Science Daily

Tuesday th 22nd of September 2009

Women With Atrial Fibrillation Are At Significantly Higher Risk Of Stroke And Death Compared To Men - 21:14

Cleaner Coal Plants May Use Pressurized Combustion System To Capture Carbon Dioxide - 21:14

Balance Organs Affect Brain Blood Flow - 21:14

Computer Code Gives Astrophysicists First Full Simulation Of Star's Final Hours - 21:14

RU Kidding? Research Finds That Chatspeak Has No Impact On Children's Spelling Ability - 21:14

New NIST Nano-ruler Sets Some Very Small Marks - 21:14

Gene Variant Linked To Glaucoma Identified - 21:14

Diamonds May Be The Ultimate MRI Probe, Say Quantum Physicists - 21:14

Rethinking Alzheimer's Disease And Its Treatment Targets - 21:14

Frog Fungus Hammering Biodiversity Of Communities - 21:14

Lies My Parents Told Me: Parents Use Deception To Influence Their Children - 21:14

Computer Model Shows Changes In Brain Mechanisms For Cocaine Addicts - 21:14

New Findings Could Help Hybrid, Electric Cars Keep Their Cool - 21:14

Historic Gene Therapy Trial To Treat Alzheimer's Disease - 21:14

Ancient And Bizarre Fish Discovered: New Species Of Ghostshark From California And Baja California - 21:14

Watching Your Weight? Beware Of Skinny Friends With Big Appetites - 12:35

Cancer Predisposition From Particular Genetic Variation Shows Strong Gender Bias - 12:35

Low-gravity Space Station Lab Used To Study Crystal Growth - 12:35

Seasonality Of Mortality: Summer Vacation Link? - 12:35

Large Area Solar Cells With 18.4% Conversion Efficiency, Featuring Cu-plated Contacts - 12:35

Can Over-the-counter Vitamin-like Substance -- Coenzyme Q10 -- Slow Progression Of Parkinson's Disease? - 12:35

Nationwide Study Examines Youth Access To Indoor Tanning - 12:35

Species-jumping Diseases: Better Global System Needed To Effectively Prevent, Detect, Respond To Zoonotic Infectious Diseases - 12:35

Current Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions Pledges Leave Climate Targets In The Red, Analysis Finds - 12:35

Promising Mechanically-stacked GaAs/Ge Multijunction Solar Cell Unveiled - 12:35

Immune Response To Spinal Cord Injury May Worsen Damage - 12:35

Breathing Technique Can Reduce Frequency, Severity Of Asthma Attacks - 12:35

Blood-brain Barrier As Therapy Delivery System: Enzyme Delivered Through Bloodstream Corrects Deficiencies In Brain - 12:35

New Computing Tool Could Lead To Better Crops And Pesticides - 11:28

First Bose-Einstein Condensate With Calcium Atoms Produced - 11:28

'Intelligent Car' Able To Learn From Owner’s Driving And Warn In Case Of Accident Hazard - 11:28

Hurricane Frequency Is Up But Not Their Strength, Say Researchers - 11:28

Geographer Working To Clarify What Sustainability Really Means To Rural Decision-makers - 11:28

Researchers Work To Keep Terrapin Turtle Off Endangered Species List - 11:28

All Tied Up: Tethered Protein Provides Long-sought Answer - 11:28

Discovery Reveals Fate Of Nanoparticles In Human Cells - 11:28

New Vista Of Milky Way Center Unveiled - 11:28

Transhumance Helps Vulture Conservation - 10:21

Mathematicians Solve 'Trillion Triangle' Problem - 10:21

Monday th 21st of September 2009

Moody Memories? Mood Has Limited Effect On Memory, Study Shows - 22:21

Proposal To Reintroduce Iberian Lynx On Abandoned Agricultural Land - 22:21

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's LAMP Shedding Light On Permanently Shadowed Regions Of The Moon - 22:21

Mild Exercise While In The ICU Reduces Bad Effects Of Prolonged Bed Rest - 22:21

You Can't Trust A Tortured Brain: Neuroscience Discredits Coercive Interrogation - 22:21

Comfort Food Fallacy: Upheaval Leads To Less-familiar Choices - 22:21

Researchers Working To Develop, Market Embryonic Test For Bovine Genetics - 22:21

More Babies Born Prematurely But Survival Rates Up, UK Study Shows - 22:21

Learning How Materials Work In Space To Make Them Better On Earth - 22:21

Old Red Blood Cells May Double Mortality In Trauma Patients - 22:21

Experimental Approach May Reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis And Osteoporosis - 22:21