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Tuesday the 11th of August 2009

Diet, population size and the spread of modern humans into Europe - 01:21

Monday the 10th of August 2009

UT Southwestern physicians bust myths about insulin - 23:49

Diet, population size and the spread of modern humans into Europe - 23:49

How gamma oscillations sync the amygdala and striatum during learning - 23:07

Hippocampal replay during waking states - 22:42

I feel your pain, but only if we share the same race - 22:21

Discovery could help stem infections of parasitic roundworms - 19:42

Traffic jam in brain causes schizophrenia symptoms - 16:42

Einstein researchers identify potential target for metastatic cancer - 16:42

UBC scientists find new way to extract diluted and contaminated DNA - 16:42

Tumors feel the deadly sting of nanobees - 16:42

Scientists make multiple types of white blood cells directly from embryonic and adult stem cells - 16:42

MRI simulation of blood flow helps plan child's delicate heart surgery - 16:42

Seizures during pregnancy associated with risk of pre-term and small babies - 15:56

Radiation therapy may increase diabetes risk in childhood cancer survivors - 15:56

MRSA may accompany hospital patients into home health settings - 15:56

Breastfeeding associated with reduced risk of breast cancer among women with family history - 15:56

Healthy lifestyle habits may be associated with reduced risk of chronic disease - 15:56

Optimism appears to lower women's risk of death, heart disease - 15:56

Breastfeeding reduces risk of breast cancer in women with a family history of the disease - 15:56

Brain damage seen on brain scans may predict memory loss in old age - 15:56

MIT researchers make carbon nanotubes without metal catalyst - 14:49

Tiny 'MEMS' devices to filter, amplify electronic signals - 14:49

A real eye-opener -- UC researchers uncover which gender is losing sleep - 14:49

Stanford professor sequences his entire genome at low cost, with small team - 14:49

Bipedal humans came down from the trees, not up from the ground - 14:49

NYU chemists discover twisted molecules that pick their targets - 14:49

Urine samples could be used to predict responses to drugs, say researchers - 14:49

New drug-resistant TB strains could become widespread says new study - 14:49

Politics and the Brain - 14:28

FSU professor wins $5M grant to train next generation of education researchers - 13:42

U of Minnesota researchers discover high levels of estrogens in some industrial wastewater - 13:42

Computer scientists take over electronic voting machine with new programming technique - 13:42

New class of compounds discovered for potential Alzheimer's disease drug - 12:35

Taking the needle's sting out of diabetes - 11:49

Discovering soybean plants resistant to aphids and a new aphid - 11:49

New discovery brings hope to treatment of lymphatic diseases - 11:49

Exploring the standard model of physics without the high-energy collider - 11:49

New method for neonatal ICUs reduces infection and lung distress in premature infants - 11:49

First black holes born starving - 10:42

Americans remain divided on government involvement in health insurance, IU survey shows - 10:42

Misuse of common antibiotic is creating resistant TB - 10:42

Doctors' opinions not always welcome in life support decisions - 10:42

Mars, methane and mysteries - 08:50

Predictors of disease behavior change in Crohn?s disease - 08:49

Gallbladder emptying in primary sclerosing cholangitis patients - 08:49

Characteristic pathological findings in reflux esophagitis - 08:49

Chinese acupuncture affects brain's ability to regulate pain, UM study shows - 08:49

Temp work strains employee mental health - 08:49

IEEE-USA commends DOE's $2.4 billion grants to accelerate development of electric vehicles - 08:49