Science Blog

Friday the 25th of September 2009

Certain cancers more common among HIV patients than non-HIV patients - 12:28

Desalination technology increases naval capabilities - 12:28

Young adults visit doctors least at an age when risky behavior peaks - 09:49

Researchers find group therapy benefits homeless veterans prone to violence - 09:49

Prototype developed to detect dark matter - 09:49

Does Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy prevent gastric cancer? - 09:49

Research needed to learn which DCIS patients may be candidates for less invasive therapy - 09:49

Major disasters tax surgical staff but may reduce costs for routine operations - 09:49

Study dispels myth that new residents cause increase in medical errors in July - 09:49

North meets south? Glaciers move together in far-flung regions - 09:49

AFOSR's basic research may lead to revolutionary new devices - 08:21

Thursday the 24th of September 2009

Children who are spanked have lower IQs, new research finds - 22:35

The beginning of the end for HIV/AIDS? The RV144 HIV Vaccine trial in Thailand reports success - 18:28

Coronary imaging techniques helps to identify plaques likely to cause heart attacks - 16:56

Cogent trial shows lack of adverse interaction between clopidogrel and stomach medicine - 16:56

Getting a leg up on whale and dolphin evolution - 16:56

Twin Keck telescopes probe dual dust disks - 16:56

Viagra relatives may shrink abnormally large hearts - 16:56

Childhood kidney disorder has lasting effects - 16:56

Pregnancy and birth: Safe for women with kidney transplants - 16:56

A new take on why social cues confuse babies and dogs in a classic hiding game - 15:28

Sleep loss linked to increase in Alzheimer's plaques - 15:28

Peruvian glacial retreats linked to European events of Little Ice Age - 15:28

Environmental chemicals found in breast milk and high incidence of testicular cancer - 15:28

Scientists see water ice in fresh meteorite craters on Mars - 15:28

Migrating monarch butterflies 'nose' their way to Mexico - 15:28

Catalytic Catamarans: Common industrial catalyst sports rafts made of platinum - 15:28

Vitamin D deficiency in younger women is associated with increased risk of high blood pressure - 15:28

Use of statins favors the wealthy, creating new social disparities in cholesterol - 12:49

Scandinavians are descended from Stone Age immigrants - 12:49

New England Journal of Medicine publishes Mayo Clinic study about health care reform - 12:07

MU researchers find planning, positivism influence employment success at different stages - 12:07

New paper from internists calls for increased role for FDA - 12:07

M. D. Anderson examines use of toad venom in cancer treatment - 12:07

University Hospitals Case Medical Center to test gammaglobulin treatment for Alzheimer's disease - 12:07

Engineers produce 'how-to' guide for controlling the structure of nanoparticles - 12:07

Scientists identify genetic cause of previously undefined primary immune deficiency disease - 12:07

Cracking the brain's numerical code - 12:07

HIV vaccine regimen demonstrates modest preventive effect in Thailand clinical study - 09:07

Enzyme is key to clogged arteries - 09:07

Scientists call for humanity to 'set safe boundaries to the damage' - 09:07

Brown scientists announce finding of water on the moon - 08:42

Smart memory foam made smarter - 08:42

Reactive oxygen in fruit flies acts as a cell signalling mechanism for immune response - 08:42

Room's ambience fingerprinted by phone - 08:21

Visionary concept earns La Jolla Institute scientist prestigious NIH Pioneer Award - 08:21

Identification of highly radiosensitive patients may lead to side effect-free radiotherapy - 08:21

Excess body weight causes over 124,000 new cancers a year in Europe - 08:21

Vaccination and testing for the human papilloma virus could eradicate cervical cancer - 08:21

Brown scientists announce finding of water on the moon - 08:21