Science Daily

Monday the 29th of April 2013

Microglia can be derived from patient-specific human induced pluripotent stem cells and may help modulate the course of central nervous system diseases - 20:30

Sushi for peccaries? - 20:30

Identification of gene variants affecting fertility offers new treatment possibility - 20:30

Reading wordless storybooks to toddlers may expose them to richer language - 17:00

How we decode 'noisy' language in daily life: How people rationally interpret linguistic input - 17:00

What happened to dinosaurs' predecessors after Earth's largest extinction 252 million years ago? - 16:30

No Redoubt: Volcanic eruption forecasting improved - 16:00

Dinosaur predecessors gain ground in wake of world's biggest biodiversity crisis - 16:00

Cicadas get a jump on cleaning - 16:00

Adults lack stem cells for making new eggs - 16:00

Neuroscientists use statistical model to draft fantasy teams of neurons - 15:30

Feast clue to smell of ancient Earth - 15:30

Cat and mouse: One gene is necessary for mice to avoid predators - 15:30

Key shift in brain that creates drive to overeat identified - 15:30

World's longest-running plant monitoring program now digitized - 15:30

'Super-resolution' microscope possible for nanostructures - 15:30

Sea turtles benefiting from protected areas - 15:00

Molecular role of gene linked to blood vessel formation uncovered - 13:00

How Would You Like Your Assistant - Human or Robotic? - 13:00

Thymus teaches immune cells to ignore vital gut bacteria - 13:00

Analysis: U.S. emergency care cost estimates are too low - 13:00

Patterned hearts: Bioengineers create rubber-like material bearing micropatterns for stronger, more elastic hearts - 13:00

Singing humpback whales tracked on Northwest Atlantic feeding ground - 13:00

Foul-smelling gas shows health benefits in reducing joint swelling - 12:30

Engaging online crowds in the classroom could be important tool for teaching innovation - 12:30

Extreme political attitudes may stem from an illusion of understanding - 12:30

Comparing proteins at a glance: Technique for easy comparisons of proteins in solution - 12:30

Sniffing out schizophrenia - 12:30

Many stressors associated with fracking due to perceived lack of trust - 12:30

Warning system predicts outbreaks of dengue fever - 11:30

Will green tea help you lose weight? - 11:30

Elucidating environmental history with 100 million laser beams - 11:30

Older is wiser: Study shows software developers' skills improve over time - 11:00

Fertilizers provide mixed benefits to soil in 50-year study - 10:00

Researchers design nanometer-scale material that can speed up, squeeze light - 10:00

Pathological gambling caused by excessive optimism - 10:00

Ecological knowledge offers perspectives for sustainable agriculture - 10:00

Leadership emerges spontaneously during games - 10:00

Rear seat design: A priority for children's safety in cars - 09:30

Climate change will raise the sea level in the Gulf of Finland - 09:30

Scientists control chirality in carbon nanotubes - 09:30

Researchers increase the success rate of tooth implants - 09:30

Visitors and residents: Students' attitudes to academic use of social media - 09:30

Do you fear you are missing out? - 09:30

Laser welding as an engine of innovation - 09:00

Grocery delivery service is greener than driving to the store - 09:00

Sunday the 28th of April 2013

Subclinical thyroid condition associated with increased cardiovascular mortality - 22:30

Shape-shifting mobile devices - 22:30

Residents concerned about health effects of hydrofracking - 22:30

Clarifying the effect of stem cell therapy on cancer - 22:30