Science Daily

Tuesday the 17th of April 2012

Nanotube electrodes improve solar cells - 22:30

Knee injuries in women linked to motion, nervous system differences - 22:30

Parkinson's protein causes disease spread in animal model - 22:30

Positive feelings may help protect cardiovascular health - 22:30

Egg-laying beginning of the end for dinosaurs - 22:30

Brain scans can predict weight gain and sexual activity - 22:30

Lead dust is linked to violence, study suggests - 21:30

Study of half siblings provides genetic clues to autism - 16:30

Scientists tailor cell surface targeting system to hit organelle ZIP codes - 16:30

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy a predictor for above-average birth weight - 15:30

A toxic menu: Marine worm feeds on carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide with the help of symbiotic bacteria - 15:30

Nanocrystal-coated fibers might reduce wasted energy - 15:30

New process improves catalytic rate of enzymes by 3,000 percent - 15:30

Saliva test could dramatically increase detection of oral cancer - 15:30

Helicopter transport improves trauma patient survival compared to ground transport - 14:30

Silicone breast implant failures significantly higher than previously thought - 14:30

Study hints at why gums suffer with age - 14:30

Feelings of immaturity accompany alcohol misuse into adulthood - 14:30

Cognitive biometrics: A very personal login - 14:30

Sunlight plus lime juice makes drinking water safer - 13:30

Liquorice root found to contain anti-diabetic substance - 12:30

Hot new manufacturing tool: A temperature-controlled microbe - 12:30

Most Wikipedia entries about companies contain factual errors, study finds - 12:30

Lack of sleep is linked to obesity, new evidence shows - 11:31

Babies flick 'anti-risk switch' in women but not men - 11:31

Plastic garbage in oceans: Understanding marine pollution from microplastic particles - 11:31

Brain cancer vaccine proves effective, study suggests - 11:31

Understanding of hearing in baleen whales amplified - 11:31

Some stars capture rogue planets - 11:31

Scarcity of college men leads women to choose briefcase over baby - 11:31

Orangutans smarter than previously thought: Orangutan nest building highly sophisticated - 10:30

Depression may lead mothers to wake babies - 10:30

Panoramic view of a turbulent star-making region - 10:30

Preschoolers' reading skills benefit from one modest change by teachers - 09:30

Magnetic fields can send particles to infinity - 09:30

Asteroid craters on Earth give clues in search for life on Mars - 09:30

Economic damage to US economy from offshoring jobs may be exaggerated - 07:31

70-year-old chemical mystery solved: How tropolone are synthesized in fungi - 07:31

Monday the 16th of April 2012

Gene with a key role in neuronal survival identified - 21:30

When do consumers react to social exclusion with charitable behavior? - 21:30

Neural stem cell regulator identified: Lack of regulator can cause neural tube defects - 21:30

Pill reduced number of multiple sclerosis lesions in Phase II trial - 21:30

Off-label prescribing of medications is common, Canadian study suggests - 21:30

Low quality genes may cause mutational meltdown: Deficiencies compound over time - 20:30

Mechanical tissue resuscitation technology shows promise preventing cell death - 20:30

Giving preventive drug to men at high risk for HIV would be cost-effective, study shows - 20:30

Ammonites found mini oases at ancient methane seeps - 19:30

Nano-syringe delivers combination, targeted brain cancer therapy - 19:30

Genetically engineered compound for back pain falls short - 19:30

How Parkinson's disease starts and spreads - 18:30