Science Daily

Tuesday th 5th of February 2019

Revising the history of big, climate-altering volcanic eruptions - 21:00

Ovarian cysts should be 'watched' rather than removed, study suggests - 21:00

Early parent-child conflicts predict trouble charting life path - 21:00

The first dexterous and sentient hand prosthesis has been successfully implanted - 21:00

One step closer to growing made-to-order human kidneys - 21:00

New islands, happy feet: Study reveals island formation a key driver of penguin speciation - 21:00

Novel enzyme discovered in intestinal bacteria - 20:40

A better way to measure cell survival - 20:10

How immune cells target different tissues - 20:10

A new culprit in cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease - 20:10

How men continually produce sperm -- and how that discovery could help treat infertility - 20:10

Dark fiber lays groundwork for long-distance earthquake detection and groundwater mapping - 20:10

Tracking down new biocatalysts - 17:30

Ramped up efforts needed to protect the world's inland waters - 17:30

Weight loss surgery changes the way our bodies sense food - 17:30

A reservoir of bacteria: Sink drains next to toilets in patient rooms may harbor dangerous organisms - 17:30

Catching flies with vinegar - 17:30

New scale to characterize strength and impacts of atmospheric river storms - 17:00

The vibrating universe: Making astronomy accessible to the deaf - 17:00

Tonsillectomy in children: Update to guidelines for treating and managing care - 17:00

New anti-CRISPR proteins discovered in soil and human gut - 17:00

3D printed tires and shoes that self-repair - 17:00

Novel experiment validates widely speculated mechanism behind the formation of stars - 17:00

A taste for fat may have made us human - 17:00

Gasp! First audio map of oohs, aahs and uh-ohs spans 24 emotions - 16:40

Laser physics: Attosecond photoelectron spectroscopy accelerated - 16:40

Diversity in the CD4 receptor protects chimpanzees from infection by AIDS-like viruses - 16:10

Healthy diet can ease symptoms of depression - 16:10

Ferroelectric polymers made more versatile - 16:10

How a golf swing can lead to early lumbar degeneration - 16:10

Where does this contamination come from? - 16:10

Brain hand 'map' is maintained in amputees with and without phantom limb sensations - 16:10

New scan technique reveals brain inflammation associated with post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome - 16:10

Over 800 new genome regions possibly relevant to human evolution identified - 16:10

Fruit and vegetables may be important for mental as well as physical well-being - 16:10

HIV-1 protein suppresses immune response more broadly than thought - 12:30

New method for high-speed synthesis of natural voices - 12:30

Deaf moth evolves sound-production as a warning to outwit its predator - 12:30

New research debunks importance of eye contact - 12:00

Theoretical model may help solve molecular mystery - 12:00

Learning transistor mimics the brain - 12:00

Volcanic growth 'critical' to the formation of Panama - 12:00

Time-lapse microscopy helps reveal brake mechanism in Streptomyces lifecycle - 12:00

Medieval inks for heritage conservation - 12:00

Origins of depression brought into focus in large-scale genetic study - 12:00

Data-transmitting light signal gets power boost from nanosized amplifier - 12:00

Even psychological placebos have an effect - 12:00

In vitro grafts increase blood flow in infarcted rat hearts - 12:00

Observing hydrogen's effects in metal - 11:00

Leaves are nature's most sophisticated environment sensors - 11:00