Science Daily

Wednesday th 16th of September 2009

Better Understanding Of Use Of Checklists In Healthcare Urged - 10:21

Patterns In Mars Crater Floors Give Picture Of Drying Lakes - 10:21

Color-coded Chart Improves Parents' Understanding Of Body Mass Index - 09:35

How To Spell B-Y-U With DNA - 09:35

Evaluation Of Standard Liver Volume Formula For Chinese Adults - 09:35

How To Reach Proficiency In Laparoscopic Splenectomy? - 09:35

What Are The Risk Factors For Rebleeding After Negative Angiography? - 09:35

HBV Genotype B/B3 And C/C1 Are The Major Genotypes In Indonesia? - 09:35

Imaging Features Of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms Of The Pancreas - 09:35

Yes-associated Protein: Early Diagnosis Of Gastric Carcinoma - 09:35

Persistent Pain May Accelerate Signs Of Aging By Two To Three Decades In Middle-Aged Adults - 09:35

Telltale Tells Story Of Winds At Phoenix Landing Site - 09:35

New Method Can Predict 80 Percent Of Cases Of Postnatal Depression - 09:35

Perennial Energy Crops Could Be Good For Carbon Savings And For Wildlife - 09:35

First Solid Evidence For A Rocky Exoplanet: Mass And Density Of Smallest Exoplanet Finally Measured - 09:35

Tuesday th 15th of September 2009

Don't Stand By Me: When Involving An Interested Party May Not Be In Your Best Interest - 21:28

50 Millionth Unique Chemical Substance Recorded In Chemical Abstracts Service Registry - 21:28

Endothelin Drugs Benefit Those With Pulmonary Hypertension - 21:28

Virtual Maps For The Blind - 21:28

Comprehensive Cardiac CT Scan May Give Clearer Picture Of Significant Heart Disease - 21:28

Scary Music Is Scarier With Your Eyes Shut - 21:28

No Change In The Link Between Deprivation And Death Since 1900s - 21:28

As Ash Borer Claims More Trees, Researcher Works For Species Survival - 21:28

Finding Of Genetic Region Controlling Cardiovascular Sensitivity To Anesthetic Propofol - 21:28

Beans' Defenses Mean Bacteria Get Evolutionary Helping Hand - 21:28

Direct Evidence Of Role Of Sleep In Memory Formation Is Uncovered - 21:28

Parental Physical Discipline Through Childhood Linked To Behavior Problems In Teens - 21:28

Genome Sequencing Reveals Genetic Diversity Of Bacteria That Cause Buruli Ulcer - 21:28

Light Electric Motor To Increase Efficiency Of Electric Vehicles - 21:28

'Alert Status' Area In Brain Discoved: New Understanding Of Anesthesia - 21:28

Background TV Found To Have Negative Effect On Parent-child Interactions - 21:28

Super Bedsheet Solves Delivery-room Problems - 21:28

Unique Cancer Profile Of Hispanic/Latino Americans - 21:28

Diabetes Drug Kills Cancer Stem Cells In Combination Treatment In Mice - 21:28

Sophisticated Telescope Camera Debuts With Peek At Nest Of Black Holes - 21:28

Reading Kafka Improves Learning, Suggests Psychology Study - 21:28

Necklace For Long-term And Robust Cardiac Monitoring In Daily Life - 21:28

Implantable Defibrillators May Not Benefit Women With Heart Failure - 21:28

Mini-Comets Within A Comet Lit Up 17P/Holmes During Megaoutburst - 21:28

Possible Genetic Factor For Male Infertility Identified - 21:28

Changes In Earth's Ozone Layer Predicted To Increase UV Radiation In Tropics And Antarctica - 21:28

Fake Video Dramatically Alters Eyewitness Accounts - 17:21

Popular Stomach Acid Reducer Triples Risk Of Developing Pneumonia, Study Suggests - 17:21

When You've Doubled Your Genes, What's One Chromosome More Or Less? How Polyploidy And Genomic Change Can Lead To Evolutionary Change - 17:21

Water Quality In Orbit: H2O Disinfection Tested On International Space Station - 17:21

Molecular Evidence Supports Key Tenet Of Darwin's Evolution Theory - 17:21

Sheep That Shed Light On Personality Differences - 16:35

Gut Ecology In Transplant Patients - 16:35

Set World Standards For Electronics Recycling, Reuse To Curb E-waste Exports To Developing Countries, Experts Urge - 15:28

Space-related Radiation Research Could Help Reduce Fractures In Cancer Survivors - 15:28