Science Daily

Sunday th 20th of September 2009

New Blood Tests Promise Simple, Cost-effective Diagnosis Of Gastrointestinal Cancers - 21:14

New Genetic Link Between Cardiac Arrhythmias And Thyroid Dysfunction Identified - 21:14

World's River Deltas Sinking Due To Human Activity, Says New Study - 21:14

Classroom Behavior: Why It's Hard To Be Good - 20:28

Scientists Make Paralyzed Rats Walk Again After Spinal-cord Injury - 20:28

Individuals In Vegetative States Can Learn, Scientists Find - 20:28

Majority Of Unintended Incidents In The Emergency Room Are Caused By Human Error, Study Finds - 02:28

Controlling The Language Of Security: A New Language Could Improve Home Computer Security - 02:28

Protein Helps Distinguish Chromosome Ends From DNA Breaks - 02:28

Mechanism Related To Onset Of Various Genetic Diseases Revealed - 02:28

HIV Uses Several Strategies To Escape Immune Pressure - 02:28

Planck Snaps Its First Images Of Ancient Cosmic Light - 02:28

Doctors' 'Gut Feelings' Defined - 02:28

Impact Of Renewable Energy On Our Oceans Must Be Investigated, Say Scientists - 02:28

Researchers Explore Long-term Adolescent Vulnerability To Drugs - 02:28

New X-ray Technique Illuminates Reactivity Of Environmental Contaminants - 02:28

Rare Meteorite Found Using New Camera Network In Australian Desert - 02:28

Saturday th 19th of September 2009

Plants Choose Ammunition Carefully - 00:29

Lung Cancer Suppresses MiR-200 To Invade And Spread - 00:29

Ego City: Cities Are Organized Like Human Brains - 00:29

Scientists Illuminate How MicroRNAs Drive Tumor Progression - 00:28

New NASA Temperature Maps Provide 'Whole New Way Of Seeing The Moon' - 00:28

Ganymede Makes Big Impression On Jupiter's Auroral Lightshows - 00:28

Athletes With Smaller Anterior Cruciate Ligaments May Be More Susceptible To Injury - 00:28

Vaccine To Prevent Urinary Tract Infections Shows Early Promise - 00:28

Using Waste To Recover Waste Uranium - 00:28

Blood Test Helps Guide Treatment And Can Impact Quality Of Life For Breast Cancer Patients - 00:28

Ice Cream May Target The Brain Before Your Hips, Study Suggests - 00:28

Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Retain Some Gene Expression Of Donor Cells - 00:28

Friday th 18th of September 2009

Nanoparticle-based Erectile Dysfunction Therapy Shows Promise - 23:21

Young Age At First Drink May Affect Genes And Risk For Alcoholism - 23:21

New Rabies Vaccine May Require Only A Single Shot... Not 6 - 18:28

Diamonds Are A Laser's Best Friend - 15:28

Micro-satellites MicroGEM Offer Improved Earth Monitoring - 15:28

Cheap, Quick Bedside 'Eye Movement' Exam Outperforms MRI For Diagnosing Stroke In Patients - 15:28

Medications Effective In Reducing Risks For Breast Cancer Can Also Cause Serious Side Effects - 15:28

Postmenopausal Women, Too, Reap Cardiovascular Benefits From Endurance Training - 15:28

Students Navigating The Hudson River With Hydrogen Fuel Cells - 11:14

Researchers Prolong Half-life Of Biopharmaceutical Proteins: Biotech Innovation Could Extend Dosing Intervals, Simplify Production - 11:14

Weight Loss Is Good For The Kidneys, Study Finds - 11:14

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Minimum Extent For 2009, Third Lowest Ever Recorded - 11:14

Real-Time Feedback System For Alpine Skiers Help Improve Performance - 10:22

Exotic Life Beyond Life? Looking For Life As We Don't Know It - 10:21

Seasonal Influenza: Not Enough Healthcare Workers Have Themselves Vaccinated, German Study Finds - 10:21

New Dangers Of 'Clubbing Drugs' On The Web - 10:21

It's A Grind To Make Mars Red - 10:21

A Chip For The Eye? Artificial Vision Enhancers Being Put To The Test - 10:21

New Hybrid Vehicle Concept For RV Travelers Developed - 10:21

Study Details Pathways To Flu Virus Exposure, Validates Preventative Measures - 10:21

Ways To Quiet Ordinary Snoring - 10:21