Science Daily

Wednesday th 29th of January 2020

Meteorite chunk contains unexpected evidence of presolar grains - 13:50

Swing feel in jazz music: The role of temporal fluctuations - 13:20

Unhealthy and unhappy: Mental toll of troubled relationships - 12:20

Protein pores packed in polymers make super-efficient filtration membranes - 12:20

Brain networks come 'online' during adolescence to prepare teenagers for adult life - 12:20

Disease-aggravating mutation found in a mouse model of neonatal mitochondrial disease - 12:20

Airborne microbes link Great Barrier Reef and Australian continent - 12:20

Genetics contributes to mental health risks in adoptees - 12:20

Molecule modification could improve reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel - 12:20

Newspaper 'hierarchy' of injury glamorizes war - 12:00

Space super-storm likelihood estimated from longest period of magnetic field observations - 12:00

Mountain vegetation dries out Alpine water fluxes - 11:30

Tuesday th 28th of January 2020

Rethinking land conservation to protect species that will need to move with climate change - 15:30

Research offers promise for treating schizophrenia - 15:30

Assessing geographic origins of ancient humans - 15:00

Biomarkers of brain function may lead to clinical tests for hidden hearing loss - 14:30

Major Asia gene study to help doctors battle disease - 14:30

New knowledge on how different brain cell types contribute to our movements - 14:30

As seen in movies, new meta-hologram can be used as a communication tool - 14:30

19th-century bee cells in a Panamanian cathedral shed light on human impact on ecosystems - 14:00

Tiny salamander's huge genome may harbor the secrets of regeneration - 14:00

Second of its kind 'sharpshooter' leafhopper from Brazil 'strikes' with its coloration - 14:00

Zinc lozenges did not shorten the duration of colds - 14:00

Hey Google, are my housemates using my smart speaker? - 14:00

Nanoparticle chomps away plaques that cause heart attacks - 13:30

For cheaper solar cells, thinner really is better - 13:30

Artificial intelligence predicts treatment outcome for diabetes-related vision loss - 13:30

Air pollution impacts can be heart-stopping - 13:30

High school GPAs are stronger predictors of college graduation than ACT scores - 13:30

An egg a day not tied to risk of heart disease - 10:40

Marine heat wave linked with spike in whale entanglements - 09:10

Scientists short-circuit maturity in insects, opening new paths to disease prevention - 08:40

Walnuts may slow cognitive decline in at-risk elderly - 08:40

Monday th 27th of January 2020

Science at the interface: Bioinspired materials reveal useful properties - 22:30

Driven by Earth's orbit, climate changes in Africa may have aided human migration - 22:30

New study debunks myth of Cahokia's Native American lost civilization - 22:30

Study examines prostate cancer treatment decisions - 22:30

Method detects defects in 2D materials for future electronics, sensors - 17:41

Lab turns trash into valuable graphene in a flash - 16:50

How to take a picture of a light pulse - 16:50

Sea level rise to cause major economic impact in the absence of further climate action - 16:50

More rain and less snow means increased flood risk - 16:50

Algae shown to improve gastrointestinal health - 16:50

Researchers advance solar material production - 16:50

Researchers identify opportunities to advance genomic medicine - 16:50

Current model for storing nuclear waste is incomplete - 16:50

Oceanographers predict increase in phytoplankton by 2100 - 16:50

Parkinson's disease may start before birth - 16:50

Buildings can become a global CO2 sink if made out of wood instead of cement and steel - 16:50

Cutting road transport pollution could help plants grow - 16:50