Selectively Manipulating Electron Spins In New Technologies Arises Unexpectedly - 23:21

Combination Of Two Novel Anti-cancer Agents May Help Fight CML Resistant To Current Therapy - 23:21

Camera On Arm Looks Beneath NASA Mars Lander - 23:21

Enzyme May Hold Key To Improved Targeting Of Cancer-fighting Drugs - 23:21

Young Age May Give Survival Advantage To Children With Certain Brain Tumors - 23:21

Organic Corn: Increasing Rotation Complexity Increases Yields Substantially - 23:21

Fatty Liver Linked To Increased Risk Of Diabetic Kidney Disease - 23:21

Rett Syndrome Gene Is Full Of Surprises - 23:21

Perfect Night Vision? New Superlattice Structure Enables High Performance Infrared Imaging - 23:21

New High-Temperature Superconductors Are Iron-based With Unusual Magnetic Properties - 23:21

Enzyme Helps Males Make Up For Their X Chromosome Shortage - 23:21

Acupuncture Reduces Pain And Dysfunction In Head And Neck Cancer Patients After Neck Dissection - 18:28

Taxonomists Describe The Top 10 Most Surprising Species Discovered In 2007 - 10:14

How To Construct A 'Firefly' Worm - 10:14

Laser Light Produces Complex Nanostructures - 10:14

Fibromyalgia Pain Linked With Central Nervous System Disorder - 09:28

Ecstasy Deaths Linked To Raised Body Temperature - 09:28

First 'Molecular Snapshot' Of A Virulence Factor On Bacterial Surface - 09:28

Fish Scales From Norway Show Ocean Fate Of Atlantic Salmon - 09:28

Quality Of Life Predicts Cancer Survival, Study Finds - 09:28

Magnetic Nanoparticles: Suitable For Cancer Therapy? - 09:28

Sex, Age And Ethnicity Assciated With Colorectal Cancer Survival - 09:28

A New Way To Look At Lung Cancer And Tobacco Carcinogens - 09:28

New Method Effective In Detecting Dangerous Coronary Plaque - 09:28

Scientists Discover Stinging Truths About Jellyfish Blooms In The Bering Sea - 09:28

X-rays Often Repeated For Patients In Developing Countries - 09:28

New CT Technology Offer Roadmap To Quicker, Cheaper Chest Pain Screening In Emergency Rooms - 09:28

Plant Foods For Preserving Muscle Mass - 09:28

Human Stem Cell Line Made Containing Sickle Cell Anemia Mutation - 09:28

Cold Medication Use In Young Children Can Lead To Adverse Effects, Even Death - 08:21

New Stem Cell Therapy May Aid The Repair Of Damaged Brains - 08:21

Greater Awareness Of Genetic Testing For Impaired Fetal Movement Can Save Babies' Lives - 08:21

Talking Distractions: Why Cell Phones And Driving Don't Mix - 08:21

Screening For The Risk Of Life-threatening Falls In The Elderly - 08:21

Invasion Strategy Of World's Largest Virus Revealed - 08:21

Living Fossils Have Long- And Short-term Memory Despite Lacking Brain Structures Of Modern Cephalopods - 07:35

Spider Silk Can Be Stretchy Like Springs Or Like Rubber - 07:35

Friday th 30th of May 2008

Inflammation, Depression And Antidepressant Response: Common Mechanisms - 20:21

Healthy Parents Provide Clues To Survival Of Young Haddock On Georges Bank - 20:21

Quest For Better Treatment For Effects Of Menopause - 20:21

Olfactory Receptor Neurons Select Which Odor Receptors To Express - 20:21

Fruits, Vegetables And Teas May Protect Smokers From Lung Cancer, Researchers Report - 20:21

Possible Ice On Mars Seen By Phoenix Lander Robotic Arm Camera - 20:21

Novel Chemo Drug Helps Treat Prostate Cancer - 17:21

Gene Signature Profile For Metastasis Discovered - 17:21

Micro-mechanical Gyroscopes May Provide Navigation For Planes And Cars Of The Future - 17:21

Summer Brings Thunderstorms And People With Joint Pain Can Forecast Them, Science Backs It Up - 17:21