Science Daily

Thursday th 4th of April 2019

Polysulfide donors strongly suppress inflammatory responses - 11:20

Preventing toxic work environments through ethical leadership - 11:20

Through machine learning, new model holds water - 11:20

Detecting pollution with a compact laser source - 11:20

Spin lasers facilitate rapid data transfer - 11:20

Mitochondrial permeability plays a key role in aging, recovery from ischemic injury - 11:20

Sea turtles struggle years after unexplained die-off - 11:20

Biomechanical mystery behind deadly blood clots unlocked - 11:20

No such thing as 'sugar rush'! Sugar worsens mood rather than improving it - 11:20

Capturing mosquito waste could speed up virus detection - 11:20

The holm oak transcriptome is rebuilt, a key step towards understanding its biology - 11:20

Cell lesson: better coordinated than isolated - 10:50

Catalyst research for solar fuels: Amorphous molybdenum sulfide works best - 10:50

Impact of concussions reduced in children with more years of sport experience - 10:50

Black nanoparticles slow the growth of tumors - 10:50

What and where in the processing of body-part information - 10:50

Immunotherapy kicks and kills HIV by exploiting a common virus - 10:50

New genetic information behind urogenital track anomalies - 10:50

Scientists shed light on preservation mystery of Terracotta Army weapons - 10:20

Deep microbes' key contribution to Earth's carbon cycle - 10:20

Plants grow less in hotter temperatures - 10:20

Experimental therapy completely clears HPV in one-third of cervical cancer precursors - 09:50

Psychedelic drug MDMA may reawaken 'critical period' in brain to help treat PTSD - 09:50

That's 'sew' smart! Scientists invent threads to detect gases when woven into clothing - 09:20

Researchers have invented a quieter airplane toilet - 09:20

Protein key to charcot-marie-tooth, other nerve diseases - 09:20

Deep stimulation improves cognitive control by augmenting brain rhythms - 09:20

Alcohol-induced brain damage continues after alcohol is stopped - 07:50

Nanotechnology for augmenting human capabilities - 07:50

California's current earthquake hiatus is an unlikely pause - 07:50

Leukocytes use their nucleus as a ruler to choose path of least resistance - 07:50

Newly discovered mechanism of plant hormone auxin acts the opposite way - 07:50

Think the tick threat grows with the grass? Not necessarily! - 07:50

Discovery shows how mucus build-up, not infections, triggers cystic fibrosis lung damage - 07:50

Crowdsourcing speeds up earthquake monitoring - 07:50

Insect-deterring sorghum compounds may be eco-friendly pesticide - 07:50

Opioid epidemic is increasing rates of some infectious diseases - 07:50

Living near protected areas can have positive impacts on human well-being - 07:50

New imaging method tested for first time on human patients - 07:50

Just 20 minutes of contact with nature will lower stress hormone levels, reveals new study - 07:50

A 'million word gap' for children who aren't read to at home - 07:50

Wednesday th 3rd of April 2019

New family of glass good for lenses - 22:50

More CO2 than ever before in 3 million years, shows unprecedented computer simulation - 22:50

A step toward recovering reproduction in girls who survive childhood cancer - 22:20

The future of agriculture is computerized - 22:20

Sunscreen application has better face coverage than SPF moisturizers - 22:20

Human history through tree rings: Trees in Amazonia reveal pre-colonial human disturbance - 22:20

Study illuminates the brain's inner workings - 22:20

Blocking protein's activity restores cognition in old mice - 21:50

How understanding animal behavior can support wildlife conservation - 21:50