Science Daily

Friday the 27th of September 2013

New gut bacterium discovered in termite's digestion of wood - 13:02

Changing laws, attitudes of police response to drug overdose may lead to better outcomes - 13:02

Study examines health of kidney donors - 13:02

Treating sore throat should be part of strategy to prevent rheumatic heart disease - 13:02

Scientists develop a more effective molecular modeling process - 12:31

Wildlife face 'Armageddon' as forests shrink - 12:30

Mucus useful in treating IBD, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease - 12:30

New medical device extremely effective at preventing HIV in women - 12:30

Microbes facilitate the persistence, spread of invasive plant species by changing soil chemistry - 12:04

Colorectal surgeons develop a novel tool for measuring quality and outcomes - 12:04

First long temperature reconstruction for the eastern Mediterranean based on tree rings - 12:04

Methane Out, Carbon Dioxide In? - 12:04

Setting blurred images in motion improves perception - 12:04

Antibiotic resistance in agricultural environments: A call to action - 12:03

Future sea level rises should not restrict new island formation in the Maldives - 11:32

Majority of children remain at home after maltreatment investigation - 11:32

Pan-cancer studies find common patterns shared by different tumor types - 11:32

Scientists discover important wound-healing process - 11:32

Patient's own cells might be used as treatment for Parkinson's disease - 11:03

Newly identified antibodies effectively treat Alzheimer's-like disease in mice - 11:02

Study of 'sister' stem cells uncovers new cancer clue - 11:02

Key cellular mechanism in body's 'battery' can either spur or stop obesity - 11:02

Made to order at the synapse: Dynamics of protein synthesis at neuron tip - 11:02

'Jekyll-and-Hyde' protein offers a new route to cancer drugs - 11:02

Folic acid deficiency can affect the health of great, great grandchildren - 11:02

Colonizing songbirds lost sense of syntax - 11:02

Facebook data used to predict users' age, gender and personality traits - 11:02

The building blocks of learning, literally - 10:31

Philosopher examines the hypothesis vs. exploratory funding divide - 10:31

Space-based laser system as a cost-effective way to nudge small asteroids away from collision course with Earth - 10:01

Beautiful brushstrokes drawn from data - 09:32

Professor develops 'brain' for robots - 09:32

Superfast switching of quantum light sources - 09:32

Several NASA spacecraft track energy through space - 09:02

Human influence on climate clear, IPCC report says - 09:02

Scientists find a Martian igneous rock that is surprisingly Earth-like - 09:02

Human robot getting closer: iCub robot must learn from its experiences - 09:02

Thursday the 26th of September 2013

Hospital-grade lightweight blood flow imager on the cheap - 22:30

Differences in post-operative complications across race, ethnicity, and sex - 22:00

Bats and rabies virus: More data on colonies at high risk - 22:00

Bone hormone influences brain development and cognition - 21:30

Growing use of clinical registry data for post-market device surveillance - 21:30

Warm summers coincide with less frequent flooding - 21:30

Genetic map developed linking complex diseases - 21:00

Hidden genetic code for better designer genes - 21:00

Water for future Mars astronauts? - 21:00

Biologists confirm role of sperm competition in formation of new species - 21:00

Investigating mercury pollution in Indonesia - 20:31

Medical sensors improve with holey gold nanostructures - 20:31

How viral infection disrupts neural development in offspring, increasing risk of autism - 20:31