Science Blog

Monday the 20th of July 2009

Heart disease: Research off the beating patch - 18:35

UCLA scientists present first genetic evidence for why placebos work - 17:49

Students embed stem cells in sutures to enhance healing - 17:49

When context matters: Consumers link unfamiliar products to surrounding items - 16:42

Taste sensation: Ads work better if all senses are involved - 16:42

UCI scientists discover ozone-boosting chemical reaction - 16:42

Neural stem cells offer potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease - 16:42

Yale discovery may open door to drug that cuts appetite and boosts energy - 16:42

Extreme glucose levels in diabetic patients with heart failure linked to increase risk of deaths - 16:42

New life histories emerge for invasive wasps, magnify ecological harm - 16:42

Embargoed news from Annals of Internal Medicine - 16:42

Protein structures revealed at record pace - 15:35

How children draw conclusions from the products they see - 15:35

What a coincidence! Personal connections improve sales - 15:35

Sea lamprey jettison one-fifth of their genome - 15:35

Researchers identify genes linked to chemoresistance - 15:35

Prehistoric cold case shows hints of interspecies homicide - 15:35

Induced pluripotent stem cells repair heart, Mayo Clinic study shows - 15:35

Immunotherapy linked to lower risk of Alzheimer's disease - 15:35

Laser microsurgery for tongue cancer is as effective as invasive open surgery according to new study - 14:49

Nature? Nurture? University of Iowa scientists say neither - 14:49

Researchers look to imprinted genes for clues to fetal growth restriction in cloned swine - 14:49

No race disparities in risk of AIDS and death in HIV patients in Kaiser Permanente system - 14:49

Caltech-led team shows how evolution can allow for large developmental leaps - 14:49

Babies understand dogs - 14:49

Scientists discovers 'firework' display in Helix Nebula - 14:49

Future of West water supply threatened by climate change, says CU-Boulder study - 14:49

PTSD Increases Risk of Dementia in Veterans - 13:21

Surfing and Autism - 13:00

Sleep and the Brain - 13:00

Science is Wrong - 13:00

Penn-Wistar team gains insight into HIV vaccine failure - 12:36

Risk factors of cardiovascular disease rising in poor, young - 12:36

Testing relativity in the laboratory - 12:36

Gene variations can be barometer of behavior, choices - 12:35

Earlier HIV antiviral treatment can be cost effective in areas of limited resources - 12:35

Discovery of genetic toggle switch inches closer to possible diabetes cure - 12:35

H1N1 influenza pandemic modeling for public health action - 12:35

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease increasing in younger Canadians - 12:35

Does birth order affect who you are friends with? Results from a new study - 12:07

Breast cancer drug shows promise against serious infections - 11:44

Iowa State University researchers develop process for 'surgical' genetic changes - 11:44

New drug candidate prolongs the lives of pancreatic cancer patients - 11:44

Can pen and paper help make electronic medical records better? - 11:44

Children's IQ can be affected by mother's exposure to urban air pollutants - 11:44

NYU physicists find way to explore microscopic systems through holographic video - 11:44

Studies shed light on preserving fertility among cancer patients - 11:44

Professional lobbyists: Pragmatic operatives or just another partisan resource? - 10:35

Slotted buses keep passengers cool - 09:49

Our brain looks at eyes first to identify a face - 09:49