Science Blog

Tuesday the 5th of January 2010

Fermi large area telescope points the way to new millisecond pulsars - 15:21

Protein linked to leukemia 'bookmarks' highly active genes during cell division - 15:21

Electric field propels worms to test new drugs - 15:21

Researchers revisit pulmonary arterial hypertension survival - 14:56

Study provides insight into pathway linked to obesity - 14:56

Researchers study microbes in cattle to unlock metabolic disease mysteries - 14:56

AgriLife researcher studies chemical control of potato psyllid - 14:56

Worm's eye view - 14:56

Multi-paddock grazing provides efficiency and profits for ranchers - 14:56

Few breast cancer surgeons follow quality of care standards, U-M study finds - 12:42

Astronomers detect earliest galaxies - 12:42

Sweet corn study provides large-scale picture of better fields - 11:56

Hubble finds most distant primeval galaxies - 11:56

Scott & White Healthcare researching treatments for rare cancers - 11:56

Report suggests similar effectiveness among options for managing low-risk prostate cancer - 11:56

Study shows serious emotional disturbances among children after Katrina - 10:49

Sexual function does not continuously decline after radiation therapy treatments for prostate cancer - 10:49

Liver stiffness measurements identify patients with rapid or slow fibrosis - 10:49

Caffeine consumption associated with less severe liver fibrosis - 10:49

Restaurant and packaged foods can have more calories than nutrition labeling indicates - 10:49

Scientists create early-warning system to defend rare Jersey cows from continental disease - 10:49

Before or after birth, gene linked to mental health has different effects - 10:49

Natural compound blocks hepatitis C infection - 09:42

HIV-infected postmenopausal women at high risk for bone fractures - 08:35

New research suggests fat mass helps build bone mass in girls - 08:35

Common anti-inflammatory drug could help prevent skin cancers, Stanford researcher says - 01:22

Hispanic elderly more likely than whites to live in inferior nursing homes - 01:22

News briefs from the January issue of Chest - 01:22

Celebrex inhibited the burden of skin cancer in high-risk patients - 01:21

Obesity now poses as great a threat to quality of life as smoking - 01:21

Natural compounds in pomegranates may prevent growth of hormone-dependent breast cancer - 01:21

Monday the 4th of January 2010

Thai hill farmers help preserve genetic diversity of rice - 18:35

Can kitchen spoons be dangerous spoons? - 18:35

A silly pat on the head helps seniors remember daily med, study suggests - 18:35

New ALS drug slips through telling 'phase II' clinical trials - 18:35

The PARASOL Satellite moving off the A-Train's track - 17:28

Eclipses yield first images of elusive iron line in the solar corona - 17:28

Analysis of microbes, immune response featured in Cold Spring Harbor Protocols - 17:28

Runaway anti-matter production makes for a spectacular stellar explosion - 16:21

Eavesdropping on bacterial conversations may improve chronic wound healing - 16:21

Pain management failing as fears of prescription drug abuse rise - 16:21

Sir Isaac Newton's 367th Birthday Today, Let's Roll & Tribute !! - 15:35

What isn't said - 15:35

Researchers develop 'nano cocktail' to target and kill tumors - 15:14

Head-to-head studies identify best treatment regimen for hep C - 15:14

New key factor identified in the development of Alzheimer's disease - 15:14

Protein central to being male plays key role in wound healing - 15:14

New finding may help baby boomers get buff - 13:42

Toxicants detected in Asian monkey hair may warn of environmental threats to people and wildlife - 13:42

Running shoes may cause damage to knees, hips and ankles - 12:56