Science Daily

Monday the 12th of September 2011

New clues to molecular understanding of autism - 11:30

Scientists use commercial enzyme to improve grain ethanol production - 10:30

Airplanes: New tool analyzes black-box data for flight anomalies - 10:30

The risk of suffering from insomnia is 67 percent higher if a family member is insomniac - 10:30

Rotating magnetic moments: Spin pumping effect demonstrated for first time - 10:30

Psoriasis patients face higher than average death risk after a heart attack - 10:30

New method could help prevent osteoarthritis - 10:30

Producer responsibility solution to electronic waste in developing countries - 10:30

'Trojan Horse' particle sneaks chemotherapy in to kill ovarian cancer cells - 10:30

Physicist detects movement of macromolecules engineered into our food - 10:30

New species of ancient predatory fish discovered - 10:30

Breath and sweat used to detect trapped humans - 09:30

Exposure to white-light LEDs appears to suppress body's production of melatonin, research suggests - 09:30

New research to help stroke patients who can't swallow - 09:30

Motives matter: Why we volunteer has an impact on our health - 09:30

Can scientists look at next year's climate? - 09:30

Social contacts, self-confidence crucial to successful recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous - 09:30

Hyperventilation may trigger febrile seizures in children; Controlling acid-base status could lead to novel treatment strategies - 08:30

Breast cancer patients with BRCA gene diagnosed almost eight years earlier than generation before - 08:30

Fast-paced, fantastical television shows may compromise learning, behavior of young children - 08:30

Sunday the 11th of September 2011

International study identifies new gene targets for hypertension treatment - 21:30

Discovery of blood pressure genes could help prevent cardiovascular disease - 21:30

Genome-wide hunts reveal new regulators of blood pressure; Genetic variants linked to increased risk of hypertension, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases - 21:30

Research points to potential therapy for tumor-associated epilepsy - 19:30

A guiding light for new directions in energy production: Optofluidics could help solve the energy challenge - 18:30

Common gene variant associated with aortic dissection: Study reveals risk factor that doubles chance of developing silent killer - 18:30

Researchers team with glowing cats against AIDS, other diseases; New technique gives cats protection genes - 17:30

Squeezed laser will bring gravitational waves to the light of day - 17:30

Sea levels much less stable than earlier believed, new coral dating method suggests - 16:30

Critical similarity found between two types of do-it-all stem cells - 16:30

Saturday the 10th of September 2011

NASA Launches Mission to Study Moon From Crust to Core - 17:30

Researcher sees spring-like protein as key to muscle behavior - 13:30

Teeny teeth indicate ancient shark nurseries - 13:30

Gray blobs floating after Hurricane Irene identified as potato sponges - 13:30

U.S. experiences second warmest summer on record: Texas has warmest summer on record of any state - 13:30

Never too soon: Means to reduce violence may start in utero - 13:30

Local government, homeowners paying price for non-native forest insects, U.S. study finds - 09:30

Invasive forest insects cost homeowners, taxpayers billions - 09:30

Homeowners, taxpayers pay billions to fight invasive pests - 09:30

Friday the 9th of September 2011

Taming light: Mastering the fine structuring of ultrashort light fields - 22:30

Emotional impact of 9/11 attacks seen in brain's response to negative visual images - 22:30

Rebalancing the nuclear debate through education - 22:30

Body clock found to regulate platelet function - 22:30

Hospitals of last resort deliver lower quality of lung cancer care, study suggests - 22:30

Reducing costs of electric vehicle batteries - 22:30

Ancient Mediterranean water supply networks revived - 22:30

Research on US nuclear levels after Fukushima could aid in future nuclear detection - 22:30

Fermi's latest gamma-ray census highlights cosmic mysteries - 22:30

Extreme summertime temperatures to become a regular occurrence, researcher predicts - 19:30

Novel approach scores first success against elusive cancer gene - 19:30