Science Daily

Sunday the 10th of October 2010

Rare hybrid cell key to regulating the immune system - 22:31

The secret of the 'Unicorn' revealed - 22:31

Cancer-linked epigenetic effects of smoking found - 22:31

Better synchronization helps fish deal with predator threat - 22:31

Neptune could not have knocked planetoids in Cold Classical Kuiper Belt to edge of solar system - 22:31

Competing motivational brain responses predict costly helping - 22:30

Online games as social meeting places - 18:20

Fragrance exposure: New discovery on the causes of contact allergy - 18:20

So that’s why we’re allergic to sun creams - 18:20

Voracious comb jellyfish ‘invisible’ to prey - 18:20

New findings on autoimmune diseases - 18:20

New method to identify people by their ears - 18:20

Clinical trials demonstrate effective weight loss strategies for obese and overweight adults - 14:30

Prepared meals and incentivized weight-loss program for obese and overweight women - 14:30

Stinkbug repellent: Progress toward first commercial repellent for East Coast's stinker - 14:30

How the deaf have super vision - 14:30

Hepatitis C virus infection linked to fat enzyme in liver cells - 13:30

Scientists watch cell-shape process for first time - 13:30

Efficient, inexpensive plastic solar cells coming soon - 13:30

Conventional theory of modern drug design challenged - 13:30

New insights into the genetics of obesity and fat distribution - 13:30

Oral delivery system to treat inflammatory bowel diseases developed - 13:30

Tsunami risk higher in Los Angeles, other major cities - 13:30

Huge parts of world are drying up: Land 'evapotranspiration' taking unexpected turn - 13:30

Technique allows researchers to examine how materials bond at the atomic level - 06:20

Children's agitation after surgery may be preventable - 06:20

New bacterial foe in cystic fibrosis identified - 06:20

Bee colony collapse associated with viral, fungal infection, biologist says - 06:20

Researchers confirm prenatal heart defects in spinal muscular atrophy cases - 06:20

Saturn's icy moon Enceladus may keep oceans liquid with wobble - 06:20

Direct-to-consumer genetic tests need innovative oversight, experts say - 06:20

Environmental changes to blame for drop in yield of 'miracle rice' - 06:20

Deceitful lily fools flies: Solomon's lily imitates a yeasty odor to lure vinegar flies into a trap - 06:20

Cell survival protein discovery rewrites immune system story - 06:20

Saturday the 9th of October 2010

Vaccinations should continue as influenza pandemics epidemics wane, experts urge - 02:30

Discovery could impact how the body receives medicine - 02:30

Emotional effects of heavy combat can be lifelong for veterans - 02:30

Maternal influenza vaccination may be associated with flu protection in infants - 02:30

Cassini catches Saturn moons in paintball fight - 02:30

Blind inventors develop free software to enable the blind to use computers - 02:30

DNA repair capacity identified those at high risk for non-melanoma skin cancer - 02:30

Microfluidic devices advance 3-D tissue engineering - 02:30

Prediction of epileptic seizures by analyzing brain waves - 02:30

Friday the 8th of October 2010

Clue to unusual drug-resistant breast cancers found - 17:30

Half-time gamblers give stock market insight - 17:30

Measurements of CO2 and CO in China's air indicate sharply improved combustion efficiency - 17:30

Doctors evaluating heart problems should consider checking fat deposits around the heart - 17:30

Researchers create experimental vaccine against Alzheimer's - 17:30

Haze on Saturn's moon Titan may hold ingredients for life - 17:30

Improving sonography: Spatial ability is key to becoming a successful sonographer, study finds - 16:30