Science Daily

Thursday the 6th of June 2013

'Dust trap' around young star solves long-standing planet formation mystery - 13:51

Scientists coax brain to regenerate cells lost in Huntington's disease in mouse model - 13:51

MRI study: Breastfeeding boosts babies' brain growth - 13:51

New technique for deep brain stimulation surgery proves accurate and safe - 11:31

Specifically sized gold nanoparticle spheres increase the sensitivity of a light-based chemical detector - 11:30

Living fossils? Actually, sturgeon fish are evolutionary speedsters - 11:30

Reversal cells may tip the balance between bone formation and resorption in health and disease - 11:30

Evolutionary history of a cancer-related gene - 11:30

Drought, river fragmentation forcing endangered fish out of water, biologist finds - 11:01

Brand leadership is unlikely to be regained once lost - 11:00

Alpine lakes reflect climate change - 11:00

Mapping the brain - 11:00

New DNA test on roo poo identifies species - 10:30

Sensitive flow sensor: Hair sensor uncovers hidden signals - 10:30

Most youth football player concussions occur during games, not practice - 10:30

Second life for possible spintronic materials: Manganese, gallium nitride merged in uniform layer - 10:30

Listening to music while driving has very little effect on driving performance, study suggests - 10:00

'Caldas tear' resolves puzzling seismic activity beneath Colombia - 10:00

Autism discovery paves way for early blood test and therapeutic options - 10:00

Wednesday the 5th of June 2013

Scientists map the wiring of the biological clock - 22:30

A lucky catch: A tiny new fish, Haptoclinus dropi, from the southern Caribbean - 22:30

New scorpion species adds to the remarkable biodiversity of the Ecuadorian Andes - 22:30

Nutrition during first 1,000 days of life crucial for childhood and economic development - 22:30

Irish chronicles reveal links between cold weather and volcanic eruptions - 22:30

Concerns about anesthesia's impact on the brain - 22:00

Pollution controls increase beach attendance, study shows - 22:00

Strength in numbers when resisting forbidden fruit - 22:00

First dual-action compound kills cancer cells, stops them from spreading - 22:00

Neurochemical traffic signals may open new avenues for the treatment of schizophrenia - 22:00

Teacher collaboration, professional communities improve many elementary school students' math scores - 22:00

Aligning values with employer can lead to promotion, suggests new study - 22:00

Targeting an aspect of Down syndrome - 22:00

First observation of spin Hall effect in a quantum gas is step toward 'atomtronics' - 22:00

Formula-feeding linked to metabolic stress and increased risk of later disease - 22:00

Increased NMR/MRI sensitivity through hyperpolarization of nuclei in diamond - 22:00

U.S. Clean Air Act increased Atlanta rainfall - 22:00

Tiny bubbles in your metallic glass may not be a cause for celebration - 21:30

Drug prevents post-traumatic stress-like symptoms in mice - 21:30

First evidence that the genome can adapt to temperature changes - 21:30

Electronic stimulation therapy for obstructive sleep apnea is safe, effective, new study suggests - 21:30

New microfluidic method expands toolbox for nanoparticle manipulation - 21:30

New report identifies research priorities for most pressing gun violence problems in US - 21:30

Over-produced autism gene alters synapses, affects learning and behavior in mice - 21:30

'Belief in science' increases in stressful situations - 21:30

Genetic testing of rare blood cancer reveals new mutation - 21:30

Firefighting robot paints 3-D thermal imaging picture for rescuers - 21:30

Scientists unexpectedly discover stress-resistant stem cells in fat tissue removed during liposuction - 21:00

Rapid, irregular heartbeat may be linked to problems with memory and thinking - 21:00

Neuroimaging may offer new way to diagnose bipolar disorder - 21:00

When angry, talk: Describing emotional situations alters heart rate, cardiac output - 21:00