Science Blog

Thursday the 15th of April 2010

New satellite image of volcanic ash cloud - 10:21

Novel strategy for generating induced pluripotent stem cells for clinical use is safe and efficient - 10:21

Quality improvement in neonatal and perinatal medicine covered in Clinics in Perinatology - 09:36

Neurons growing in line - 09:36

Readers Respond to "How Science Can Help You Fall in Love"--And More... - 08:56

Innovation in science - 08:35

New studies reveal that age-related nerve decline is associated with inflammation, differs by gender - 08:35

Slobbery kisses from 'man's best friend' aid cancer research - 03:07

Link between solar activity and the UK's cold winters - 00:49

Better patient safety linked to fewer medical malpractice claims in California - 00:28

Playing a video game before bedtime has only a mild effect on adolescent sleep - 00:28

Wednesday the 14th of April 2010

Study: US church attendance steady, but makeup of churchgoers changes - 23:42

New targeted therapy effective in treating advanced prostate cancer - 18:28

Treat acne with coconut oil and nano-bombs - 17:42

Berkeley Lab scientists create 'molecular paper' - 17:21

Experiment shows brief meditative exercise helps cognition - 16:56

Childhood obesity interventions must begin early, UCSF experts say - 16:56

Experiment shows brief meditative exercise helps cognition - 16:35

Cat brain: A step toward the electronic equivalent - 15:49

Pinning down a proton - 15:28

Plant pathogen genetically tailors attacks to each part of host, say Stanford researchers - 15:28

Species distribution models can exaggerate differences in environmental requirements - 15:28

Statins may slow progression of multiple sclerosis, new study finds - 15:28

Hopkins researchers put proteins right where they want them - 15:28

Genetic patterns rise from huge yeast samples - 15:28

Study finds changes in fetal epigenetics throughout pregnancy - 15:07

Exclusive licensing deals a tool for collaboration, study says - 13:56

Lost light from the moon may be sent astray by dusty reflectors - 13:56

Primary cilia formation provides insight into genetic diseases - 13:07

Einstein's theory fights off challengers - 13:07

Solar energy production has enormous potential in southeastern Ontario: Queen's University studies - 12:29

To sleep or not to sleep? Math software to help plan astronaut, shift worker schedules - 12:29

EVMS researchers identify potential target for treatment of obesity-related diseases - 12:29

Materialistic people liked less by peers than 'experiential' people, says new CU-Boulder study - 12:29

Rutgers' Stem Cell Research Center derives new cell lines and trains stem cell scientists - 11:57

New procedure aims to save vision of children with eye cancer - 11:57

The onion, a natural alternative to artificial preservatives - 11:57

Solar energy production has enormous potential in southeastern Ontario: Queen's University studies - 11:57

Healing haze: Substances in smoke left over from forest fires speed plant growth - 11:29

New class of drug kills lymphoma cells - 11:29

Research discovery may lead to advances in heart disease and cancer treatment - 11:07

What Causes the North Atlantic Plankton Bloom? - 10:42

Engineered Virus Harnesses Light To Split Water - 10:42

Smart career planning - 10:14

Sizing up the competition: Researchers compare body composition measurement techniques - 09:49

Wildlife still exposed to Exxon Valdez oil 20 years after disaster - 09:49

'Love handles' repurposed for breast reconstruction in women without enough belly fat - 09:49

STI, HIV counseling inadequate in male teens - 09:49

Regaining the Rainbow - 09:28

Mixed-race people perceived as 'more attractive' - 08:42