Science Daily

Friday the 16th of November 2012

Fear of the dentist is passed on to children by their parents - 11:00

Beating the dark side of quantum computing - 11:00

Melt water on Mars could sustain life, new research suggests - 11:00

Study reveals insights that could aid in therapeutic use of mesenchymal stem cells - 10:01

Fetus suffers when mother lacks vitamin C - 10:01

Clues to cause of kids' brain tumors - 10:00

Study shows different approach after progression in non-small cell lung cancer patients - 09:30

Transporting hypothermia victims to advanced heart and lung care facilities 'worth the trip' - 09:30

Medical vital-sign monitoring reduced to the size of a postage stamp - 09:30

Video-article shows how to purify magnetic bacteria - 09:30

Location, location, location: Membrane 'residence' gives proteases novel abilities - 09:30

Arthritis study reveals why gender bias is all in the genes - 09:01

At least one-third of marine species remain undescribed - 00:30

Saving salmon from deadly sea lice - 00:30

Tapping into carbon dioxide storage potential of mine waste - 00:00

Pushing boundaries of electron microscopy to unlock the potential of graphene - 00:00

Thursday the 15th of November 2012

Streams show signs of degradation at earliest stages of urban development - 23:31

Umbilical cord cells outperform bone marrow cells in repairing damaged hearts - 23:31

'Cloning' could make structurally pure nanotubes for nanoelectronics - 23:31

Carbon nanotubes may protect DNA from oxidation - 23:31

Chronic fatigue syndrome: System under stress - 23:31

Optical microscopes lend a hand to graphene research - 23:31

Tracking brain gene response to territorial aggression - 23:00

USA's ancient hurricane belt and the US-Canada equator - 22:30

Uncommon features of Einstein's brain might explain his remarkable cognitive abilities - 22:30

Preterm birth may be prevented with a few proven treatments, experts say - 22:00

Wax-filled nanotech yarn behaves like powerful, super-strong muscle - 21:00

Bioprinting has promising future: Scientists building structures for cells to grow on, in order to regenerate tissue - 21:00

Physicists skirt thermal vibration, transfer optical signal via mechanical oscillator - 21:00

Large-scale genomic testing feasible, impacts therapy - 20:31

Bone metastases treatment can improve overall survival - 20:31

Searching for elusive dark matter material - 20:31

Using skills gleaned from video games, high school and college students outmatch medical residents in surgical simulations - 20:31

Four family cultures of America identified - 20:31

Parkinson's disease protein causes disease spread and neuron death in healthy animals - 20:31

Classroom entrepreneurs almost twice as likely to run own business, study suggests - 20:31

Low levels of donor-specific antibodies increase risks for transplant recipients - 20:31

Quick test speeds search for Alzheimer's drugs: Compound restores motor function and longevity to fruit flies - 20:00

Vitamin D deficiency linked to type 1 diabetes - 20:00

Probiotic worm treatment may improve symptoms of colitis by restoring gut bacteria to healthy state - 20:00

A tenth of quirky creature's active genes are foreign: Believed to 'ingest' DNA from other simple organisms - 20:00

Letter from doctor boosts cholesterol medication use - 20:00

Innovative sobriety project reduces DUI and domestic violence arrests, study finds - 20:00

Class of RNA molecules protects germ cells from damage - 20:00

This is your brain on freestyle rap: Study reveals characteristic brain patterns of lyrical improvisation - 19:30

Electrical engineer turns brain implant research into products - 17:30

Arginine and proline enriched diet may speed wound healing in diabetes - 17:30

Survival rates improve for in-hospital cardiac arrest - 17:30

New injectable gels toughen up after entering the body - 17:30

Scientists improve dating of early human settlement - 17:30