Science Daily

Wednesday the 3rd of April 2013

Diversity programs give illusion of corporate fairness, psychologists find - 20:30

New relief for gynecological disorders: Injectable protein to reverse symptoms of dangerous conditions - 20:30

On-and-off approach to prostate cancer treatment may compromise survival - 20:30

Avoid impulsive acts by imagining future benefits - 20:30

Rotary valve could help propel craft to Mars one day - 20:30

Advances in molecular testing offer new hope for lung cancer patients - 20:30

Satellite tagging maps the secret migration of white sharks - 20:30

Medical enigma: The healing element is also the enemy - 20:00

Same-day water pollution test could keep beaches open more often - 20:00

Brain Activity Mapping Project aims to understand the brain - 20:00

Verifying that sorghum is a new safe grain for people with celiac disease - 20:00

Ophthalmologists urge early diagnosis and treatment of age-related macular degeneration - 20:00

Urinary tract infections 29 times more likely in schizophrenia relapse - 20:00

Exhaled breath carries a molecular 'breathprint' unique to each individual - 20:00

Research identifies co-factors critical to PTSD development - 19:30

Gender bias found in how scholars review scientific studies - 16:30

Brain-imaging tool and stroke risk test help identify cognitive decline early - 16:30

Will cell therapy become a 'third pillar' of medicine? - 16:00

Phase 1 ALS trial is first to test antisense treatment of neurodegenerative disease: No serious adverse effects reported - 16:00

Painted turtle gets DNA decoded - 16:00

One specific microRNA promotes tumor growth and cancer spread - 16:00

Potential therapy for human prion disease - 15:30

A giant step toward miniaturization: Nanotechnology transforms molecular beams into functional nano-devices with controlled atomic architectures - 15:30

Third-generation device significantly improves capture of circulating tumor cells - 15:00

Rocky mountains originated from previously unknown oceanic plate - 14:30

Accused of complicity in Alzheimer's, amyloid proteins may be getting a bad rap - 14:30

'A better path' toward projecting, planning for rising seas on a warmer Earth - 14:00

Chimps: Ability to 'think about thinking' not limited to humans - 14:00

2013 wintertime Arctic sea ice maximum fifth lowest on record - 14:00

Green Pea galaxies could help astronomers understand early universe - 14:00

'Dancing' silicon atoms discovered in graphene - 14:00

New system to study trigger of cell death in nervous system developed - 13:30

Potential map to more effective HIV vaccine - 13:30

Environmental policies matter for growing megacities - 13:30

Thin clouds drove Greenland's record-breaking 2012 ice melt - 13:01

Laser light zaps away cocaine addiction - 13:01

Ancient climate questions could improve today's climate predictions - 13:01

Ancient pool of warm water questions current climate models - 13:01

Breakthrough cancer-killing treatment has no side-effects in mice: New chemistry may cure human cancers - 13:01

Shape from sound: New methods to probe the universe - 13:01

Ionic thrusters generate efficient propulsion in air - 12:30

Astronomers anticipate 100 billion Earth-like planets - 12:30

Study confirms effectiveness of spray that improves dry mouth sensation caused by anti-depressants - 11:31

High blood pressure in pregnancy may spell hot flashes later - 11:31

New view of origins of eye diseases - 11:31

Chinese foreign fisheries catch 12 times more than reported, study shows - 11:31

Choosing less a form of protection, says new study on decision-making - 11:31

Search for dark matter: Experiment measures antimatter excess in cosmic ray flux - 11:31

Invasive crabs help Cape Cod marshes - 11:30

Breakthrough in hydrogen fuel production could revolutionize alternative energy market - 11:00