Science Daily

Monday the 22nd of October 2012

Many high school football players not concerned about concussions - 09:02

Most dealers willing to discuss selling an adult-sized ATV for child use, despite danger - 09:02

High schools with athletic trainers have more diagnosed concussions, fewer overall injuries - 09:02

Children with mental health disorders more often identified as bullies - 09:02

Unique feature of HIV helps create antibodies, researchers discover - 09:02

Possible overlap of IBS symptoms and inflammatory bowel disease - 09:02

New technologies and endoscopic techniques emerge to address gastrointestinal disorders - 09:02

Racial disparities in IBDsymptoms and therapy - 09:02

Changing epidemiology of clostridium difficile - 09:02

Electrical stimulation of the esophagus promising treatment for unresolved reflux symptoms - 08:31

Outpatient urological surgery costs significantly less when performed in physician offices and ambulatory care centers - 08:03

Metabolic factors may increase men's risk of dying from prostate cancer - 08:03

Troubled teens could benefit from online access to health records, say researchers - 08:03

How fear can skew spatial perception - 08:03

Chronic constipation linked to increased risk of colorectal cancer - 08:03

Chronic electrical stimulation at acupressure points may relieve stomach woes for diabetics - 08:03

Marijuana use may cause severe cyclic nausea, vomiting, a little-known, but costly effect - 08:03

C. diff infections becoming more common, severe in children and elderly - 07:31

Improving the safety of angioplasty in patients with coronary bypass graft disease - 07:31

Statins may reduce risk of esophageal cancer - 07:31

Astronomers study 2-million-light-year 'extragalactic afterburner' - 06:31

Sunday the 21st of October 2012

Lack of sleep tied to teen sports injuries - 15:10

Energy-sensing switch discovery could have broad implications - 15:10

Rice agriculture accelerates global warming: More greenhouse gas per grain of rice - 15:10

How a fish broke a law of physics - 14:40

Mississippi river diversion helped build Louisiana wetlands, geologists find - 14:40

Turbo switch of calcium pump in biological cells discovered - 14:40

Offsetting global warming: Targeting solar geoengineering to minimize risk and inequality - 14:40

Natural process activating brain's immune cells could point way to repairing damaged brain tissue - 14:40

Saturday the 20th of October 2012

The art of sustainable development - 16:30

Optimal treatment duration for MRSA-related pneumonia re-evaluated - 16:30

Women more likely to die from myocardial infarction than men - 16:30

Calling an ambulance improves heart attack survival - 16:30

Coronary angioplasty improves cardiac arrest survival - 16:30

Cyberbullying only rarely the sole factor identified in teen suicides - 16:30

Boy in U.S. experiencing early onset of puberty - 16:30

Donated human stool safely and effectively treats c. difficile infections, study suggests - 16:00

In vitro fertilization linked to increase risk for birth defects - 16:00

Strong connection found between death of child and mortality of mother - 16:00

Friday the 19th of October 2012

Researchers explore how the brain perceives direction and location - 15:01

Cholera discovery could revolutionize antibiotic delivery - 15:01

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is both under and over diagnosed, study suggests - 14:30

Key player in Parkinson's disease neuron loss pinpointed - 14:01

Plant-based foods may offer reduced risk for aggressive prostate cancer - 14:01

Pediatric studies show the flu's deadly danger, the benefits of school vaccinations - 14:01

Weight loss does not lower heart disease risk from type 2 diabetes, study suggests - 14:01

Breakthrough offers new route to large-scale quantum computing - 14:00

Take control: Exploring how self-discipline works and how we might boost it - 14:00

Daily vibration may combat prediabetes in youth - 14:00

Science reveals the power of a handshake - 14:00