Science Daily

Friday the 1st of October 2010

No difference found in drugs for macular degeneration - 11:28

Colonoscopies: Boston Bowel Preparation Scale validated - 11:28

Real partners are no match for ideal mate, study finds - 11:28

Could genetically altered trees, plants help counter global warming? - 11:28

Flow of empty calories into children's food supply must be reduced, experts urge - 11:28

New way to view atomic motion of proteins invented - 11:28

Genetic changes that make some forms of brain cancer more aggressive identified - 11:28

How warm was this summer? - 11:28

Women who get dental care have lower risk of heart disease, says study - 11:28

Language delays found in siblings of children with autism - 11:28

Method to detect bladder cancer earlier is under development - 11:28

How HRT and the Pill can lead to breast cancer: New research suggests possible treatment - 11:28

Increases in 5-, 10-year survival at every stage of breast cancer - 11:28

Language barriers may play role in health care disparities, study finds - 01:21

'e-SMART' technologies may help young adults self-manage mental illness - 01:21

Growing drought-resistant plants: Research could offer alternative to genetically-engineered crops to combat global food shortages - 00:14

Varying CRP levels in ethnic groups may affect statin eligibility, heart risk prediction - 00:14

Mars Rover Opportunity approaching possible meteorite - 00:14

Increased risk of other cancers for relatives of women with early onset breast cancer - 00:14

Alcohol consumers are becoming the norm in U.S., analysis finds - 00:14

No evidence for Clovis comet catastrophe, archaeologists say - 00:14

After traumatic event, early intervention reduces odds of PTSD in children by 73 percent - 00:14

Novel test following prostate surgery could detect cancer recurrence earlier - 00:14

First genetic evidence for loss of teeth in the common ancestor of baleen whales - 00:14

Finding a buckyball in a photovoltaic cell - 00:14

MicroRNA panel provides a more precise lung cancer diagnosis - 00:14

Spring on Titan brings sunshine and patchy clouds - 00:14

Dinosaurs significantly taller than previously thought - 00:14

Simple approach could clean up oil remaining from Exxon Valdez spill - 00:14

Garlic oil shows protective effect against heart disease in diabetes - 00:14

Thursday the 30th of September 2010

New 'standard cigarette' available for fire-resistance testing - 18:14

Epigenomics discovery yields new information about fat cells - 18:14

A downside to work flexibility? - 18:14

Offshore San Andreas Fault and associated ecosystems mapped - 16:21

Underwater robot swims free thanks to wireless controller - 16:21

Plants that move: How a New Zealand species disperses seeds in a high alpine, wet environment - 16:21

Women's study finds longevity means getting just enough sleep - 16:21

IBEX finds surprising changes at solar boundary - 16:21

TV viewing likely to make you feel dissatisfied and fear illness, researcher warns - 16:21

Impending death for paper coupons? - 16:21

Research examines vicious cycle of overeating and obesity - 16:21

Varieties of tea leaves identified using neural networks - 15:14

Genetic alteration linked with human male infertility - 15:14

Microbes engineered for low-cost production of anti-cancer drug, Taxol - 15:14

Key nutrient found to prevent cataracts in salmon - 15:14

Catalyst sandwich: Synthetic PCR mimic could lead to highly sensitive medical, environmental diagnostics - 15:14

Testing African couples for HIV is cost-effective prevention strategy - 15:14

Mutations in the gene SCARF2 responsible for Van Den Ende-Gupta syndrome, study suggests - 15:14

Key leukemia defense mechanism discovered - 15:14

Turning waste heat into power - 15:14