Science Daily

Tuesday the 26th of April 2011

Vitamin E or metformin may not be effective for treating liver disease in children and teens, study suggests - 16:30

Medication nonadherence patterns among children with epilepsy associated with socioeconomic status - 16:30

Low health literacy associated with higher rate of death among heart failure patients, study suggests - 16:30

Increase in evidence-based treatments followed by decreased risk of death in heart attack patients, study suggests - 16:30

Activation of biomarker linked with improved survival among obese patients with colorectal cancer - 16:30

Will minorities be left out of health care law provision? - 16:30

Men's and women's immune systems respond differently to PTSD - 16:30

Can Siberian hot springs reveal ancient ecology? - 16:30

Full 3-D invisibility cloak in visible light - 16:00

What can twins tell us about mate choice? - 16:00

Wind turbines: In the wake of the wind - 16:00

Prey-tell: Why right whales linger in the Gulf of Maine - 16:00

New evidence on origin of supernovas - 16:00

Cuttlefish: From camo to tuxedo in less than a second - 16:00

Genes control fruit flies' social groupings - 16:00

New drug target discovered for kidney disease - 14:30

Leader beliefs about followers impact company success - 13:30

A potential novel drug-target for colorectal cancer treatment comes from the brain - 13:30

Structural biologists reveal molecular architecture of key NMDA receptor subunit - 13:30

New 'nanobead' approach could revolutionize sensor technology - 13:30

RAD-tagging technology is demystifying genome sequencing - 13:30

Looks do matter, particularly when it comes to neighborhoods - 12:30

Power and choice are interchangeable: It's all about controlling your life - 12:30

Fitness and frailty in adults linked to health outcomes - 12:30

Canada faces obesity epidemic, legislative changes are vital - 12:30

New sensor glove may help stroke patients recover mobility - 12:30

Diamonds shine in quantum networks: Researchers hitch precious stone's impurities onto nano-resonators - 12:30

Key players identified in cancer cells' survival kit - 12:30

Topical treatment may prevent melanoma - 11:30

Biocontrol: Fungus and wasps released to control emerald ash borer - 11:30

Water molecules characterize the structure of DNA genetic material - 10:30

Novel ash analysis validates volcano no-fly zones - 10:30

Protein inhibitor may bring a topical treatment for HPV - 10:30

Motor protein may offer promise in ovarian cancer treatment - 10:30

Brain imaging demonstrates that former smokers have greater willpower than smokers - 10:30

Cardiac arrest: Unique life-saving device give heart a second chance - 10:30

Vitamin D may help explain racial differences in blood pressure - 10:30

International trade may offset reported carbon emission reductions - 09:30

New system increases reliability of opinion polls - 09:30

Romance is not dead: Digital puts the spark back into relationships - 09:30

Scientists focus on light ions for fast ignition of fusion fuels - 09:30

Cholesterol drugs may improve blood flow after stroke - 09:30

People in minority groups more willing to exhaust financial resources for more cancer care, study finds - 08:30

Gynecologic cancer expert helps pinpoint best treatment for fast-growing gestational tumors - 08:30

Nanoscience may hold key to surgical recovery - 08:30

Flame retardants at high levels in pet dogs, study finds - 07:31

Antibiotic may prove beneficial to preterm infant lung health, study suggests - 07:31

Chernobyl's radioactivity reduced populations of birds of orange plumage, study finds - 07:30

Monday the 25th of April 2011

Understanding how crops deal with stress -- yield's biggest enemy - 20:30

Self-powered, blood-activated sensor detects pancreatitis quickly and cheaply - 20:30