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Wednesday the 19th of August 2009

Those dog days of August: 3 times the heat by 2050? - 17:56

Warning over codeine use after tonsillectomy - 17:56

Plastics in oceans decompose, release hazardous chemicals, surprising new study says - 17:56

Anti-aging gene linked to high blood pressure - 16:28

UBC research pokes holes in Hubbard model - 16:28

Novel polymer could improve protein-based drugs - 16:28

New robot-assisted surgical method found successful for treatment of thyroid cancer - 16:28

Living longer and happier - 16:28

Flying by the skin of our teeth - 16:28

Watching stem cells repair the human brain - 16:28

LSUHSC research discovers new targets for treatment of invasive breast cancer - 16:28

'Rich interaction' may make computers a partner, not a product - 15:21

Toward making smart phone touch-screens more glare and smudge resistant - 15:21

Major insights into evolution of life reported by UCLA molecular biologist - 13:49

Breakthrough uses light to manipulate cell movement - 13:49

Water in mantle may be associated with subduction - 13:49

Gravitational Wave Observatory listens for echoes of universe's birth - 13:49

Study reveals new metabolic safeguards against tumor cells - 13:49

LIGO listens for gravitational echoes of the birth of the universe - 13:49

Hidden treasure: Technique reveals buried image in famed illustrator's painting - 13:49

Romantic, candle-lit dinners: An unrecognized source of indoor air pollution - 13:49

Gravitational Wave Detection Gets A Boost - 13:07

Nonprofit nursing homes provide better care, major study finds - 12:15

MSU scientists: Progesterone leads to inflammation - 12:15

Pitt scientists find intrinsic changes in protein shape influence drug binding - 12:15

Argonne, University of Chicago scientists develop targeted cancer treatment using nanomaterials - 12:14

Friendly gut bacteria lend a hand to fight infection, UT Southwestern study suggests - 12:14

Bio-enabled, surface-mediated approach produces nanoparticle composites - 12:14

The consequences of repetitive thought, thought, thought... - 11:49

No comfort in comfort foods during tough economic times, says Moore School of Business study - 11:07

Geobiologists propose that the earliest complex organisms fed by absorbing ocean buffet - 11:07

Study shows carvedilol is effective in preventing variceal bleeding in cirrhotic patients - 11:07

Study finds adverse effects in treatment for primary sclerosing cholangitis - 11:07

NASA's Aqua satellite gets 2 views of category 4 Hurricane Bill - 11:07

Tumor size and level of visceral pleura invasion can impact survival of NSCLC patients - 11:07

Targeted investments in climate science could present enormous economic savings across the globe - 11:07

Homes pollute: Linked to 50 percent more water pollution than previously believed - 11:07

New approach to wound healing may be easy on skin, but hard on bacteria - 09:14

Painless 'microneedle' patch may take the sting out of shots - 09:14

Toward limitless energy: National Ignition Facility focus of symposium, Aug. 19-20 - 09:14

Overall antibiotic prescription rates for respiratory tract infections decreasing - 06:35

Doctor-pharmacist partnership reduces hospitalization for heart failure - 06:35

Renewable energies will benefit US workers - 06:35

Social networking study reveals threat to Tasmanian devils - 06:35

At last -- a quick and accurate way of diagnosing endometriosis - 06:35

PC makers recall 100,000 Sony laptop battery packs - 06:35

Confronting health disparities among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth - 06:35

New reagents for genomic engineering of mouse models to understand human disease - 06:35

Confronting health disparities among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth - 00:14

New reagents for genomic engineering of mouse models to understand human disease - 00:14