Science Blog

Friday the 17th of July 2009

Scientists assess flooding and damage from 2008 Myanmar cyclone - 09:49

Baby bathwater contains fragrance allergens - 08:42

Scientists locate disease switches - 08:42

Preemies born in poverty 4 times less likely ready for school - 08:42

Why winning athletes are getting bigger - 01:35

Thursday the 16th of July 2009

Hospital software improves patient satisfaction at discharge from hospital - 23:42

Researchers uncover genetic variants linked to blood pressure in African-Americans - 20:42

New information about DNA repair mechanism could lead to better cancer drugs - 16:35

Gene regulates immune cells' ability to harm the body - 16:35

Ancient global warming episode holds clues to future climate, UH Manoa researcher says - 16:35

USC study finds links between obesity and adolescents' social networks - 16:35

Baking soda: For cooking, cleaning, and kidney health? - 16:35

Edible coating makes fish filets longer-lasting, healthier - 15:49

Argonne develops program for cyber security 'neighborhood watch' - 15:49

Higher speed limits cost lives - 15:49

Children with FASD have more severe behavioral problems than children with ADHD - 15:49

Mayo Clinic researchers find previous exercise helps stroke patients recover faster - 14:42

Researchers discover evolutionary event underlying the origin of dachshunds, dogs with short legs - 13:35

Falling birth rates shift rotavirus epidemics - 13:35

Research indicates ocean current shutdown may be gradual - 13:35

Study reveals sandfish tucks legs and swims like a snake through desert sand - 13:35

Secrets of a life-giving amino acid revealed by Yale researchers - 13:35

La Jolla Institute discovers genetic trigger for disease-fighting antibodies - 13:35

Genetic source of muscular dystrophy neutralized - 13:35

New science of learning offers preview of tomorrow's classroom - 13:35

Solar cycle linked to global climate, drives events similar to El Nino, La Nina - 12:49

Data show ATryn effectively prevents serious blood clots - 12:49

Targeting MMPs to halt advanced metastatic breast cancer - 11:42

New pheromone helps female flies tell suitors to 'buzz off' - 11:42

Active video games a good alternative for kids - 11:21

Military model shows why defeating insurgent groups like Taliban is so difficult - 11:21

Multitasking ability can be improved through training - 10:35

Solar cycle linked to global climate - 10:35

New geothermal heat extraction process to deliver clean power generation - 10:35

Stress and depression worsen childhood asthma, UB researchers show - 10:35

Estrogen can reduce stroke damage by inactivating protein - 09:49

New study finds 'delinquent behavior among boys contagious' - 09:49

Researchers find that eating high levels of fructose impairs memory in rats - 09:49

Obesity raises risk of complications in pregnancy, study shows - 09:49

Cystic fibrosis treatments may have unseen long-term benefits - 09:49

An eagle of cosmic proportions - 09:49

Is a society with smokers profitable? - 09:49

Less trouble at mill, thanks to earthworms - 09:49

Possible dinosaur burrows clues to survival strategies - 08:42

Study to assess hip exercises as treatment for osteoarthritis in the knee joints - 08:42

The New Cognition and Language Laboratory - 06:49

UT Southwestern researchers investigate high-risk populations for bladder-cancer screenings - 01:35

Private and public insurance choices could help pay for national health care reform - 01:35

Quantum goes massive - 01:35

Wednesday the 15th of July 2009

Fossilized dung balls reveal secret ecology of lost world - 18:49