Science Daily

Tuesday the 18th of May 2010

Using a pest's chemical signals to control it - 22:31

New study characterizes cognitive and anatomic differences in Alzheimer's disease gene carriers - 22:31

Significant number of fathers experience prenatal, postpartum depression, study finds - 22:30

NOAA extends fishing closed area to portion of loop current as precaution in wake of Gulf of Mexico oil spill - 22:30

Preserving memory with age: Two methods of extending life span have very different effects - 22:30

NASA, Google data show North Korea logging in protected area - 22:30

Asteroid caught marching across Tadpole Nebula - 22:30

Between the genes: Making sense of genomic 'dark matter' - 22:30

Fly the eco-friendly skies: Airplanes that would use 70 percent less fuel than current models - 22:30

Nerves under control: Potential treatment for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease - 17:30

Cholesterol crystals incite inflammation in coronary arteries, research finds - 17:30

Greenland rapidly rising as ice melt continues - 17:30

Electrical muscle stimulation can prevent limb and respiratory muscle weakness in ICU patients, study finds - 17:30

Majority of young victims of unintentional shootings shot by another youth, study finds - 17:30

'Happy ending' gives recyclable products higher status - 17:30

Push to understand basis of childhood brain tumors leads to a new treatment target - 17:30

Heavy exercise may produce asthma-like symptoms even in healthy children, study finds - 17:30

Results of physician cost profiling can vary widely, study finds - 16:30

Oncolytic viruses mediating anti-tumor immunity in human cancer patients - 14:30

New analysis reveals clearer picture of brain’s language areas - 14:30

How grazing lands influence greenhouse gas - 13:30

Scientists release biocontrol for water hyacinth - 13:30

Good results of bad habits? Research explains paradox - 13:30

Computer simulations show that both ocean dynamics, such as the Gulf Str... - 13:30

New nanoscale electrical phenomenon discovered - 13:30

Even small patches of urban woods are valuable for migrating birds - 13:30

Gene fusions may be the 'smoking gun' in prostate cancer development - 13:30

Scientists use biomedical technique to image marine worm - 12:31

'Experienced' female lizards attract greater attention from male lizards - 12:31

Consumers and their rights: A new study from Australia - 12:31

Rising levels of dioxins from common soap ingredient in Mississippi River, study finds - 12:31

Supramolecular architecture explains the incredible strength of fibrin blood clots - 12:31

Scientists listen to faint sounds inside insects using atomic force microscopy - 12:31

Whole earth telescope watching 'dancing' stars - 12:31

Body's own molecular protection against arthritis discovered - 12:31

Hammerhead shark study shows cascade of evolution affected size, head shape - 12:31

Have we met? Research finds 'missing social knowledge' - 11:31

Brand attitudes: How companies can avoid the 'Tiger Woods' effect - 11:30

Demoting a dinosaur: New fossil material redefines Azendohsaurus as a peculiar early reptile - 11:30

Viagra may be linked to hearing loss, study suggests - 10:31

Spicing the meat also cuts the cancer risk - 10:31

Hope for patients with mild idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - 09:31

Receptor variant influences dopamine response to alcohol - 09:31

Mysterious ball lightning: Illusion or reality? - 09:31

Surprising infection inducing mechanism found in bacteria - 09:30

Long-lasting sensory loss in World Trade Center workers from airborne toxins after 9/11 attacks - 07:30

Non-invasive technique could distinguish fertile and infertile human sperm cells - 07:30

Dopamine system in highly creative people similar to that seen in schizophrenics, study finds - 07:30

Climate change played major role in mass extinction of mammals 50,000 years ago, study finds - 06:31

Urinary tract infections becoming harder to treat, researchers find - 00:30