Science Daily

Wednesday the 13th of November 2013

Using morphine after abdominal surgery may prolong pain - 11:30

Deaths from pancreatic cancer rise, fall among racial lines - 11:30

New generation of micro sensors for monitoring ocean acidification - 11:30

Researchers discover specific inhibitor for rheumatoid arthritis treatment - 11:00

First dual-protection intravaginal ring design shows promise in long-term HIV, pregnancy prevention - 11:00

Aerobic exercise improves memory, brain function, physical fitness - 11:00

African-Americans most likely to value post-secondary education - 11:00

Building block for exoskeleton could lead to more independence among elderly - 11:00

Balloon mis-positioning during prostate cancer treatment could affect success of radiation delivery - 11:00

Animal, human health benefits anticipated from new biomedical instrument - 11:00

Largest lake in Britain and Ireland has lost three quarters of winter water birds - 11:00

New links between social status, brain activity - 11:00

'Missing heat' discovery prompts new estimate of global warming: Arctic warming fast - 10:00

Using airport screening technology to visualize waves in fusion plasma - 10:00

Young stars paint spectacular stellar landscape - 08:30

Why timing of bird migration is changing - 00:30

NASA Cassini spacecraft provides new view of Saturn and Earth - 00:00

Tuesday the 12th of November 2013

New guideline for management of blood cholesterol: Focuses on lifestyle, statin therapy for patients who most benefit - 19:30

Evidence of 3.5-billion-year-old bacterial ecosystems found in Australia - 17:00

Protein illustrates muscle damage - 15:02

Errant gliding proteins yield long-sought insight - 15:02

Specific brain areas, mechanisms associated with depression, anxiety - 15:02

Of hurricanes, fungus and Parkinson's disease - 15:02

Device may help doctors diagnose lethal heart rhythm in womb - 15:02

Mathematical analysis helps untangle bacterial chromosomes - 15:02

Obese older women at higher risk for death, disease, disability before age 85 - 15:02

Overweight, obese are risks for heart disease regardless of metabolic syndrome - 15:02

Study examines amyloid deposition in patients with traumatic brain injury - 15:01

Problem-solving education reduces parental stress after child autism diagnosis - 15:01

Putting Lupus in permanent remission - 15:01

New method gives accurate picture of gas storage by microscopic cages - 15:01

The doctor will text you now: Post-ER follow-up that works - 15:01

Crucial clumping of diabetes-causing proteins identified - 15:01

Understanding ourselves by studying animal kingdom - 15:01

Swine flu pandemic media with pharma links more likely to talk up risks, promote drugs - 15:01

High tungsten levels double stroke risk, study says - 15:01

Higher dietary acid load increases risk of diabetes, study says - 15:01

Marine biology: Feast and famine on the abyssal plain - 15:01

Global precipitation linked to global warming - 15:01

Evolution of bitter taste sensitivity - 15:01

Research may improve early detection of dementia - 15:01

Teen athletes at risk for medication misuse - 15:01

Study analyzes sharp rise in U.S. drug poisoning deaths by county - 15:01

News media reinforce sexual exploitation stereotypes - 15:01

Scientists find 'missing link' in important tumor suppression mechanism - 15:01

Stepparents not always evil: Parents' strategy to love children depends on more than blood - 15:01

Working towards personalized cancer treatment - 15:01

Tackling large challenge for new modes of drug delivery - 15:01

Scientists launch world's first evacuation software to simulate realistic human behaviour associated with lift evacuation - 15:01

Fungus kills ticks - 15:01