Science Daily

Monday the 7th of January 2013

A mathematical study of the famous Dirac equation that describes particles - 10:31

Pollen exposure during pregnancy affects child's risk of early asthma, study finds - 10:31

Out of sight, out of mind? How the brain codes its surroundings beyond the field of view - 10:31

Fifteen new planets hint at 'traffic jam' of moons in habitable zone - 10:31

Counting the cost of mercury pollution - 10:00

New antimatter trapping method to provide 'a major experimental advantage' - 10:00

Genetic link between epilepsy and migraine - 10:00

Human genes influence gut microbial composition, study suggests - 09:30

Folk remedies often offered during breastfeeding, survey finds - 09:01

Physical education requirement at four-year universities at all-time low - 09:01

Cancer Genome Institute at Fox Chase among first to offer clinical blueprint of cancer genes - 09:01

Ovarian cancer stem cell study puts targeted therapies within reach - 09:01

How the kilogram has put on weight - 08:30

Specific protein essential for healthy eyes described - 00:00

Important factor in fat storage and energy metabolism - 00:00

Genetic mystery of Behcet's disease unfolds along the ancient Silk Road - 00:00

Sunday the 6th of January 2013

Most-used diabetes drug works in different way than previously thought - 23:00

From the Amazon rainforest to human body cells: Quantifying stability - 23:00

Future sea level rise from melting ice sheets may be substantially greater than IPCC estimates - 16:00

The pain puzzle: Uncovering how morphine increases pain in some people - 16:00

Astrophysicists find wide binary stars wreak havoc in planetary systems - 16:00

Ordinary glass's extraordinary properties revealed - 15:30

Long-sought structure of protein necessary for cell-to-cell interaction described - 15:30

New phase in reading photons - 15:30

Saturday the 5th of January 2013

Mars rover Curiosity explores 'Yellowknife Bay' - 00:30

Friday the 4th of January 2013

Jumping droplets help heat transfer - 22:00

Waterfall-climbing fish use same mechanism to climb waterfalls and eat algae - 21:00

Photosynthesis: The last link in the chain - 17:30

Induction of adult cortical neurogenesis by an antidepressant - 17:00

How prostate cancer therapies compare by cost and effectiveness - 17:00

Consumers judge their risk of catching an illness by the cost of the cure - 17:00

Under the weather, literally: More rainfall and bigger storms may lead to more stomach upsets - 17:00

Drainage ditches can help clean up field runoff - 17:00

When will genomic research translate into clinical care - and at what cost? New study applies quantitative modeling to genomics - 17:00

Outsourced radiologists perform better reading for fewer hospitals - 17:00

Computer scientists find vulnerabilities in Cisco VoIP phones - 16:30

New way to study permafrost soil, above and below ground - 16:30

Gene therapy reprograms scar tissue in damaged hearts into healthy heart muscle - 16:30

Long-term consequences for those suffering traumatic brain injury - 16:30

Research shows using text, color makes food labels easier to understand - 16:01

Waste removal in worms reveals new mechanism to regulate calcium signaling - 16:01

Why good resolutions about taking up a physical activity can be hard to keep - 16:01

Basic math skills linked to PSAT math success - 16:01

Rainfall, brain infection linked in sub-Saharan Africa - 16:01

Researchers seek longer battery life for electric locomotive - 16:01

Physicians call for change in cancer tissue handling - 15:30

Pronunciation of 's' sounds impacts perception of gender, researcher finds - 15:30

Pioneering research on Type 2 diabetes - 15:30

Shifting the balance between good fat and bad fat - 15:30

A temperature below absolute zero - 15:00