Science Daily

Thursday the 19th of December 2013

With surgical robot, similar outcomes higher cost - 15:00

Awareness of Jolie’s preventive mastectomy not linked to greater knowledge of breast cancer risk - 15:00

Congenital heart disease causes hypoglycaemia - 15:00

DNA clamp to grab cancer before it develops - 15:00

Nutrition influences metabolism through circadian rhythms, study finds - 15:00

With sinus study, harmless members of microbiome spark immune reaction - 15:00

Electron 'antenna' tunes in to physics beyond Higgs - 15:00

Electron's shapeliness throws a curve at supersymmetry - 15:00

A new -- and reversible -- cause of aging: A naturally produced compound rewinds aspects of age-related demise in mice - 14:30

Research linking autism symptoms to gut microbes called 'groundbreaking' - 14:30

Vitamin testing in babies using tears - 14:01

Improving pollen forecasting for better quality of life for allergy sufferers - 14:01

Long-acting reversible contraception in the context of full access, full choice - 14:01

Management of atrial fibrillation still suboptimal in Europe - 14:01

First cancer operation room with navigator is created - 14:01

Monthly appointments with pharmacists improve medication adherence - 14:01

Chewing gum is often culprit for migraine headaches in teens - 14:01

Mathematical perspective of seasonal variations in Lyme disease transmission - 14:01

Healthier happy meals - 14:01

Brain connections may explain why girls mature faster - 14:01

Is higher dose flu vaccine is more effective for nursing home residents? - 13:30

Diet rich in tomatoes may lower breast cancer risk - 13:30

Sure it's white now, but what about Christmas? - 13:30

H1N1-triggered narcolepsy may stem from 'molecular mimicry' - 13:30

Stress reaction gene linked to death, heart attacks - 13:30

Obese children have higher stress hormone levels than normal weight peers - 13:00

Contraception program effectively manages bison population - 13:00

Brain area attacked by Alzheimer's links learning, rewards - 12:01

Immune avoidance mechanism could lead to treatments for deadly mosquito-borne viruses - 12:01

Researchers identify genetic marker of resistance to key malaria drug - 12:01

Small talk skills improve with practice - 12:01

Big data project reveals where carbon-stocking projects in Africa provide greatest benefits - 11:00

World's first text message using vodka: Messages sent via molecules can aid communication underground, underwater or inside the body - 10:30

Availability of food increases as countries' dependence on food trade grows - 10:30

Robotic grasp: Robot picks up castors as fast as blueberries - 10:30

Soccer players not running for their money - 10:30

Lonely this Christmas? Hire an 18th century hermit - 10:30

New magnetic behaviour in nanoparticles could lead to even smaller digital memories - 10:30

Lemur babies of older moms less likely to get hurt - 10:30

Biomechanics of how marine snail larvae swim - 10:30

Wednesday the 18th of December 2013

Silencing synapses to deal with addictions - 22:30

Computer-controlled table could direct radiotherapy to tumors while sparing vital organs - 22:30

HPV home tests could identify cancer risk - 22:30

Different parents, different children: bladder cancers arise from different stem cells - 22:00

Debate continues on impact of artificial sweeteners - 22:00

Scientists provide new insights into cause of human neurodegenerative disease - 22:00

Freezing semen doubles chances of fatherhood for men after treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma - 22:00

3D technology from film industry improves rehab for stroke patients - 22:00

Vemurafenib: Result unchanged despite new data - 22:00

Scientists reduce protein crystal damage, improve pharmaceutical development - 22:00