Science Daily

Monday the 15th of July 2013

In children with fever, researchers distinguish bacterial from viral infections - 16:00

Fiji's largest marine reserve swarming with sharks - 15:30

Comprehensive list of gene variants developed for cancer cells from nine tissue types - 15:30

Computer smart as a 4-year-old - 15:00

Bilingual children have a two-tracked mind - 15:00

CSI-style DNA fingerprinting tracks down cause of cancer spread - 15:00

Chemical compound shows promise as alternative to opioid pain relievers - 15:00

Common autism supplement affects endocrine system - 15:00

Share robotic frogs help turn a boring mating call into a serenade - 14:30

Great exaptations: Most traits emerge for no crucial reason - 14:30

Educators explore innovative theater as a way to learn physics - 14:30

Distorted GPS signals reveal hurricane wind speeds - 14:30

Lunar cycle affects cardiac patients undergoing acute aortic dissection: Waning and full moon cycles impact length of stay, mortality - 14:30

Physicists offer novel insight into experimental cancer treatment - 14:00

Nesting Gulf of Mexico loggerhead turtles face offshore risks - 14:00

Scientists construct visual of intracellular 'zip code' signaling linked to learning, memory - 14:00

Hubble finds new Neptune moon: Smallest known moon in the Neptunian system - 12:30

Taking the 'random' out of a random laser - 11:00

Black-legged ticks linked to encephalitis in New York state - 11:00

Attractive and successful: In bonobos, attractive females are more likely to win conflicts against males - 11:00

Free market is best way to combat climate change, study suggests - 11:00

Is workplace flexibility failing to give parents time with their children? - 11:00

How to keep kids engaged with educational games - 11:00

Brain discovery could help schizophrenics - 11:00

New form of carbon: Grossly warped 'nanographene' - 10:30

Biochemists uphold law of physics - 10:00

Surprise finding reveals how adaptive our immune systems can be - 09:30

The universe or the brain: Where does math originate? - 07:00

Smallest puzzle in the world - 07:00

New retroviruses found in polar bear 'Knut' and panda 'Bao Bao' - 07:00

Very preterm babies show bonding difficulties despite parental sensitivity - 06:30

Phytoplankton social mixers: Tiny ocean plants use turbulence for travel to social gatherings - 06:30

Early spatial reasoning predicts later creativity and innovation, especially in STEM fields - 06:30

Sunday the 14th of July 2013

Strong pregnancy outcomes for survivors of childhood cancer - 22:00

Proteins involved in immunity potentially cause cancer - 21:30

Drug candidate leads to improved endurance - 21:30

Imaging electron pairing in a simple magnetic superconductor - 21:30

Some volcanoes 'scream' at ever-higher pitches until they blow their tops - 20:00

DNA flaws may contribute to cancer risk in people with type 2 diabetes - 20:00

Kill-switch controls immune-suppressing cells, scientists discover - 19:30

Sexual reproduction only second choice for powdery mildew - 19:30

Undiagnosed pre-diabetes highly prevalent in early Alzheimer's disease study - 19:30

Boldly illuminating biology's 'dark matter' - 18:30

Is the ice in Greenland in growing decline? Accelerated loss of ice mass could be 'ice shield weather' - 18:00

Is the Ice in Greenland in Growing Decline? Continuous satellite monitoring of ice sheets needed to better predict sea-level rise - 18:00

Antiviral enzyme contributes to several forms of cancer - 18:00

Scientists solve a 14,000-year-old ocean mystery - 18:00

Artificial cells to study molecular crowding and gene expression created - 17:30

Key step in molecular 'dance' that duplicates DNA deciphered - 15:30

New theory uncovers cancer's deep evolutionary roots - 08:00