Science Daily

Sunday th 14th of April 2019

New role for sensory signals in the brain - 13:30

Protein complex may help prevent neurodegenerative diseases - 13:30

'Nanobodies' from alpacas could help bring CAR T-cell therapy to solid tumors - 13:30

DNA methylation levels linked to obesity - 13:30

Digital parent training for child's disruptive behavior successful in primary health care - 13:30

Ketamine reverses neural changes underlying depression-related behaviors in mice - 13:00

New microscopy method provides more details about nanocomposites - 13:00

How plants defend themselves - 13:00

Interplay of pollinators and pests influences plant evolution - 13:00

Crucial 'electrical switch' in brain - 13:00

New strategy to reduce cancer drug's cardiotoxic effects - 12:30

Near-atomic map of parathyroid hormone complex points toward new therapies for osteoporosis - 11:00

Sustainability of plant ingredients as fishmeal substitutes - 11:00

Population health: A rapidly evolving discipline in US academic medicine - 11:00

Bigger portions lead to preschoolers eating more over time - 11:00

Saturday th 13th of April 2019

Fishy diagnostics for food allergy testing - 08:50

Friday th 12th of April 2019

Largest, fastest array of microscopic 'traffic cops' for optical communications - 16:00

Performance of perovskite solar cells: The interface makes the difference - 16:00

Psychologists find smiling really can make people happier - 15:30

Harnessing microorganisms for smart microsystems - 15:30

Knowing how cells grow and divide can lead to more robust and productive plants - 15:30

Predicting heat waves? Look half a world away - 15:00

'Molecular scissors' for plastic waste - 15:00

Increase in foreign body ingestions among young children - 15:00

Clear sight in the data fog with PAGA - 15:00

Electric vehicle adoption improves air quality and climate outlook - 14:40

Want to learn a new skill? Take some short breaks - 14:10

Diesel exhaust filtered of its tiny particles may worsen allergy-induced lung impairment - 13:10

SLAC develops novel compact antenna for communicating where radios fail - 12:40

SRC-1 gene variants linked to human obesity - 12:40

Want to quit smoking? Partner up - 12:40

Bacteria surrounding coral reefs change in synchrony, even across great distance - 12:40

New research supports volcanic origin of Kiruna-type iron ores - 12:40

Unique oil-eating bacteria found in world's deepest ocean trench, Mariana Trench - 12:40

Move more to live longer - 12:40

Ability to lift weights quickly can mean a longer life - 12:40

One-third of cancer patients use complementary and alternative medicine - 12:10

One-two punch helps solve greatest unmet need in cardiology - 12:10

Itchy skin affects the health and quality of life of many patients with kidney disease - 12:10

Earliest life may have arisen in ponds, not oceans - 12:10

Inner electrons behave differently in aromatic hydrocarbons - 10:40

New method may transport medicine better through the body - 10:40

Opioid epidemic may have cost US governments $37.8 billion in tax revenue - 10:40

Biophotonic therapy eliminates bacteria and viruses from organs before transplantation - 10:40

Keeping the taste, reducing the salt - 10:40

Body mass index may play a significant role in the progression of multiple sclerosis - 10:40

Rethinking conservation efforts for improved biodiversity - 10:40

Mice reveal 38 new genes involved in hearing loss - 10:40

Case of tick-borne relapsing fever in Mexico - 10:40

Longer neutrophil lifespan may contribute to HIV-associated intestinal inflammation - 10:40