Science Daily

Friday the 24th of June 2011

Life expectancy for those with Type 1 diabetes improving - 22:30

Unique lab seeks drought-tolerant traits in cotton, other plants - 22:30

Mechanics of speciation: Model examines factors that contribute to emergence of new species - 16:30

Northern Eurasian snowpack could be a predictor of winter weather in US, team from UGA reports - 16:30

Optical circuit enables new approach to quantum technologies - 14:31

More than 300 new species discovered in the Philippines - 14:31

Heart valve replacement without opening the chest gives new option for non-operable patients - 14:31

200,000 patients treated for cardiac arrest annually in US hospitals, study shows - 14:31

Deep history of coconuts decoded: Origins of cultivation, ancient trade routes, and colonization of the Americas - 14:30

Lithium profoundly prevents brain damage associated with Parkinson's disease, mouse study suggests - 13:30

'Quantum magic' without any 'spooky action at a distance' - 13:30

Ancient species of mayfly had short, tragic life - 13:30

Oxytocin promises hope in Prader-Willi syndrome, research suggests - 12:30

Mantis shrimp eye could improve high-definition CDs, DVDs - 11:31

Astronomers reach for the stars to discover new cancer therapy - 11:31

Newspaper archives help to understand coastal flooding along the South of England - 09:30

Humpback whales catch prey with bubble-nets - 09:30

Pollinators make critical contribution to healthy diets - 09:30

Thursday the 23rd of June 2011

Drug side effect linked with increased health risks for over 65s, study finds - 19:30

Ovenbirds eavesdrop on chipmunks to protect nests - 19:30

'Motivational' interviews reduce depression, increase survival after stroke, study finds - 18:30

How the body learns to make accurate movements: In motor learning, it's actions -- not intentions -- that count - 18:30

Model of a migraine indicates increased neuronal excitability as a possible cause - 18:30

Slow growth of childhood brain tumors linked to genetic process seen in skin moles - 18:30

Study of phytoremediation benefits of 86 indoor plants published; Japanese royal fern tops list for formaldehyde removal effectiveness - 18:30

New and old threats to soybean production - 18:30

Landscape coefficients prove useful for urban water conservation efforts; New strategies provide important irrigation information, promote water savings - 18:30

Solar wind samples give insight into birth of solar system - 17:30

A step toward controlling Huntington's disease? Potential new way of blocking activity of gene that causes HD - 17:30

To fix diabetic nerve damage, blood vessels and support cells may be the real targets of treatment - 17:30

Dairy manure goes urban: Organic compost improves soil, enhances ornamental plants in residential landscapes - 17:30

Competition between brain cells spurs memory circuit development - 16:30

Birds 'flap run' instead if flying over obstacles to save energy - 16:30

Large numbers of birth defects seen near mountaintop mining operations - 16:30

Leftover embryonic cells connect gastric reflux and cancer - 16:30

Mechanism for stress-induced epigenetic inheritance uncovered in new study - 16:30

Discovering lost salmon at sea - 16:30

Ghrelin likely involved in why we choose 'comfort foods' when stressed - 16:30

Sepsis: Leaking blood vessels may be cause of infection-spreading condition, researchers suggest - 16:30

In search of the memory molecule, researchers discover key protein complex - 16:30

Genes at the flick of a light switch: Human cells fitted with synthetic signaling cascade - 16:30

Barrett’s esophagus, often a precursor to esophageal cancer, results from residual, embryonic cells - 16:30

Long-term inhaled corticosteroid use increases fracture risk in lung disease patients, study finds - 16:30

Hereditary colon cancer syndrome marked by abnormally dense blood vessel growth in mouth - 16:30

Toxic compounds in groundwater: Degrading vinyl chloride under anaerobic conditions - 15:31

Physicists observe 'campfire effect' in blinking nanorod semiconductors - 15:31

Breaking the chain: 'Molecular cap' blocks processes that lead to Alzheimer's, HIV - 15:31

Cautionary tale for people with diabetes: Dog consumed part of a sleeping patient's toe - 15:31

Chemist solves riddle of killer diseases - 15:31

Language tests being misused, UK study suggests - 15:31