Science Daily

Friday the 3rd of February 2012

Breastfeeding linked to improved lung function at school-age, especially with asthmatic mothers - 12:31

Can immune cells from healthy people pulverize cancer? - 12:31

Global extinction: Gradual doom is just as bad as abrupt - 12:31

Preference for fatty foods may have genetic roots - 12:31

New device performs better than old for removing blood clots, research shows - 12:31

Clopidogrel with aspirin doesn't prevent more small strokes, may increase risk of bleeding and death, researchers report - 12:31

New drug doesn't improve disability among stroke patients, researchers find - 12:31

Collective action: Occupied genetic switches hold clues to cells' history - 11:31

Surface of Mars an unlikely place for life after 600 million year drought, say scientists - 11:30

Schizophrenia: When hallucinatory voices suppress real ones, new electronic application may help - 11:30

New technology to tackle treatment-resistant cancers - 11:30

Classic portrait of a barred spiral galaxy - 11:30

New procedure repairs severed nerves in minutes, restoring limb use in days or weeks - 11:30

To make a social robot, key is satisfying the human mind - 11:30

A battle of the vampires, 20 million years ago? - 11:30

Massage is promising for muscle recovery: Researchers find 10 minutes reduces inflammation - 10:30

Stem cells could drive hepatitis research forward - 00:30

Yellow Biotechnology: Using plants to silence insect genes in a high-throughput manner - 00:30

Some roads and playgrounds in North Dakota contain cancer causing erionite - 00:30

Stellar astrophysics: The discovery of deceleration - 00:30

New way to study ground fractures - 00:30

Thursday the 2nd of February 2012

Elevated glucose associated with undetected heart damage - 23:30

New technique successfully dissolves blood clots in brain and lowers risk of brain damage after stroke, study suggests - 23:30

A market solution for the Falkland Islands - 23:30

Research ethics: Coercive citations in academic publishing - 23:30

Hand counts of votes may cause errors - 22:30

Scientists coax shy microorganisms to stand out in a crowd - 22:30

U. S. Counties with thriving small businesses have healthier residents - 22:30

How to tell apart the forgetful from those at risk of Alzheimer’s disease - 22:30

New 'biopsy in a blood test' to detect cancer - 22:30

Why red wine can be healthy: Probable mechanism underlying resveratrol activity uncovered - 21:30

Google Earth ocean terrain receives major update - 21:30

New RNA-based therapeutic strategies for controlling gene expression - 18:30

Coffee consumption reduces fibrosis risk in those with fatty liver disease, study suggests - 17:30

DNA test that identifies Down syndrome in pregnancy can also detect trisomy 18 and trisomy 13 - 17:30

Football findings suggest concussions caused by series of hits - 17:30

Hubble zooms in on a magnified galaxy - 16:31

Castaway lizards provide insight into elusive evolutionary process, founder effects - 16:31

New super-Earth 'best candidate to support liquid water and, perhaps, life as we know it' - 16:31

Unraveling a butterfly's aerial antics could help builders of bug-size flying robots - 16:31

Untangling the mysteries of Alzheimer's - 16:31

Potatoes lower blood pressure in people with obesity and hypertension without increasing weight - 15:30

Same genes linked to early- and late-onset Alzheimer's - 15:30

Rearranging the cell's skeleton - 15:30

Young children exposed to anesthesia multiple times show elevated rates of ADHD - 15:30

Anemia may more than triple your risk of dying after a stroke - 15:30

Erratic heart rhythm may account for some unexplained strokes - 15:30

Sickle cell anemia stroke prevention efforts may have decreased racial disparities - 15:30

Does Borna disease virus cause mental illness? - 14:30

Breakthrough in understanding ultrafast magnetism - 14:30