Science Daily

Tuesday the 18th of January 2011

Youth adapt faster than seniors to unexpected events, study finds - 12:41

Findings on pollution damage to human airways could yield new therapies - 11:38

Sex, race, and geography influence health outcomes following primary HIV infection - 11:38

Surgeons, CCTV & TV football gain from new video technology that banishes shadows and flare - 11:38

Nanotech medicine to rebuild damaged parts of a human body? - 11:38

Are sharks color blind? - 11:38

Breakthrough for more efficient drug development - 11:38

Telomere length as an indicator of life expectancy for the southern giant petrel - 11:38

How protein aggregation can lead to neurodegenerative diseases - 11:38

ESA’s Mercury mapper feels the heat - 11:38

A different path to fat-related heart disease - 11:38

Scientists identify avoidable breast cancer risk factors - 11:38

New research examines how HIV infections occur on the molecular level - 11:37

Korean researchers reveal new sea defense model - 11:36

Antioxidants cause fertility problems in females, scientists discover - 11:36

Big city life may alter green attitudes - 10:33

Nursing home closures clustered in poor, minority areas - 00:31

Off-the-shelf electronics turn up gain on spectroscopy - 00:31

Wild salmon decline was not caused by sea lice from farm salmon, new research suggests - 00:31

Secondary students should be required to receive CPR training, experts advise - 00:30

Mechanisms of juvenile hormone action in insects could help fine tune pesticides - 00:30

New molecular imaging technologies for detecting cellular processes - 00:30

Ginger is key ingredient in recipe for conserving stag beetles - 00:30

Monday the 17th of January 2011

Health care reform can help align preventive care recommendations with Medicare coverage, experts say - 21:30

Heart failure patients twice as likely to die if admitted to general wards - 21:30

Smoking accounts for up to 60 percent of gender gap in deaths across Europe, research finds - 21:30

Australian birds attract mates with 'scary movie effect' - 21:30

Sleep evaluation may help identify kids at risk for respiratory complications after tonsil surgery - 19:30

Magnetically controlled pill could boost body's absorption of drugs - 19:30

Kidney gene implicated in increased heart failure risk - 19:30

Plasma exchange effective in treating severe MS relapses, neuropathies, new guideline recommends - 17:20

Patients using warfarin have higher risk of death after trauma, study finds - 17:20

Many vulnerable patients have poor access to trauma care, study finds - 17:20

Few surgeons seek help for suicidal thoughts, study finds - 17:20

Follow-up program helps detect melanoma earlier in high-risk patients - 17:20

Clinicians cite time, patient embarrassment as barriers to performing skin cancer exams - 17:20

Minimally invasive technique appears helpful to reanimate facial paralysis - 17:20

Silicon microdevices show promise for detecting metastatic breast cancer cells - 17:20

Transforming skin cells into cartilage - 17:20

Alzheimer's plaques lead to loss of nitric oxide in brain - 17:20

ARkStorm: California’s other 'Big One' - 15:33

Haiti dominates earthquake fatalities in 2010 - 15:33

Common antibiotics and blood pressure medication may result in hospitalization - 15:33

High birth weight in First Nations babies linked to a higher risk of postneonatal death - 15:30

Massive endocytosis in cells - 15:30

Targeting nicotine receptors to treat cognitive impairments in schizophrenia - 15:30

CT helps identify bullet trajectories - 15:30

First genetic test for predicting IVF success - 15:30

Chandra images torrent of star formation - 15:30

The need for conservation of Asiatic cheetahs - 12:31