Science Daily

Thursday the 20th of January 2011

How to tell a pterodactyl's sex: Dino-era riddle solved by new fossil find - 15:30

War, plague no match for deforestation in driving CO2 buildup - 14:32

Insect eyes inspire improved solar cells: Anti-reflective film based on moth eyes increases efficiency of photovoltaics - 14:32

Measles' natural nemesis: Cells infected by measles virus pull out a heavy weapon in the form of the enzyme ADAR1 - 14:32

For robust robots, let them be babies first - 14:32

Intrafamilial medically assisted reproduction - 12:32

2010 ties record for world's warmest year: World Meteorological Organization - 12:32

New twist on the electron beam - 12:32

Better turbine spacing for large wind farms - 12:32

Awake despite anesthesia - 11:32

How computer games could help us all make better decisions in life - 11:32

Thwarting attacks on cell phone mesh networks - 11:32

Vitamin E may increase the life expectancy of males who have high dietary vitamin C intake and smoke less than a pack per day - 10:30

Drug 'khat' makes users more impulsive - 10:30

Internet risks for young people less than commonly believed, European survey suggests - 10:30

New math theories reveal the nature of numbers - 10:30

Sleep researchers apply fatigue model to fatal commuter air crash - 10:30

Scientists Grow Human Liver Tissue to be Used for Transplantation - 10:30

New species of crustacean discovered in the El Cachucho Marine Protected Area - 09:30

Breastfeeding: Added protection for cancer survivors? - 08:31

Wednesday the 19th of January 2011

Predicting political hotspots: Professors' global model forecasts civil unrest against governments - 23:32

Staph vaccine shows promise in Phase I - 23:32

Secrets of mysterious metal hotspots uncovered by new single molecule imaging technique - 23:32

End-of-life decisions take longer if patient hasn't shared wishes with family, study finds - 23:32

Scientists generate megawatt-class laser beams for US Navy's next-generation weapon system - 23:31

Novel antibiotic combinations fight resistance genes - 23:31

Celiac patients can eat hydrolyzed wheat flour, study finds - 23:31

A second language gives toddlers an edge - 23:31

Glycerin confirmed as a feasible feedstuff for swine - 23:31

Prion disease spreads in sheep via mother's milk - 23:31

Small molecules may prevent Ebola infection - 23:31

Nanoscale rope: Complex nanomaterials that assemble themselves - 23:31

Challenging the limits of learning: Linguist measures the human mind against the yardstick of a machine - 23:31

Wave-generated 'white hole' boosts hawking radiation theory, physicists find - 23:31

Statins: Benefits questionable in low-risk patients, review finds - 23:31

See how they grow: Monitoring single bacteria without a microscope - 23:31

Nanoparticle vaccine protects against stomach flu - 23:31

Fundamental property of how water and other liquids move at different temperatures - 23:31

Little evidence to support most eHealth technologies, such as electronic patient records, study shows - 23:31

Beating the competition: Scientists discover how the size of networks can skyrocket - 23:31

Bedbug genetic study finds possible pesticide-resistance genes - 23:31

Drug used to treat heavy periods can stop trauma patients bleeding to death, study finds - 23:30

Like humans, amoebae pack a lunch before they travel - 23:30

Atlas of an organism: Gene expression in developing mouse embryo - 17:32

Robotic ghost knifefish is 'born' - 17:32

Unlocking the secret(ase) of building neural circuits - 17:32

New CPR technique for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest increases survival by 53 percent - 17:32

Mathematical model explains how complex societies emerge, collapse - 16:31

Speeding up Mother Nature's very own CO2 mitigation process - 16:31

New mortgage design would minimize home foreclosures - 16:31