Science Daily

Thursday the 13th of October 2011

Tests to catch the makers of dangerous 'legal high' designer drugs - 12:30

Method of studying roots, rarely used in wetlands, improves ecosystem research - 12:30

Permanently dismal economy could prompt men to seek more sex partners - 12:30

Polar bears ill from accumulated environmental toxins - 12:30

Does converting cow manure to electricity pay off? - 12:30

Differences in jet lag severity could be rooted in how circadian clock sets itself - 12:30

New technology could help reduce food waste - 11:31

Does converting cow manure to electricity pay off? Successful renewable energy project in Vermont - 11:31

Cloud formation: Insoluble dust particles can form cloud droplets that affect global and regional climate - 11:31

Scientists first to characterize barley plant-stem rust spore 'communication' - 11:31

College students limit technology use during crunch time - 11:31

Does a bigger brain make for a smarter child in babies born prematurely? - 10:30

Improving the physics of grocery store display cases to save energy - 10:30

Murcian flower 'revived' after 100 years - 10:30

Can indigenous peoples be relied on to gather reliable environmental data? - 10:30

Stem cells from cord blood could help repair damaged heart muscle - 10:30

Tiny fossil fragment reveals giant-but-ugly truth: Part of biggest-ever toothed pterosaur from dinosaur era - 09:31

Meerkats recognize each other from their calls - 09:31

Pesticide pollution in European waterbodies: List of chemicals to be monitored should be updated immediately, experts urge - 09:31

MP3 players 'shrink' our personal space - 09:30

Experimental mathematics: Computing power leads to insights - 09:30

Visionary software combines different database systems - 09:30

Good genes yield high-quality meat products - 09:30

Hubble survey carries out a dark matter census - 09:30

Macroeconomic conditions and alcohol consumption: When the economy is down, alcohol consumption goes up - 09:30

Women in prison: An issue of blaming the individual for social problems - 08:30

Estrogen may prevent younger menopausal women from strokes, study suggests - 08:30

Study compares narrow band imaging to chromoendoscopy for the detection of dysplasia in IBD patients - 08:30

Doctors may be sending too many patients by helicopter, an expensive choice that may not impact patient outcome - 08:30

Reaching 99.999999999997 percent safety: Computer scientists present their concept for a wireless bicycle brake - 08:30

Aggressive piranhas bark to say buzz off - 08:30

Can't buy me love: Study shows materialistic couples have more money and more problems - 08:30

Wednesday the 12th of October 2011

Survival disparities in African-American and white colorectal cancer patients - 20:30

'Cute' chimps in ads may harm the species' survival - 20:30

Talk to the virtual hands: Body language of both speaker and listener affects success in virtual reality communication game - 20:30

Proper protein intake crucial for moderating energy intake, keeping obesity at bay - 20:30

Cichlid male nannies help out, especially if they've been sneaking - 20:30

New buzzwords 'reduce medicine to economics': Physicians lament the devaluation of clinical judgment in today's health care world - 20:30

UK doctors still undertreating major risk factor for stroke, study finds - 20:30

T. rex was bigger and grew faster than previously thought, computational analysis reveals - 19:30

Certain mouth bacteria signal pancreatic cancer, study finds - 19:30

Protein plays role in helping plants see light - 19:30

Researchers examine impact of 'green politics' on recent national elections - 18:30

Why many cells are better than one: Limited decision-making ability of individual cells is bolstered in masses - 16:30

How watching TV and their relationship to Mom affects teenagers' sexual attitudes - 15:31

Increasing cardiovascular disease in China: Urgent need for prevention - 15:31

Kids with blocked tear ducts at higher risk for 'lazy eye' - 15:31

Preventing falls in people with Parkinson's disease - 15:31

Scientists demonstrate the power of optical forces in blood cell identification - 15:31

Smoking cigarettes simulates cystic fibrosis - 15:31