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Thursday the 29th of April 2010

US Environmental Protection Agency opens access to chemical information - 14:02

Study: Carbon monoxide exposure can be reduced during routine anesthesia in kids - 14:02

Study reveals new genetic link to scleroderma - 14:02

Reality Check: Just How Healthy are Packaged and Processed "Healthy" Snack Foods? - 13:21

Climate change will speed spread of invasive fish to northern Europe - 12:51

Largest atlas of nuclear galactic rings unveiled - 12:51

Reality Check: Just How Healthy are Packaged and Processed "Healthy" Snack Foods? - 12:51

Through the looking glass: Scientists peer into Antarctica's past to see - 12:22

'Survivor' black holes may be mid-sized - 12:22

Catching multiple sclerosis before it strikes - 12:22

Study gives green light to plants? role in global warming - 12:22

Gene therapy sets stage for new treatments for inherited blindness, Penn veterinary researchers say - 12:22

Are You Living in a Former Meth Lab? - 12:22

New tool helps scientists 'see' molecular signals of eye disease before symptoms arise - 10:54

Physicist finds colder isn't always slower as electron emissions increase at temps down to -452 F - 10:54

Animals' right to privacy denied by documentary-makers - 10:54

CXCR4: A new drug target in lung cancer - 10:54

Spanish gene expression data promise targeting of anti-angiogenesis treatment - 10:54

Gut bacteria offer new insights -- and hope -- for people with celiac disease - 09:33

Migratory behavior affects the size of brains in birds - 09:33

Could Cell Phone Radiation Protect Memory? - 09:01

Frost Found On Asteroid - 07:50

Underage, Overweight: The Federal Government Needs to Halt the Marketing of Unhealthy Foods to Kids - 07:50

Combination antibiotics effective against chlamydia-induced arthritis - 00:50

Pitt researchers discover big role for microRNA in lethal lung fibrosis - 00:50

New HIV model suggests killer T cell for vaccine - 00:50

U-M study: Use of alternative therapy for pain treatment increases with age and wealth - 00:20

Fluorescent compounds make tumors glow - 00:20

Wednesday the 28th of April 2010

Can 'organic' labels backfire? - 17:30

Synthetic enzymes could help ID proteins - 17:30

NIH study offers hope to patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis - 17:30

U.S. Electrical Grid Undergoes Massive Transition to Connect to Renewables - 14:31

Federal government approves Cape Cod offshore wind farm - 14:31

Asteroid ice may be 'living fossil' with clues to oceans' origins - 14:01

Sustainable biofuels from forests, grasslands and rangelands - 13:31

Seeing moire in graphene - 13:31

MU researcher developing test for swallowing disorder treatments - 13:31

Feathers developed differently in dinosaurs' life cycles than in those of modern birds - 13:31

'Epigenetic' concepts offer new approach to degenerative disease - 13:03

NIST, Maryland researchers COMMAND a better class of liposomes - 13:03

Complex brain functions help adapt to new situations and stimuli - 13:03

Sustainable biofuels from forests, grasslands and rangelands - 13:03

New study helps explain the surprising behavior of tiny 'artificial muscles' - 11:41

Resilient gypsy moth continues to shrug off best pesticides - 11:41

U Alberta-led team studies T cell activation with nanoparticles - 11:41

Tulane researchers call for eliminating malaria in Haiti and the Dominican Republic - 11:12

Historic medical conference finds Bolivar may have been poisoned - 11:12

ASTRO releases SBRT for lung cancer report - 11:12

Building a Better Biofuel: A New Carbon-Neutral Approach Turns Carbohydrates into Hydrocarbons - 10:41

ATS systematic review: Critical care outcomes tied to insurance status - 10:41