Science Blog

Thursday th 6th of May 2010

Experiences to learn from the volcanic eruption - 09:12

Radio tags could save lives after earthquakes - 09:12

Americans missing out on phytonutrients associated with bone health - 09:12

Jefferson: Mechanical bowel preps offer no clinical benefit for pancreaticoduodenectomy - 09:12

The Clock Is Off: Bipolar Disorder and Circadian Rhythm - 09:12

Milk and risk of renal cell cancer: Genetic research sheds new light - 01:01

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy could lead to acute myeloid leukemia in children - 01:01

Wednesday th 5th of May 2010

A visionary new plan for NASA - 18:00

Mothers' Depression Can Go Well Beyond Child's Infancy - 17:01

Taking steps to reduce risk of metabolic syndrome - 17:01

Study finds everolimus-eluting stent safer, more effective than paclitaxel-eluting stent - 17:01

China facing public health crisis with projected increase in cardiovascular disease by 2030 - 17:01

Researchers discover genetic link between both types of ALS - 17:01

Shape of lake basin is key factor in plankton disease epidemics in Midwest - 17:01

UH engineers to improve test for cardiovascular disease - 17:01

How dark chocolate may guard against brain injury from stroke - 16:02

Spouses who care for partners with dementia at sixfold higher risk of same fate - 16:02

New study examines use of social media in the classroom - 16:01

Climate change and mountain building led to mammal diversity patterns - 16:01

Early Results from Large Dark Matter Detector Cast Doubt on Earlier Claims - 15:02

Nausea and speeding heart can be signs of flu in pregnant women - 15:02

Stream water study detects thawing permafrost - 15:02

New York City security may be underfunded - 15:02

First course of veggies may appeal to hungry preschoolers - 15:02

Preventing blindness focus of ORNL technology, AMDx - 15:02

Benefits matter in agriculture job displacement - 14:31

Friendship and confiding in spouse eases stress over sexual issues in older men - 14:31

Patients presenting medication lists reduce the risk of error during hospital admission - 14:31

UCLA researchers show how world's smallest 'coffee ring' may help biosensors detect disease - 13:02

New LLNL detection technology identifies bacteria, viruses, other organisms within 24 hours - 13:02

Aseismic slip as a barrier to earthquake propagation - 13:01

New study finds severe financial vulnerability among African-American and Latino seniors - 13:01

UBC researchers design new biomaterial that mimics muscle elasticity - 13:01

Supply chain professor: 'Oil spill, flooding create perfect storm' for commerce, shipping - 13:01

Brain may use clot-busting drug naturally as protection against stroke - 13:01

Silicone Tally: How Hazardous Is the New Post-Teflon Rubberized Cookware - 13:01

Envisat monitors oil spill proximity to Loop Current - 12:04

Rice team talks the walk - 12:04

Research identifies patterns of CD24, a novel biomarker for non-small cell lung carcinomas - 12:04

Tastier MRE: Chemistry gives battlefield chow a gourmet flare - 11:32

Prescription drug could boost effects of vaccines for HIV and other diseases - 11:32

'Hair of the dog' may help alcohol withdrawal symptoms but it also increases alcohol dependency - 11:32

Maintaining energy balance during races may protect cyclists' bones, researcher says - 11:32

New inhalable measles vaccine may lead to vaccines for other diseases - 11:32

Lasers Demonstrate the Power to Heal Without Scarring - 10:20

Islands of germs: Researchers discover pathogens floating on tiny clumps of aquatic detritus - 10:20

Sudangrass recommended to combat Canada thistle - 10:20

Atrazine is the main weapon against weeds in sweet corn, with few alternatives - 10:20

First detailed underwater survey of huge volcanic flank collapse deposits - 10:20

Urgent changes needed to prepare doctors to care for aging America - 10:20