Science Daily

Friday th 18th of September 2009

Antioxidant Controls Spinal Cord Development: Neuroscientists Discover New Molecular Control - 10:21

Invading Black Holes Explain Cosmic Flashes - 10:21

Using Magnetism To Turn Drugs On And Off - 10:21

Face Off: Misunderstood Expressions Facilitate Adolescent Aggression - 09:35

Research Teams Successfully Operate Multiple Biomedical Robots From Numerous Locations - 09:35

How To Improve Vaccines To Trigger T Cell As Well As Antibody Response - 09:35

Reconstruct Mars Automatically In Minutes - 09:35

Rare Genetic Disease Successfully Reversed Using Stem Cell Transplantation - 09:35

Magnetism Observed In Gas For The First Time - 09:35

Negative Public Opinion An Early Warning Signal For Terrorism, Princeton Professor Says - 09:35

Strain On Nanocrystals Could Yield Colossal Results - 09:35

Less Than 10 Percent Of Americans Have Low Risk For Heart Disease - 09:35

Out Of Darkness, Sight: Rare Cases Of Restored Vision Reveal How The Brain Learns To See - 09:35

Binge Drinkers Let Down Guard Against Infection - 09:35

Secrets Of Insect Flight Revealed: Modeling The Aerodynamic Secrets Of One Of Nature's Most Efficient Flyers - 09:35

Thursday th 17th of September 2009

Chemobrain: The Flip Side Of Surviving Cancer - 20:28

National New Biology Initiative Offers Potential For 'Remarkable And Far-reaching Benefits' - 20:28

Conflict Between Plant And Animal Hormones In The Insect Gut? - 20:28

Scientists Pinpoint Protein Link To Fat Storage - 20:28

Health Staff And Relatives Underestimate Chronic Pain Experienced By Nursing Home Residents - 20:28

Invention Can Turn Red Wine By-products Into Yoghurt, Chocolates, Creams And More - 20:28

Guide On Lung Cancer In 'Never-smokers': A Different Disease And Different Treatments - 20:28

Introduced Japanese White-eyes Pose Major Threat To Hawaii's Native And Endangered Birds - 20:28

Killing Cancer Like A Vampire Slayer: New Drug Cuts Off Blood Supplies To Starve Cancer Tumors - 20:28

High Numbers Of Heat-loving Bacteria Found In Cold Arctic Ocean - 20:28

Teenage Birth Rates Higher In More Religious States - 20:28

New Vitamin K Analysis Supports The Triage Theory - 20:28

New Links Between Epilepsy And Brain Lipids - 20:28

Oddball Stars Explained: New Observations Solve Longstanding Mystery Of Tipped Stars - 20:28

The Pen May Be Mightier Than The Keyboard - 20:28

Researchers Isolates Liver Cancer Stem Cells Prior To Tumor Formation - 20:28

Discovery Of Regulatory Role Of Key Molecule: Step Towards Future Gene Therapy To Control Disease - 20:28

Solar Cycle Driven By More Than Sunspots; Sun Also Bombards Earth With High-speed Streams Of Wind - 20:28

Tiny Tyrannosaur: T. Rex Body Plan Debuted In Raptorex, But 100th The Size - 15:28

Combat Exposure May Increase Likelihood Of Newly Reported High Blood Pressure - 12:35

Genetic Hint For Ridding The Body Of Hepatitis C - 12:35

Natural Hydrogel Helps Heal Spinal Cord, Researcher Finds - 12:35

Scientists Complete First Geological Global Map Of Jupiter's Satellite Ganymede - 12:35

Zero Tolerance, Zero Effect, Says Expert - 12:35

Cases Of Liver Cancer Reduced In Younger Population Vaccinated For Hepatitis B - 12:35

Laser Processes Promise Better Artificial Joints, Arterial Stents - 12:35

During CPR, More Chest Compressions Mean More Saved Lives - 12:35

Web-based Screening And Intervention May Reduce Drinking In University Students - 12:35

New Insights Into Cardiac Aging - 12:35

Zinc Deficiences A Global Concern - 12:35

Researchers To Probe Whether Lyme Disease Will Follow Spread Of Ticks Across U.S. - 00:35

New Material For Nanoscale Computer Chips - 00:35

Toward Making Smart Phone Touch-screens More Glare And Smudge Resistant - 00:35

On-the-job Pesticide Exposure Associated With Parkinson's Disease - 00:35

Quality Of Early Child Care Plays Role In Later Reading, Math Achievement - 00:35