Science Blog

Tuesday the 20th of October 2009

Better blood screening process needed to prevent babesiosis transmission - 10:35

Scientists develop novel method to generate functional hepatocytes for drug testing - 10:35

New material could boost data storage, save energy - 10:35

0.2 second test for explosive liquids - 10:35

Exon-skipping drug prevents muscle wasting, maintains muscle function in dystrophin deficient mice - 10:35

Looking for the origins of music in the brain - 10:35

Research indicates vegetable juice can be an easy, enjoyable way to increase daily intake - 08:42

Carbon-offsetting and conservation can both be winners in rainforest - 08:42

Novel research deconstruct inner workings of the brain - 08:42

Latest diabetes figures paint grim global picture - 08:42

Ancient bison genetic treasure trove for farmers - 08:42

AFFiRiS AG: Encouraging Results from Phase I Studies of Two Alzheimer's Candidate Vaccines Trigger EUR 10 Mio. Milestone Payment - 05:42

Major swine flu outbreak at US Air Force Academy, unique opportunity to study virus behavior - 00:07

Illness often undiscovered and undertreated among the uninsured: Harvard study - 00:07

Psychiatric disorders and sexual trauma are associated with lower urinary tract symptoms - 00:07

Monday the 19th of October 2009

West Antarctic ice sheet may not be losing ice as fast as once thought - 19:56

Are humans still evolving? Absolutely, says a new analysis of a long-term survey of human health - 19:56

Redefining obesity's health risks - 19:56

New technique paves way for medical discoveries - 19:56

Report examines hidden costs of energy production and use - 19:56

Is my robot happy to see me? - 19:56

The book of life can now literally be written on paper - 19:56

32 new exoplanets found - 19:56

PETA's push for changes in USDA testing pays off for animals - 18:07

Global warming may spur increased growth in Pacific Northwest forests - 18:07

Catching a killer one spore at a time - 18:07

Diabetic episodes affect kids' memory - 18:07

Tsunami evacuation buildings: another way to save lives in the Pacific Northwest - 18:07

Killer algae a key player in mass extinctions - 18:07

Going out on a limb - 18:07

Teach your physicians well - 18:07

Why do so many homophones have two pronunciations? - 11:21

Research for Organic Farming: Soya Thrives on Nitrogen From the Air - 09:28

Mice regain ability to extend telomeres suggesting potential for dyskeratosis congenita therapy - 01:14

Sunday the 18th of October 2009

Fracture zones endanger tombs in Valley of Kings - 19:14

Migraine sufferers more prone to hangover headache - 17:42

APP -- Good, bad or both? - 14:42

Time in a bottle: Scientists watch evolution unfold - 12:49

A major step in making better stem cells from adult tissue - 12:49

New chromosomal abnormality identified in leukemia associated with Down syndrome - 12:49

Fate Therapeutics announces creation of small molecule platform for commercial-scale reprogramming - 12:49

Stanford study identifies cellular mechanism that causes lupuslike symptoms in mice - 12:49

Small mechanical forces have big impact on embryonic stem cells - 12:49

Exercise can aid recovery after brain radiation - 12:49

Angiochem crosses BBB, shows safety, efficacy in phase 1/2 brain cancer studies - 12:49

Fine-tuning treatments for depression - 11:21

Saturday the 17th of October 2009

A new understanding of why seizures occur with alcohol withdrawal - 20:42

Drug could provide first treatment for scleroderma - 20:42

New therapy for vasculitis will help patients avoid infertility and cancer - 20:42

Drug could provide first treatment for scleroderma - 17:42