Science Blog

Wednesday the 31st of March 2010

Improving fuel economy of tractor-trailers, buses, work trucks - 10:28

Passover paradox: The amazing popularity of kosher foods - 10:28

Astronomers see historical supernova from a new angle - 10:07

This Really Won't Hurt a Bit: Wireless Sensor Promises Diabetics Noninvasive Blood Sugar Readings - 09:42

Start spreading the news: NYU scientists find therapeutic target to stop cancer metastases - 09:21

The light and dark face of a star-forming nebula - 09:21

Small firms driving job creation - 09:21

New 'mouse models' give insight to gene mutation that is potential cause of Parkinson's disease - 09:21

Armed with information, people make poor choices, study finds - 09:21

Giggles give clues to hyena's social status - 09:21

New path to solar energy via solid-state photovoltaics - 08:35

Policy unveiled to combat diarrheal disease, a killer of Kenyan children - 01:07

Even highly qualified women in academic medicine paid less than equally qualified men - 00:21

Tuesday the 30th of March 2010

New brain nerve cells key to stress resilience, UT Southwestern researchers find - 23:56

Obama's nuclear policy takes one step forward and two steps back - 17:56

Grocery shoppers who try harder to track costs do worse, study finds - 17:35

TRMM measures Cyclone Paul's rainfall from space - 17:14

Seamounts: exploring underwater mountains - 17:14

National Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce releases annual report - 17:14

BPA a "chemical of concern," EPA makes it official - 17:14

Researcher modernizes US power grid - 16:07

Bacon or bagels? Higher fat at breakfast may be healthier than you think, says UAB research - 16:07

Color it ready -- Webb Telescope instrument now at Goddard - 15:42

Misinformation about antibiotics can travel to large audience via Twitter: study - 15:21

Flavonoids in orange juice suppress oxidative stress from high-fat, high-carb meal - 15:21

Researchers harness the power of plants to fight hemophilia - 15:21

District court overturns patents on breast cancer genes - 14:35

U Alberta find could shield humans from influenza virus - 14:14

Mount Sinai finds meta-cognitive therapy more effective for adult ADHD patients - 14:14

The Hard Truth: Most Municipal Recyclers Do Not Accept Many Durable Goods - 13:28

Shell Shock: U.S. State Department bans shrimp imports from Mexico to protect endangered turtles - 12:42

From Eternity To Here: Sean M. Carroll's Quest To Understand Time - 12:42

U of I researchers say foliar fungicides may not be the answer for hail-damaged corn - 12:42

Promoting healing by keeping skeletal stem cells 'young' - 12:42

Head-scratching ad claims can alienate consumers, study finds - 11:35

Can the Green Economy Survive in a Policy Vacuum? - 11:35

New national study examines weight training-related injuries - 11:14

Research shows why we forget to take our medicine, and what we can do about it - 10:22

Minority women least likely to gain access to a doctor, study says - 10:22

Radon in residential buildings: A risk factor for lung cancer - 10:22

Study uses Chinese wolfberries to improve vision imperfections caused by type-2 diabetes - 09:56

Researchers look at reducing yield loss for crops under stress - 09:56

The pill for ovarian cysts - 09:35

A predilection for certain symmetries - 09:35

Elephants Divvy Up The Leg Work - 09:15

Genes under control - 09:14

Bionic Vision Australia puts bionic eye in sight - 09:14

Brain estrogen shows promise as schizophrenia treatment - 09:14

Depression affects how women with PMDD respond to stress, pain - 09:14

Study shows chocolate reduces blood pressure and risk of heart disease - 08:49