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Tuesday the 17th of November 2009

Majority of Wyoming voters support new government oversight of food, Pew-commissioned poll finds - 06:07

Best Bad Credit Car Financing Options - 06:07

Things to Remember About Car Financing - 06:07

Best Bad Credit Car Financing Options - 01:56

Things to Remember About Car Financing - 01:56

Monday the 16th of November 2009

UT Southwestern scientist begins to unravel what makes pandemic H1N1 tick - 21:07

Penn study finds that antioxidant found in vegetables has implications for treating cystic fibrosis - 21:07

Nanoparticles used in common household items caused genetic damage in mice - 21:07

Analyzing structural brain changes in Alzheimer's disease - 21:07

MS is more aggressive in children but slower to cause disability than in adults - 21:07

Wistar researchers show targeting 'normal' cells in tumors slows growth - 21:07

UCI researchers create compound that boosts anti-inflammatory fat levels - 21:07

Majority of Wyoming voters support new government oversight of food, Pew-commissioned poll finds - 21:07

Shire announces publication of open-label study on coadministration of INTUNIV with stimulants - 14:42

Mayo study shows stroke incidence related to angioplasty remains steady over past 15 years - 14:42

Foodborne illness: An acute and long-term health challenge for the 21st century - 14:42

Skin color gives clues to health - 14:42

Boehringer Ingelheim announces Phase III data of flibanserin in pre-menopausal women with HSDD - 14:42

Carnegie Mellon customizing electric cars for cost-effective urban commuting - 14:42

Are sterile mosquitoes the answer to malaria elimination? - 14:42

Slowing evolution to stop drug resistance - 14:42

LFA's "Medication Adherence" Webchat to be Held Monday, November 23 at 3 p.m. Eastern - 08:42

Measuring Electron Orbitals - 07:35

Simple test could offer cheap solution to detecting landmines - 07:35

First ever large-scale study of ketamine users published - 07:35

Research highlights need to address hemophilia in developing world - 07:35

Prioritizing low-cost, simple health measures would save 2.5 million child lives a year - 07:35

Pilot study relates phthalate exposure to less-masculine play by boys - 07:35

Tiny bubbles clean oil from water - 07:35

A Prospective Car Buyer? Need Information About Auto Loans? Look No Further! - 06:28

Finding Phone Numbers in United States - 03:07

Sunday the 15th of November 2009

NIST demonstrates 'universal' programmable quantum processor - 20:15

Largest gene study of childhood IBD identifies 5 new genes - 20:15

Study finds mixed results comparing two surgical strategies for infant heart defect - 20:15

Early cooling in cardiac arrest may improve survival - 20:15

Postmortem genetic tests after sudden death may provide less expensive way to identify risk - 20:15

Heart and bone damage from low vitamin D tied to declines in sex hormones - 20:15

Protein changes in heart strengthen link between Alzheimer's disease and chronic heart failure - 20:15

Young athletes need dual screening tests for heart defects, study suggests - 20:15

Know more about the game - 11:14

Saturday the 14th of November 2009

Island story - 22:07

dark eyed/skinned child - 2 blue eyed light skin/hair parents??? - 15:21

Friday the 13th of November 2009

Thoughtful words help couples stay fighting fit - 19:07

Chromosomes dance and pair up on the nuclear membrane - 19:07

U of M researchers find 2 units of umbilical cord blood reduce risk of leukemia recurrence - 19:07

Shape perception in brain develops by itself - 19:07

Does business education have a future in Iraq? - 19:07

Satellite imagery confirms Ida's low is finally moving away from the east coast - 19:07

Goddard team develops new carriers for space station - 19:07

Cyclone Phyan raining on Tibet after breaking a record in India - 19:07