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Friday the 23rd of October 2009

Vaccines and the Assault on Health - 09:28


Boys with urogenital birth defects are 33 percent more common in villages sprayed with DDT - 08:42

Sanford Barsky, M.D., University of Nevada School of Medicine and Nevada Cancer Institute faculty member publishes scientific paper in the journal Nature - 08:42

Clinical Trials for Rare Diseases: A Bottleneck Effect? - 08:21

A possible explanation to the Pioneer Anomaly - 06:21

Time is relative, playing devils advocate with myself..and maybe you.. - 01:49

Important new novel 2009 H1N1 flu advisory for cardiopulmonary transplantation - 01:28

Patients in US 5 times more likely to spend last days in ICU than patients in England - 01:28

'Difficult-to-treat asthma' may be due to difficult-to-treat patients - 01:28

Thursday the 22nd of October 2009

The Language of Bad Physics - 18:21

Ethiopia's climate 27 million years ago had higher rainfall, warmer soil - 18:21

Berkeley researchers find new route to nano self-assembly - 18:21

Vyvanse Capsules CII administration through 2 routes demonstrated similar pharmacokinetic profile - 18:21

Halloween sex offender policies questioned - 15:14

NIST physicists turn to radio dial for finer atomic matchmaking - 15:14

No elder left behind: Researchers say designers can help close tech gap - 15:14

Sensing disasters from space - 15:14

Biochemical 'on-switch' could solve protein purification challenge - 15:14

Female choice benefits mothers more than offspring - 15:14

Team led by Scripps Research and UC San Diego scientists reveals secrets of drought resistance - 15:14

Miscounting bioenergy benefits may increase greenhouse gas release - 15:14

Synthetic cells shed biological insights while delivering battery power - 13:42

Boston University scientists first to see RNA network in live bacterial cells - 13:42

'Perspectives on Energy Policy' report now available - 13:42

Manipulating brain inflammation may help clear brain of amyloid plaques, Mayo Clinic researchers say - 13:42

Galaxy cluster smashes distance record - 13:42

Researchers question evidence linking overlapping sexual partners and African HIV rates - 13:42

Syphilis survey reveals need for accurate testing for early infection - 11:49

Study reveals an increase in long-term antidepressant drug use - 11:49

The white stuff: Marine lab team seeks to understand coral bleaching - 11:49

Extra care for outwardly healthy workers costs companies millions annually - 11:49

Flu shots not to be sneezed at - 11:49

Attending community college does make you richer, study says - 11:49

Geologists studying groundwater arsenic levels in India empower Bengali women, children - 11:49

Now hear this - 11:49

'Who' Am I? - 11:28

New artificial enzyme safer for nature - 09:56

Pesticides exposure linked to suicidal thoughts - 09:56

New UK study suggests minimal relationship between cannabis and schizophrenia or psychosis - 09:56

Pregnant women who are lesbians want to be treated like any other expectant mother - 09:56

The CoRoT space mission: Early results - 09:56

Physicians have less respect for obese patients, study suggests - 09:56

American Dietetic Association supports IOM recommendations on school meal programs - 09:56

Geologist analyzes earliest shell-covered fossil animals - 09:56

Despite claims, UK did not gas Iraqis in the 1920s, new research finds - 00:35

Wednesday the 21st of October 2009

First in New York: Bionic technology aims to give sight to woman blinded beginning at age 13 - 23:28

Feelings of stigmatization may discourage HIV patients from proper care - 23:28

Phytochemicals in plant-based foods could help battle obesity, disease - 23:28

HIV care providers applaud Congress' extension of Ryan White program - 23:28