Science Daily

Tuesday the 24th of May 2011

Study finds widening gap between distracted driving and legislation - 16:30

Population genetics reveals shared ancestries: DNA links modern Europeans, Middle Easterners to Sub-Saharan Africans - 16:30

New protein linked to Alzheimer's disease - 16:30

Why people with schizophrenia may have trouble reading social cues - 16:30

Heart failure risk lower in women who often eat baked/broiled fish - 16:30

Injection therapy for sudden hearing loss disorder may be suitable alternative to oral steroids - 16:30

Higher levels of primary care physicians in area associated with favorable outcomes for patients - 16:30

New-onset atrial fibrillation in initially healthy women may increase risk of premature death - 16:30

Certain biomarkers appear to increase risk of death for elderly patients with heart failure symptoms - 16:30

How to learn a star's true age - 16:30

New made-in-Canada therapy for bladder cancer shows promising results - 16:30

Beyond the barn: Keeping dairy cows outside is good for the outdoors - 15:30

Brisk walking may help men with prostate cancer, study finds - 15:30

Mathematically ranking ranking methods - 15:30

Kepler's astounding haul of multiple-planet systems - 15:30

Bipolar disorder: Mind-body connection suggests new directions for treatment, research - 13:30

Nearby supernova factory ramps up - 12:30

PET scans predict effectiveness of treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in HIV patients - 12:30

Common fire retardant harmful to aquatic life - 12:30

Sardines and horse mackerel identified using forensic techniques - 12:30

Teaching algae to make fuel: New process could lead to production of hydrogen using bioengineered microorganisms - 12:30

No health card means no family doctor for many homeless people in Ontario - 12:30

A new system increases network communication security and anonymity - 11:30

False infomation can enter diabetic patients electronic records due to reliance on copying and pasting, study suggests - 11:30

Happy guys finish last, says new study on sexual attractiveness - 10:30

New way to analyze a bloody crime scene: Chicken wing sauce and trigonometry brought to bear on CSI enigma - 10:30

Improving health assessments with a single cell: Portable microchip for immune monitoring and clinical applications - 10:30

Universe's not-so-missing mass - 10:30

What makes an image memorable? - 10:30

Simple method of dealing with harmful radioactive iodine discovered - 10:30

Two Greenland glaciers lose enough ice to fill Lake Erie - 10:30

Protein breakdown contributes to pelvic organ prolapse - 09:30

Violence doesn't add to children's enjoyment of TV shows, movies - 09:30

Unusual earthquake gave Japan tsunami extra punch, say scientists - 09:30

Seeing an atomic thickness - 09:30

Better scheduling of admissions can reduce crowding at children's hospitals - 08:30

New beamline allows researchers to study variety of materials with a resolution of a few nanometers - 08:30

Easy to steal cargo from transport networks, research suggests - 08:30

Cultured men are happier and healthier, study finds - 07:31

Surge in parents taking kids with common medical problems to emergency care, UK study finds - 07:31

Most children with head injuries are seen in hospitals not equipped to treat them, UK study finds - 07:30

Monday the 23rd of May 2011

Mushroom compound suppresses prostate tumors - 20:30

Risk of newborn death cut in half when pregancy lasts 39 weeks, new research finds - 18:30

Information overload in drug side effect labeling - 18:30

Poorer reading skills following changed computer habits of children - 18:30

Eggs, butter, milk: Memory is not just a shopping list - 18:30

Mediterranean Sea invaded by hundreds of alien species - 18:30

Hubble views the star that changed the universe - 18:30

Weight gain between first and second pregnancies increases woman's gestational diabetes risk, study finds - 18:30

Love matters: Internet hookups for men don't always mean unsafe sex, study suggests - 17:30