Science Daily

Wednesday the 21st of August 2013

Pulsars make a GPS for the cosmos - 09:00

'Zombie vortices' may be key step in star formation - 08:30

Alcohol abuse, eating disorders share genetic link - 08:30

Tuesday the 20th of August 2013

Ingredient in turmeric spice when combined with anti-nausea drug kills cancer cells - 19:00

Conditions most likely to kill encephalitis patients identified - 19:00

Stabilizing aircraft during takeoff and landing using math - 19:00

New skylight scoops up daylight, save energy - 19:00

Infection during newborn's first week of life associated with bacterial infection in the mother - 19:00

How sleep helps brain learn motor task - 18:30

First pre-clinical gene therapy study to reverse Rett symptoms - 18:30

Ancient cycads found to be pre-adapted to grow in groves - 18:30

New explanation for key step in anthrax infection proposed - 18:00

Study advances iris images as a long-term form of identification - 18:00

Gestational diabetes tied to seven-fold increase in sleep apnea risk - 16:00

Quantum algorithm could improve stealth fighter design - 16:00

How untying knots promotes cancer - 16:00

A new role for sodium in the brain - 15:30

Appetite hormone misfires in obese people - 15:30

New findings on how the ear hears could lead to better hearing aids - 15:30

Iron is at core of Alzheimer's disease, study suggests - 14:30

Social giving makes us happier - 14:30

3-D graphene: Solar cells' new platinum? - 14:30

Epic ocean voyages of coral larvae revealed - 14:00

'Groovy' hologram creates strange state of light - 13:30

Multiple genes manage how people taste sweeteners - 13:30

NEETs are prime suspects in breast cancer proliferation - 13:00

Unscrambling the genetics of the chicken's 'blue' egg - 12:00

Bacterial toxins cause deadly heart disease: Superantigens produced by staph bacteria are required for deadly effects of infective endocarditis and sepsis - 12:00

Biomarkers for possible blood test to predict suicide risk identified - 12:00

Möbius strip ties liquid crystal in knots to produce tomorrow's materials and photonic devices - 12:00

Dams destabilize river food webs: Lessons from the Grand Canyon - 12:00

Anthropologists study the genesis of reciprocity in food sharing - 12:00

How brain microcircuits integrate information from different senses - 11:30

Divers willingness to pay for biodiversity could help conservation efforts - 11:30

Traffic pollution and wood smoke increases asthma in adults - 11:00

Building better brain implants: The challenge of longevity - 10:30

Close look at drama of starbirth - 10:00

The Vikings were not the first colonizers of the Faroe Islands - 10:00

An organized approach to 3-D tissue engineering: Getting closer to viable organ implants - 09:30

Neurologists report unique form of musical hallucinations - 09:00

Free-floating planets may be born free - 08:00

Monday the 19th of August 2013

US depression treatment demonstrated effective for UK - 20:30

Novel Chinese herbal medicine JSK improves spinal cord injury outcomes in rats - 20:30

LSD and other psychedelics not linked with mental health problems - 20:00

Scientists relate urban population to air pollution - 20:00

'Street-view' comes to the world's coral reefs - 20:00

Earliest known iron artifacts come from outer space - 20:00

High-flying pilots at increased risk of brain lesions - 19:30

Recurrence risk for autism spectrum disorders examined for full, half siblings - 19:30

Microbial team turns corn stalks and leaves into better biofuel - 19:30