Science Daily

Wednesday the 3rd of August 2011

Research links diet during pregnancy to breast cancer risk reduction in female offspring - 10:30

How ethnicity and inherited genes contribute to breast cancer risk -- best approaches to prevention and treatment - 10:30

Scientists identify what makes us feel 'bad' when we're sick, how to treat it - 10:30

IT solution to improve hospital workflow and schedules - 10:30

Ethanol-loving bacteria accelerate cracking of pipeline steels - 10:30

Novel coatings show great promise as flame retardants in polyurethane foam - 10:30

Armchair science: DNA strands that select nanotubes are first step to a practical 'quantum wire' - 10:30

Researchers create a successful scheduling method for umpires in Major League Baseball - 10:30

Breeding crops with deeper roots could 'slash CO2 levels' - 09:30

Ninety-six star clusters discovered hidden behind dust of Milky Way - 09:30

Combination of existing safety checks could greatly reduce radiotherapy errors, study suggests - 09:30

Scientists find way to identify synthetic biofuels in atmosphere - 09:30

Quick, low-cost tests can accurately identify childhood developmental delays, study shows - 09:30

25 percent of Ontarians hospitalized for depression required ER visit or readmission within 30 days - 09:30

Plant biologists dissect genetic mechanism enabling plants to overcome environmental challenge - 09:30

Stray-bullet shootings most often harm women and individuals at low-risk for violence, study finds - 09:30

Simulated atmosphere research to help NASA interpret data from Juno mission to Jupiter - 09:30

Tuesday the 2nd of August 2011

Combo therapies tested to overcome drug resistance in melanoma patients - 23:30

Drug may increase cognition for people with Down syndrome - 23:30

National policy change reduces racial disparity in kidney transplants - 23:30

Most would use genetic depression test results to reduce risky behavior, survey shows - 23:30

Juno to show Jupiter's magnetic field in high-def - 23:30

Heart attack survivors from poorer neighborhoods get less exercise - 22:30

Licence to smoke: Taking vitamin pills may undermine motivation to reduce smoking - 22:30

Menu labels in university canteens do not influence meal choices - 22:30

Disappearance of genetic material allows tumor cells to grow - 22:30

Mice point to a therapy for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease - 22:30

Success in treatment for kidney transplant patients - 22:30

TV time: Why children watch multi-screens - 22:30

Cooked green vegetables, dried fruit, legumes, and brown rice associated with fewer colon polyps - 21:30

Tropical frogs shedding light on human hearing and attention disorders - 21:30

Chinese-English bilinguals are 'automatic' translators - 21:30

New review clarifies the use of FRAX in clinical practice - 21:30

Adverse childhood could raise adult heart disease risk - 21:30

Use of antipsychotics for reducing military-related chronic PTSD symptoms does not appear effective - 21:30

Persons displaced by war at increased risk of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety - 21:30

Treatment intervention for former child soldiers in Uganda associated with reducing symptoms of PTSD - 21:30

Pathogen research inspires robotics design for medicine and military - 21:30

Gender-based violence associated with lifetime risk of mental illness and disability, research shows - 21:30

Evolutionary computation offers flexibility, insight - 21:30

One species of pathogen can produce two distinct biofilms - 21:30

How do you stop tasting? Protein inside taste cells turn off bitter taste - 21:30

Are pet owners healthier and happier? Maybe not… - 21:30

Researchers develop webcam tool to improve office worker posture - 21:30

First large study to find HIV epidemic among gays in the Middle East - 21:30

Researchers propose Internet consumer 'nutrition label' - 21:30

New antidepressants increase risks for elderly - 21:30

Academics 'guest authoring' ghostwritten medical journal articles should be charged with fraud, legal experts argue - 20:30

Cape Cod Bay holds hidden risk for dining North Atlantic right whales - 20:30

Research into eating disorders and fertility reveals mixed picture - 20:30