Science Daily

Wednesday th 15th of July 2009

Annual Costs Of Stroke In US Children At Least $42 Million - 01:28

Reversible Generation Of High Capacity Hydrogen Storage Material Demonstrated - 01:28

Medical Researchers Profile Genes In Acutely Ill Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients - 01:28

Identifying Diarrhea Causing Bacteria By Tiny Difference In Genes - 01:28

New Culprit Behind Obesity's Ill Metabolic Consequences - 01:28

Sex Involved In Plant Defense - 01:28

Hurricane Carlos In 3D: Carlos Power Back Up To Hurricane Status - 01:28

Memory Test And PET Scans Detect Early Signs Of Alzheimer's - 01:28

Last Supper Of The Hominids Establishes Times They Lived At Sites - 01:28

New Advance In Revolutionary 'Bullet Fingerprinting' Technique - 01:28

New Map Hints At Venus's Wet, Volcanic Past - 01:28

Tuesday th 14th of July 2009

Dishonesty Involves Activity In Control-related Brain Networks, Neuroimaging Study Suggests - 07:28

Cell Phone Towers Can Help Predict Big Floods - 07:28

Heavy, Daily Drinking Increases Risk Of High-Grade Prostate Cancer; Makes Preventive Drug Ineffective - 07:28

Pesticide Levels In Blood Linked To Parkinson's Disease - 07:28

Bath Time Falls Injure Thousands Of Children Annually - 07:28

HIV-1 Damages Gut Antibody-producing Immune Cells Within Days Of Infection - 07:28

Certain Type Of Implanted Lenses May Be A Treatment Option For Some Patients With Nearsightedness - 07:28

Swine Flu: H1N1 Virus More Dangerous Than Suspected, Except To Survivors Of The 1918 Pandemic Flu Virus - 07:28

How Noise And Nervous System Get In Way Of Reading Skills - 07:28

Herbicide Diversity Needed To Keep Herbicide Roundup Effective - 07:28

Clean Fuels Could Reduce Deaths From Ship Smokestacks By 40,000 Annually - 07:28

Smoking Associated With More Rapid Progression Of Multiple Sclerosis - 07:28

Water Snake Startles Fish So They Flee Into Its Jaws - 07:28

New Statistical Technique Improves Precision Of Nanotechnology Data - 07:28

Individuals At Risk For Developing Colon Cancer Identified - 07:28

Darwin’s Mystery Of Appearance Of Flowering Plants Explained - 07:28

Monday th 13th of July 2009

Electronic Tracking System Can Help Diabetes Patient Care - 18:21

Dietary Influences Of Liver Disease Examined - 18:21

Online Computer Games Could Encourage Children To Eat Healthy Foods - 18:21

Researchers Enlist DNA To Bring Carbon Nanotubes’ Promise Closer To Reality - 18:21

How Tamoxifen Stimulates Uterine Cell Growth And Cancer - 18:21

Operation For Aneurysm Yields Nearly Normal Longevity - 18:21

Green Industrial Lubricant Developed - 18:21

Tracking The Life And Death Of News - 18:21

DNA Is Dynamic And Has High Energy; Not Stiff Or Static As First Envisioned - 17:35

Internet-based Intervention May Improve Insomnia - 15:21

Influenza Monitoring By The US Military - 15:21

Comprehensive Review Of Addiction To Prescription Painkillers Among Patients And Physicians - 15:21

Infectious Disease Researchers Advancing Vaccine Against Valley Fever - 15:21

Studies Shed Light On Racial Disparities In Cancer Survival - 15:21

Antidepressants Aid Electroconvulsive Therapy In Treating Severe Depression - 15:21

Number Of Patients With Dementia On The Rise - 15:21

Making The Difficult Task Of Transporting A Child With Special Needs Safer - 14:35

Couples Who Cohabit Before Engagement Are More Likely To Struggle - 14:35

Major Breakthrough With Water Desalination System - 14:35

Swearing Can Actually Increase Pain Tolerance - 14:35

DNA-damaged Cells Communicate With Neighbors To Let Them Know They're In Trouble - 13:28

Fluorescent Probes May Permit Monitoring Of Chemotherapy Effectiveness - 13:28

Why HIV Progresses Faster In Women Than In Men With Same Viral Load - 13:28