Science Daily

Thursday the 16th of December 2010

Light dawns on dark gamma-ray bursts - 10:23

Synthetic biology: U.S. Bioethics Commission calls for enhanced federal oversight - 10:23

Compact brilliant laser light sources developed - 10:23

Automated and robust traffic surveillance system for Europe - 10:23

The birth of time: Quantum loops describe the evolution of the Universe - 10:22

Alcoholics beware: Genetic variation linked to liver cirrhosis in Caucasians - 08:20

Wednesday the 15th of December 2010

Close proximity of authors leads to better science - 21:30

Heart disease, stroke deaths continue to fall but costs remain high - 21:30

NASA's Odyssey spacecraft sets exploration record on Mars - 21:30

SIDS spikes on New Year's Day - 21:30

MDMA (ecstasy): Empathogen or love potion? - 21:30

Vitamin D and parathyroid hormone levels may not affect cardiovascular mortality - 21:30

Study improves understanding of method for creating multi-metal nanoparticles - 21:30

Sticking to dietary recommendations would save 33,000 lives a year in the UK - 21:30

Submerging your feet in alcohol will not get you drunk - 21:30

NASA scientific balloons to return to flight - 21:30

Link between cholesterol compound and multiple sclerosis unlikely, researchers say - 21:30

Dolphin by-catch includes genetic relatives - 21:30

Sleep experts warn Santa Claus of health risks of flying all night - 21:30

Seaweed as biofuel? Metabolic engineering makes it a viable option - 21:30

New combo lung cancer therapy improves survival over single-line treatment - 21:30

Ventilation changes could double number of lungs available for transplant - 21:30

The key to being attractive (and looking healthy)? A good night's sleep - 21:30

Earthworms absorb discarded copper nanomaterials present in soil - 21:30

Opportunity leads to promiscuity among squirrels, study finds - 21:30

Hot plasma explosions inflate Saturn's magnetic field - 21:30

Preteen conduct problems lead to teenage serious violence and delinquency, study suggests - 19:20

Epstein-Barr: Scientists decode secrets of a very common virus that can cause cancer - 19:20

Staph bacteria: Blood-sucking superbug prefers taste of humans - 16:30

Feast, famine and the genetics of obesity: You can't have it both ways - 16:30

Where unconscious memories form - 16:30

How hard are we pushing the land? Plant consumption rising significantly as population grows and economies develop - 16:30

Meteorite just one piece of an unknown celestial body - 16:30

Fabric softener sheets repel gnats: Scientists prove Bounce sheets fend off insect pests - 16:30

Compound derived from curry spice is neuroprotective against stroke and traumatic brain injury - 16:30

Elevated zinc concentrations in Colorado waterway likely a result of climate change - 15:30

Polar bears still on thin ice, but cutting greenhouse gases now can avert extinction, experts say - 15:30

Soft substrate promotes pluripotent stem cell culture - 15:30

Warning lights mark shellfish that aren't safe to eat - 15:30

New method for making tiny catalysts holds promise for air quality - 15:30

Delay driving after foot or ankle surgery, experts urge - 15:30

Concussed high school athletes who receive neuropsychological testing sidelined longer - 15:30

Multitude of genetic regions key to embryonic stem cell development identified - 15:30

New discoveries make it harder for HIV to hide from drugs - 15:30

Atomic weights of 10 elements on periodic table about to make an historic change - 14:30

Sardine Run: Headlong race for survival of the species - 13:30

Faster and more reliable ovarian cancer diagnosis - 13:30

Earthshaking possibilities may limit underground storage of carbon dioxide - 13:30

IBEX makes first images of magnetotail structures, dynamic interactions occurring in space - 13:30

Robot arm improves performance of brain-controlled device - 13:30