Science Blog

Friday the 16th of April 2010

Genetic signatures provide new direction in liver cancer - 10:07

New insights into treatment options for patients suffering from severe alcoholic hepatitis - 10:07

Ocean salinities show an intensified water cycle - 10:07

Case Studies Reveal that Patents Can Hinder Genetic Research and Patient Care - 10:07

Sexual violence aggravates the 31 armed conflicts of 2009 - 09:29

New studies help establish potential of artificial liver support devices - 09:29

Improving network firewalls - 09:07

Porn and Perception: Is Your Limbic Brain Distorting Your Vision? - 09:07

Chinese scientists discover marker indicating the developmental potential of stem cells - 08:42

New CSIRO soybean a hit in Japan - 08:42

Uncovering early stages of Alzheimer's disease - 08:42

UCI astrophysicists cast doubt on link between excess positrons and dark matter - 08:42

Is Estrogen the New Ritalin? - 08:42

Invading Species Carrying Parasites Have Healthy Appetites - 08:21

Volcanic eruption in Iceland unlikely to have global effects, says CU-Boulder scientist - 08:21

Clinical advances - 07:14

Patient-reported outcomes study shows improvements in quality of life among patients after 1 year of treatment with TYSABRI - 02:42

Thursday the 15th of April 2010

Health insurers make big bucks from Big Macs - 19:15

Source of zodiac glow identified - 17:23

For older adults, flu season tends to peak first in Nevada, last in Maine - 17:23

Solid-state illuminator reduces nitrates in leafy green vegetables - 17:23

Pittsburgh's young workforce among top 5 most educated in US - 17:23

It's elemental: Potato after-cooking darkening may be affected by nutrients - 17:23

Texas Children's Cancer Center first in Texas to magnetically lengthen nine-year-old's leg as she grows - 16:58

Demystifying yield fluctuations for greenhouse tomatoes - 16:57

Effectiveness of state-level pecan promotion program evaluated - 16:57

Switchgrass proves viable as nursery container substrate - 16:57

Common PGR helps creeping bentgrass weather drought - 16:57

Congress takes another stride toward public access to research - 16:57

Knowing when poultry goes foul - 16:22

NIST detector counts photons with 99 percent efficiency - 16:22

Molecular discovery points to new therapies for brain tumors - 16:22

Grape news: New treatment combination safe alternative to sulfur dioxide - 16:22

'Missing' heat may affect future climate change - 15:57

Celebrity Manatee Survived Florida's Harsh Freeze - 15:35

Hydrocooling shows promise for reducing strawberry weight loss, bruising - 15:35

Motivated Multitasking: How the Brain Keeps Tabs on Two Tasks at Once - 15:14

New Experiment - 14:50

Quantum Effects Exploited to Generate Random Numbers - 14:17

Study pins factors behind geography of human disease - 14:17

Low vitamin D levels associated with more asthma symptoms and medication use - 14:17

Using neutrons to peer inside a battery designed for hybrid locomotives - 14:17

For post-boomers, public education worth more than Social Security and Medicare - 13:37

Visualization of geographic patterns may predict spread of disease - 13:37

Black men with chronic pain at higher risk for depression, disability - 13:37

Cellular channel may open doors to skin conditions, hair growth - 12:42

Don't eat that: Endangered quolls my benefit from aversion therapy - 12:16

Tips from the journals of the American Society for Microbiology - 12:16

Minorities hit hardest by arthritis - 11:43

Is Reprocessing the Answer to Eliminating Fissile Materials from Bombs and Nuclear Waste? - 11:09