Science Daily

Tuesday the 5th of March 2013

Key to heart failure: New therapies on horizon - 22:30

New report confirms almost half of Africa's lions facing extinction - 21:30

Stressed-out tadpoles grow larger tails to escape predators - 21:30

Modeling Jupiter and Saturn's possible origins - 21:00

Putting HiFi into cochlear implants - 21:00

Insomnia is linked to increased risk of heart failure - 21:00

New fossils of crocodilian, hippo-like species from Panama - 20:30

Ancient DNA solves 320-year-old mystery: Origins of now extinct Falkland Islands wolf - 17:01

Better understanding of peripheral neuropathy - 17:01

Walking away from back pain - 17:01

First single gene mutation shown to result in type 1 diabetes - 17:01

Connectome project releases brain data - 17:01

Turf battle in retina helps internal clocks see the light - 17:01

Computer model may help athletes and soldiers avoid brain damage and concussions - 17:01

Statistical physics offers a new way to look at climate - 17:01

Biomass analysis tool is faster, more precise - 16:31

Stressed proteins can cause blood clots for hours - 16:31

Age-related dementia may begin with neurons' inability to rid themselves of unwanted proteins - 16:31

Why fish is better than supplements: Omega-3s from fish vs. fish oil pills better at maintaining blood pressure in mouse model - 16:31

Science of sinkholes: 20 percent of U.S. lies in susceptible areas - 16:31

The making of Antarctica's hidden fjords - 16:31

Remains of extinct giant camel discovered in High Arctic - 16:01

More storms like Sandy? Arctic ice loss amplified Superstorm Sandy violence - 16:01

Ostracism cuts both ways: Hurting someone else can hurt the one who inflicts pain just as much - 15:31

Green tea extract interferes with the formation of amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease - 15:31

Obesity makes fat cells act like they're infected - 15:31

Human Y chromosome much older than previously thought - 15:31

Amputee phantom pain linked to brain retaining picture of missing limb - 15:00

On the trail of mucus-eaters in the gut - 15:00

Genetically corrected stem cells spark muscle regeneration - 14:30

A window into Europa's ocean lies right at the surface - 14:30

Gene identified that causes obesity in mice: Deleting gene eliminates obesity, could work for humans - 14:30

New evidence that comets could have seeded life on Earth - 14:01

New spectroscopy method could lead to better optical devices such as LEDs and solar cells - 12:31

Health benefits of marriage may not extend to all - 12:01

'Selfish' gene may undermine genome police - 12:01

Antigen-encapsulated chitosan particles improve immune response - 11:01

Gravitational telescope creates space invader mirage - 11:01

Early antiretroviral treatment reduces viral reservoirs in HIV-infected teens - 10:30

Protein synthesis blocker may hold key to reducing effects of traumatic events - 10:30

New research confirms plight of bumble bees, persistence of other bees in Northeast - 10:30

Stress hormone foreshadows postpartum depression in new mothers - 10:30

Sometimes, the rubber meets the road when you don't want it to: Arresting a fleeing vehicle with the push of a button - 10:30

New data show countries around the world grappling with changing health challenges - 10:30

Iowa meteorite crater confirmed: USGS airborne surveys back up previous Decorah research - 10:30

For birds, red means 'go': Some flowers evolved red hues favored by birds - 10:30

Mental picture of others can be seen using fMRI, finds new study - 10:01

A billion deaths from tobacco are a key obstacle to global development - 09:30

Traceable nanoparticles may be the next weapon in cancer treatment - 09:30

Monopoly of the male orangutan: Comparative field observations on Sumatra and Borneo - 09:30