Science Daily

Wednesday the 8th of December 2010

Sex, race, place of residence influence high blood pressure incidence - 22:30

Fledgling ecosystem in former open-pit coal mine in Germany lets scientists observe how soil, flora and fauna develop - 22:30

Role of stem cell transplant procedures for blood cancer treatment - 22:30

Mindfulness-based therapy helps prevent depression relapse - 22:30

Study assesses nuclear power assumptions - 22:30

Personalized vaccine for lymphoma patients extends disease-free survival by nearly 2 years - 22:30

Dynamics of chaperone protein critical in rescuing brains of Alzheimer's mice from neuron damage - 22:30

Black holes and warped space revealed by powerful new array of radio telescopes - 22:30

Teens who perpetrate dating violence also likely to perpetrate violence involving siblings or peers - 22:30

Mastermind steroid found in plants - 22:30

Sports participation does not guarantee that children get enough physical activity - 22:30

Bacteria to test water lines: Contained bacteria change color when they contact toxins - 22:30

Parkinson's drug could treat restless leg syndrome, study suggests - 22:30

Redrawing the map of Great Britain based on human interaction - 22:30

Children who attend group child care centers get more infections then, but fewer during school years - 22:30

Widening our perceptions of reading and writing difficulties - 19:30

Cranberry juice not effective against urinary tract infections, study suggests - 19:30

Astronomers discover, image new planet in planetary system very similar to our own - 18:30

Pain: What Zen meditators don't think about won't hurt them - 17:30

So you think you can solve a cosmology puzzle? Scientists challenge other scientists with a series of galaxy puzzles - 17:30

Lost civilization under Persian Gulf? - 17:30

Autism treatment: Researchers identify possible treatment for impaired sociability - 17:30

Growing Earth’s oceans - 16:31

Viable female and male mice from two fathers - 16:31

Are depressed people too clean? - 16:31

Computer model for projecting severity of flu season - 15:32

Parents' influence on children's eating habits is limited - 15:32

Brain's inherent ability to focus learning discovered - 15:32

Fewer synapses – more efficient learning: Molecular glue wires the brain - 15:32

Different origins discovered for medulloblastoma tumor subtypes - 15:32

Planetary family portrait reveals another exoplanet - 15:32

'Logic gates' made to program bacteria as computers - 15:30

Soaring is better than flapping for birds big and small - 14:32

Elusive spintronics success could lead to single chip for processing and memory - 14:32

Physicists discover ultrasensitive microwave detector - 14:32

Water well tests show more towns with elevated arsenic in Maine - 14:32

Theoretical breakthrough: Generating matter and antimatter from nothing - 14:32

Astronomers open new window into early universe - 14:32

Unlocking the secrets of our compulsions - 14:32

Blueberries and other purple fruits to ward off Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's - 14:32

Astronomers detect first carbon-rich exoplanet - 14:32

New test shows promise for accurate early diagnosis of Turner syndrome - 10:30

Online photos may reveal your friendships - 10:30

Fire disaster in Israel is a typical example of expected climate change effects in the Mediterranean - 10:30

Low and high vitamin D levels in older women associated with increased likelihood of frailty - 09:30

Accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer with ultrasound - 09:30

Childhood maltreatment, high magnitude stressors are stronger predictors of psychiatric symptoms than military sexual stressors - 09:30

Frequent sex protects marital happiness for neurotic newlyweds - 09:30

A swarm of ancient stars - 09:30

'Greener' climate prediction shows plants slow warming - 09:30