NY Times Health

Wednesday th 3rd of December 2008

UnitedHealth to Insure the Right to Insurance - 05:56

Cleveland Clinic Discloses Doctors’ Industry Ties - 05:56

Evidence Gap: British Balance Gain Versus Cost of Latest Drugs - 05:56

Tuesday th 2nd of December 2008

Really?: The Claim: Some People Dream Only in Black and White - 12:56

Q & A: Time Capsules - 12:56

Personal Health: Finding, and Treating, Esophageal Cancer - 12:56

J.&J. to Buy Manufacturer of Cosmetic Surgery Gear - 12:56

The Six Habits of Highly Respectful Physicians - 12:56

Report Ties Children’s Use of Media to Their Health - 12:56

Findings: Health Halo Can Hide the Calories - 12:56

Scientist at Work | Rodolfo Llinás: In a Host of Ailments, Seeing a Brain Out of Rhythm - 12:56

Cases: A Scare Forever Etched - 12:56

Mind: Standing in Someone Else’s Shoes, Almost for Real - 12:56

Well: For Three Years, Every Bite Organic - 12:56

Arrogant, Abusive and Disruptive — and a Doctor - 12:56

Monday th 1st of December 2008

Global Update: Thousands Die Needlessly Because Junta Spends Too Little on AIDS, Group Says - 22:21

Some Doctors May Give Up Vaccines Because of Cost - 22:21

Depression Leads to Internal Fat in 70-Somethings - 22:21

Vital Signs: Having a Baby: Exercise May Reduce Need for an Epidural - 22:21

Vital Signs: Regimens: For the Best Pick-Me-Up, Lie Down - 22:21

Vital Signs: Nostroms: Vitamins and Cancer Risk in Women - 22:21

1 in 5 Young Adults Has Personality Disorder - 22:21

Cardiologists Debate Expensive Heart Scans - 22:21

Radiation Treatment Delays Raise Risk of Cancer Recurrence - 22:21

Most Patients Should Be Screened for H.I.V., Physicians’ Group Says - 22:21

Morning Rounds: Rising Stress Levels, Limited Health Insurance and Health Care Waste - 20:42

Saturday th 29th of November 2008

Morning Rounds: Holiday Weight Gain, AIDS Prevention and Rising Health Costs - 03:42

Europe Accuses Drug Makers of Padding Health Care Costs - 03:42

More Men Take the Lead Role in Caring for Elderly Parents - 03:42

Friday th 28th of November 2008

Melamine Traces Found in U.S. Infant Formula - 10:28

Morning Rounds: Hazardous Toys, Breast Growth and Gout Pain - 10:28

European Regulators Widen Inquiry Into Drug Makers - 10:28

Government Reverses Itself on Cigarette Testing - 10:28

Even if You Can’t Buy It, Happiness Is Big Business - 10:28

New Medicaid Rules Allow States to Set Premiums and Higher Co-Payments - 10:28

Bone Finding May Point to Hope for Osteoporosis - 10:28

Scientists Find Clues to Aging in a Red Wine Ingredient’s Role in Activating a Protein - 10:28

Personal Best: The Lab Says Heart Attack, but the Patient Is Fine - 10:28

New Smokeless Tobacco Worries Experts - 10:28

The Evidence Gap: The Minimal Impact of a Big Hypertension Study - 10:28

Wednesday th 26th of November 2008

Vital Statistics: Americans Are Sicker Than They Think, C.D.C. Finds - 04:28

Study Cites Toll of AIDS Policy in South Africa - 04:28

Researchers Find Poor Use of Pumps for Ailing Hearts - 04:28

New Cases of Cancer Decline in the United States - 04:28

Tuesday th 25th of November 2008

Well: Paying Extra for an Organic Thanksgiving - 16:14

Microsoft Examines Causes of ‘Cyberchondria’ - 16:14

Morning Rounds: Credit Crunch, Online Prescriptions and MSG - 16:14

Monday th 24th of November 2008

Q & A: Old and Cold - 20:14

Well: A New Face for A.D.H.D., and a Debate - 20:14

Really?: The Claim: Early Exposure to Nuts Can Raise Allergy Risk - 20:14