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Thursday the 10th of December 2009

Cosmic Origin of Dust and Humanity - 15:49

Quantum Origin of Human Body - 15:49

New biological route for swine flu to human infections - 14:42

New model of skin cancer provides insights on second-most common type of cancer - 14:42

Finding the Achilles' heel of cancer - 14:42

Breakthrough in monitoring tropical deforestation announced in Copenhagen - 14:42

Amount of gene surplus determines severity of mental retardation in males - 14:42

From fruit fly wings to heart failure -- why Not(ch)? - 14:42

DNA sheds new light on horse evolution - 14:42

Drug kills cells through novel mechanism - 14:42

The New Innovator Awards - 14:14

Successful stem cell therapy for treatment of eye disease - 13:21

Brainstorming works best in less specialized efforts, says Management Insights study - 13:21

Study reveals H1N1 unexpected weakness - 13:21

Sea level is rising along US Atlantic coast, say Penn environmental scientists - 13:21

Synthetic protein mimics structure, function of metalloprotein in nature - 13:21

A novel, 10,000-year study of strata compaction and sea-level rise on English coast - 13:21

Physical education teaching staff play key role in making you like sport - 13:21

New analysis: Disagreement over what constitutes a forest is Achilles' heel of REDD plan - 10:49

Suzaku catches retreat of a black hole's disk - 10:49

Pathological gambling may be successfully treated with medications for substance addiction - 10:49

Irregular arm swing may point to Parkinson's disease - 10:49

Jefferson neurosurgeon helps draft new treatment guidelines for brain metastases - 10:49

Hebrew University, American researchers show 'trigger' to stem cell differentiation - 10:49

Surgical quality program is a strong tool for assessing outcomes for high-risk procedures - 09:21

Nitro Muscle Mass - 07:28

ugg boots are designed for your feet - 04:28

Abundance of a look-alike species clouds population status of a million dollar fish - 02:14

Study highlights lack of patient knowledge regarding hospital medications - 02:14

Formula to detect an author's literary 'fingerprint' - 02:14

Wednesday the 9th of December 2009

Fusion and fission of atoms - 23:07

The pitch of blue whale songs is declining around the world, scientists discover - 19:21

Scripps Research team uncovers chemical basis for extra 'quality control' in protein production - 17:49

Are holiday and weekend eating patterns affecting obesity rates? - 16:21

Magnetic power revealed in gamma-ray burst jet - 16:21

Fermi sees brightest-ever blazar flare - 16:21

Cyclone Cleo has reached its maximum wind speed - 16:21

UBC geneticist reveals molecular view of key epigenetic regulator - 15:09

Newly discovered mechanism allows cells to change state - 15:09

Physicians knowledge of childhood food allergies needs room for improvement - 15:08

Drug industry embraces new business strategies after tough year - 15:08

Astronaut balancing act: Training to help explorers adapt to a return to gravity - 15:08

Carnegie Mellon scientists discover first evidence of brain rewiring in children - 15:08

Study finds gender gap persists in cardiac care - 15:08

Coaxing injured nerve fibers to regenerate by disabling 'brakes' in the system - 15:08

UC Berkeley social scientists build case for 'survival of the kindest' - 13:15

Ubiquitous health - 13:15

Energy efficiency technologies offer major savings - 13:15

New skin stem cells surprisingly similar to those found in embryos - 13:15

Why cancer cells just won't die - 13:15