Science Daily

Friday th 5th of April 2019

Like old photographs, memories fade over time - 08:40

Scientists develop methods to validate gene regulation networks - 08:40

Screen time -- even before bed -- has little impact on teen well-being - 07:50

Researchers uncover hidden deicer risks affecting bridge health - 07:20

Thursday th 4th of April 2019

Parkinson's clues seen in tiny fish could aid quest for treatments - 21:50

Cancer exports molecular 'saboteurs' to remotely disarm immune system - 21:50

Microscopic swimmers with visual perception of group members form stable swarms - 21:50

How ALS progresses on genetic and cellular level revealed by high-res spinal cord study - 21:50

Artificial intelligence approach optimizes embryo selection for IVF - 21:50

First reported UK case of likely dog-to-dog transmission of leishmaniosis - 21:50

Engineers develop novel techniques to trick object detection systems - 21:20

Durability vs. recyclability: Dueling goals in making electronics more sustainable - 21:20

Blocking epigenetic Swiss army knife may be a new strategy for treating colorectal cancer - 16:20

Research improves understanding of new form of cell-cell communication - 16:20

Insulin receptor and gene expression - 16:20

Genome-wide analysis reveals new strategies to target pancreatic cancer - 16:20

Novel Hawaiian communities operate similarly to native ecosystems - 16:20

Gut microbiome may contribute to HIV transmission in high-risk men - 16:20

Cytomegaloviruses deploy a novel stealth strategy to subvert immune surveillance - 16:20

Researchers identify 'beauty spots' in the genome - 16:20

Electricity-conducting bacteria yield secret to tiny batteries, big medical advances - 16:20

Heavy metal planet fragment survives destruction from dead star - 14:20

Using a promiscuous inhibitor to uncover cancer drug targets - 13:30

Poverty leaves a mark on our genes - 13:30

Computational model of a human kinase may provide insights for cancer treatment - 13:02

Routine HPV vaccination linked to dramatic reduction in cervical disease among young women - 13:02

Global centers of unsustainable harvesting of species identified - 13:02

Climate panel disbanded by Trump, now regrouped, releases its report - 13:02

Jurassic crocodile discovery sheds light on reptiles' family tree - 13:02

Molecules with strong anti-Zika virus potential - 13:02

Visualization strategies may backfire on consumers pursuing health goals - 13:02

New PET imaging biomarker could better predict progression of Alzheimer's disease - 13:02

Mutations in human livers can promote tissue regeneration - 13:02

Children should help choose the charities their schools and families support - 13:02

Post-wildfire step-pool streams - 13:02

Vitamin B12 is identified as the inhibitor of a key enzyme in hereditary Parkinson's disease - 13:02

Severe psychological distress and daily cannabis use: Implications for mental health? - 13:02

To keep the creative juices flowing, employees should be receptive to criticism - 13:02

Compass orientation of a migratory bat species depends on sunset direction - 12:40

Photons trained for optical fiber obstacle course will deliver stronger cyber security - 12:40

Ancient, four-legged whale with otter-like features found along the coast of Peru - 12:40

Magnetic nanoparticles can 'burn' cancer cells - 12:40

How do muscle and tendon connections last a lifetime? - 12:40

Interparental aggression often co-occurs with aggression toward kids - 12:40

Liquid jets break up more readily on a substrate - 12:40

How a major tumor suppressor pathway becomes deactivated - 12:10

Associating colors with vowels? Almost all of us do! - 11:41

Solar wind: And the blobs just keep on coming - 11:41

Lung disease bronchiectasis associated with high frequency of allergy - 11:20

Ushering in ultrafast cluster electronics - 11:20