Science Blog

Monday the 22nd of March 2010

New research cuts into origins of iron and steel in India - 09:35

Dangerous custodians - 09:35

Changes seen in rainfall trends in March, June and October since 1945 in Spain - 09:14

Helium rain on Jupiter - 09:14

Fishing discard ban could damage sea bird success, scientists warn - 08:49

Success rates for organ transplants are increasing, but organ donations are decreasing, study shows - 08:49

Modern medicine conquers witchcraft - 08:49

Incorporating biofunctionality into nanomaterials for medical, health devices - 07:42

The Rise of Instant Wireless Networks (preview) - 07:42

New guidelines for diagnosing, managing and treating Clostridium difficile - 00:35

Learning about riparian areas from photographs - 00:35

Researchers find Clostridium difficile is more common than MRSA in southeast community hospitals - 00:35

Sunday the 21st of March 2010

New 'smart' roof reads the thermometer, saves energy in hot and cold climates - 20:42

Gene is linked to lung cancer development in never-smokers - 20:21

Seaweed to tackle rising tide of obesity - 20:21

Brewing up a gentler java: Dark-roasted coffee contains stomach-friendly ingredient - 18:28

Detecting fake wine vintages: It's an (atomic) blast - 17:42

URI pharmacy researcher finds beneficial compounds in pure maple syrup - 17:21

New bacteria strain points the way toward 'super sourdough' bread - 16:56

Einstein researchers discover 2 new ways to kill TB - 14:42

Newly identified growth factor promotes stem cell growth, regeneration - 14:42

Caltech-led team provides proof in humans of RNA interference using targeted nanoparticles - 14:42

Sex on the brain: 'Doublesex' gene key to determining fruit fly gender - 14:42

Spying on a cellular director in the cutting room - 14:21

Early galaxy went through 'teenage growth spurt,' scientists say - 14:21

Astronomers get sharpest view ever of star factories in distant universe - 14:21

'Cold fusion' moves closer to mainstream acceptance - 12:07

Global sustainability technology breakthroughs featured at ACS meeting - 10:35

Saturday the 20th of March 2010

Human ancestors walked comfortably upright 3.6 million years ago, new footprint study says - 06:21

Friday the 19th of March 2010

Researchers find infrared thermal detection systems useful for patient screening - 23:49

LHC surpasses its own record as the world's most powerful particle accelerator - 17:28

Nuclear Commission fines VA over botched prostate cancer radiation therapies - 17:07

Designer nanomaterials on-demand - 17:07

Causes found for stiff skin conditions - 16:21

Acne drug prevents HIV breakout - 16:21

NASA and NOAA's environmental satellite now GOES-15 - 13:28

Rochester-led study leads to recommendation for use of heart failure treatment nationwide - 13:07

Mayo research: Intervention drops hospital infection rate by 1/3 - 13:07

NSF dispatches rapid response oceanographic expedition to Chile earthquake site - 12:42

Is Earth past the tipping point? - 11:28

Are We Pushing the Earth's Environmental Tipping Points? - 11:28

Failed college dreams don't spell depression, study finds - 11:07

Graphene used to make a hydrogen molecule parking garage - 10:29

Nitrogen cruise ends, mission to explore undersea volcanism begins - 10:29

MIND Reviews: The Shaking Woman - 09:42

The Ethical Dog - 09:42

Puberty: A Time For Less Learning - 09:07

Cancer-themed issue of JAMA features UAB researchers on reducing disparities - 09:07

Success against malaria bolsters case for further investment, new report shows - 09:07

Report: Actions to protect fish in California Bay-Delta 'scientifically justified' - 09:07