Science Daily

Tuesday the 15th of February 2011

NASA releases images of human-made crater on comet - 21:40

Native Hawaiians at higher risk of hemorrhagic stroke at younger age, study finds - 20:20

Why problem drinking during adolescence is never a 'phase' - 20:20

Density of neighborhood liquor stores is especially risky for African-Americans who drink, study finds - 20:20

Alcohol's disruptive effects on sleep may be more pronounced among women - 20:20

How genetic variations in neuroactive steroid-producing enzymes may influence drinking habits - 20:20

Many consumers believe 36 months is longer than 3 years - 19:30

Worldwide sulfur emissions rose between 2000-2005, after decade of decline - 19:30

Gene that regulates immune system linked to preeclampsia - 19:30

Hearing loss associated with development of dementia - 19:30

Molecular link between reproduction in yeast and humans - 19:30

Astronomers identify thick disc of older stars in nearby Andromeda galaxy - 17:30

Obesity and knee osteoarthritis shorten healthy years of life - 16:30

Peer support offers promise for reducing depression symptoms - 16:30

One third of us have tried dating websites with middle-aged suitors using them most - 16:30

If greenhouse gas emissions stopped now, Earth would still likely get warmer, new research shows - 16:30

Techniques to manipulate plant adaption in arid climates developed - 16:30

Obese women may be less likely to develop glaucoma - 16:30

Milestone in path to large-scale quantum computing reached: New level of quantum control of light - 16:30

Rising seas will affect major US coastal cities by 2100, new research finds - 16:30

You are what you app: Choice of smartphone applications define your computing style - 15:30

Active harpy eagle nest found in Maya Mountains of Belize - 15:30

Mystery about recognition of unfolded proteins solved: The lock shapes the key - 14:30

New malaria vaccine depends on … mosquito bites? - 14:30

Uncovering the genome secrets of the Blackleg fungus - 13:30

How do women fend off domestic violence? - 13:30

Using chlorhexidine gluconate baths to reduce hospital-acquired infections - 13:30

Reconfigurable supercomputing outperforms rivals in important science applications - 13:30

Atomic model of tropomyosin bound to actin - 13:30

Sentries in the garden shed: Plants that can detect environmental contaminants, explosives - 13:30

Got a goal? A helpful partner isn't always helpful - 13:30

Getting cars onto the road faster - 12:31

Clinical trial for treatment of breast cancer using CyberKnife launched - 12:31

'Mashup' technologies: Better contact with public authorities - 12:31

Study compares balanced propofol sedation with conventional sedation for therapeutic GI endoscopic procedures - 12:31

Device enables remote explosion of improvised land mines - 12:31

New way to estimate global rainfall and track ocean pollution - 12:31

Two new plants discovered in Spain - 12:31

Science alone does not establish source of anthrax used in 2001 mailings, report finds - 12:31

Genetic evidence that antioxidants can help treat cancer - 12:30

'Healthy' patients at high risk of cardiac death identified - 12:30

Calorie labeling has no effect on teenagers' or parents' food purchases, study finds - 11:31

US Secret Service moves tiny town to virtual tiny town: Teaching Secret Service agents and officers how to prepare a site security plan - 11:31

New probe of proton spin structure: How quarks of different flavors contribute to spin - 11:31

Good diets fight bad Alzheimer's genes: Diets high in fish oil have a beneficial effect in patients at risk, researcher says - 11:31

Breast cancer screening with MRI benefits women with radiation therapy history - 09:30

Updated heart disease prevention guidelines for women focus more on 'real-world' recommendations - 09:30

New study finds no cognitive impairment among ecstasy users - 09:30

Poor sleep quality is associated with greater disability in rheumatoid arthritis patients - 09:30

Wireless device helps athletes get the most out of exercise - 09:30