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Sunday the 20th of December 2009

The First Time, SIAM Elected More than 190 Fellows in 2009 - 23:28

The First Time, SIAM Named 191 Fellows in 2009 - 18:56

Scientists take a step towards uncovering the histone code - 13:42

Boston University reseachers develop faster, cheaper DNA sequencing method - 13:42

Global temperatures could rise more than expected, new study shows - 13:42

Metastasis formation revealed in detail and real time - 13:42

Global warming likely to be amplified by slow changes to Earth systems - 13:42

Next generation lens promises more control - 13:42

A Brief Introduction to Virtual Water - 02:07

Saturday the 19th of December 2009

Fields Medalist Dr. Shing-Tung Yau Was Appointed Director of the Center of Mathematical Sciences at a Chinese University - 14:49

Loud and lazy but didn't chew gum: Ancient koalas - 09:35

Friday the 18th of December 2009

Skull bone may hold the key to tackling osteoporosis - 22:21

Tips from the journals of the American Society for Microbiology - 17:28

Fear of lawsuits may prompt some doctors to overprescribe antibiotics - 17:28

Postural sway among abstinent alcoholics can be improved up to a point - 17:28

The use and misuse of alcohol and marijuana can be traced to a common set of genes - 17:28

Alcohol outlets lead to specific problems among youth and young adults - 17:28

Data indicates rising adoption of technology in Canadian clinical trials - 15:56

FSU study: States need economic freedom to benefit from natural resources - 14:49

Researchers discover new ways to treat chronic infections - 14:49

Research suggests link between infertility, low egg reserve, and breast/ovarian cancer gene (BRCA1) - 13:42

New study explores role of sexual, social behaviors in seniors' well-being - 13:42

Minority elders continue to face health care, employment disparities - 13:42

Added sugar in raisin cereals increases acidity of dental plaque - 13:42

Tiny whispering gallery - 13:42

Disparity in use of implantable devices to prevent sudden death in heart failure patients - 13:42

Rate of autism disorders climbs to 1 percent among 8-year-olds, say UAB, CDC researchers - 13:42

Researchers create new 'smart' nanocapsule delivery system for use in protein therapy - 13:42

ScienceBlog was right! Cognitive dissonance is safe. - 12:14

New Commonwealth Fund survey of young adults finds wide majority support health reform - 11:28

Caltech scientists discover fog on Titan - 11:28

The how and why of freezing the common fruit fly - 11:28

Doctors' bedside skills trump medical technology - 11:28

Sex in university may be better for mature audiences: study - 11:28

Colliding auroras produce an explosion of light, UCLA scientists report - 11:28

Rapid-acting insulin analogues: No additional benefit for children with type 1 diabetes - 10:21

Bioactive glass nanofibers produced - 10:21

New support tools point way to better health policymaking - 10:21

Transplant guide highlights daily infection risks from factors like pets and food - 10:21

Resources Reminder - 09:56

Bourbon versus vodka: Bourbon hurts more the next day, performance is the same - 09:14

Research project yields better understanding of the defective protein that causes cystic fibrosis - 00:56

Thursday the 17th of December 2009

Study finds orphanages are viable options for some children - 21:35

the shortest height in the classical collection:ugg - 21:07

New UAB study finds gender divide in children's use of cell phone features - 19:14

Marine scientists discover deepest undersea erupting volcano - 18:07

3 UAB researchers elected AAAS fellows - 18:07

INRS researchers among Discover Magazine's 'Top 100 Stories for 2009' - 18:07

About 25 percent of Arabs in Greater Detroit reported abuse post Sept. 11 - 18:07

UAB researchers link calorie intake to cell lifespan, cancer development - 18:07