NY Times Health

Thursday th 20th of April 2017

About New York: A Boy’s Life Is Lost to Sepsis. Thousands Are Saved in His Wake. - 06:12

Modern Love: A Dose of Empathy From My Syrian Doctor - 06:12

Public Health: Explaining the Health Payments That Trump Is Threatening to End - 06:12

Your Money: A Baby or Your Money Back: All About Fertility Clinic Package Deals - 06:12

Dr. Mark Wainberg, Who Identified a Key AIDS Drug, Dies at 71 - 06:12

Personal Health: The Cost of Not Taking Your Medicine - 06:11

Prince Harry Says He Sought Counseling Over His Mother’s Death - 06:11

The March for Science: Why Some Are Going, and Some Will Sit Out - 06:11

First Words: America’s New ‘Anxiety’ Disorder - 06:11

Public Health: Bare Market: What Happens if Places Have No Obamacare Insurers? - 06:11

Retired Miners Lament Trump’s Silence on Imperiled Health Plan - 06:11

Fixes: A Focus on Health to Resolve Urban Ills - 06:11

Trish Vradenburg, Crusader Against Alzheimer’s, Dies at 70 - 06:11

2 Tennessee Cases Bring Coal’s Hidden Hazard to Light - 06:11

Global Health: In a Dragon’s Blood, Scientists Discover a Potential Antibiotic - 06:11

Steroids May Be Risky Even in the Short Term - 06:11

The Checkup: Too Clean for Our Children’s Good? - 06:11

Health Insurers Make Case for Subsidies, but Get Little Assurance From Administration - 06:11

A California Court for Young Adults Calls on Science - 06:11

Phys Ed: Running May Be Socially Contagious - 06:11

Thursday th 13th of April 2017

Well : Heart Healthy in the Amazon - 05:42

Yo-Yo Dieting May Be Harmful for Heart Patients - 05:42

Healthy Weight? You May Still Be at Risk for Heart Disease - 05:42

Close to Half of American Adults Infected With HPV, Survey Finds - 05:42

Pregnant Mothers Need Whooping Cough Vaccine - 05:42

Trying to Revive Health Bill, G.O.P. Adds $15 Billion for Sickest Americans - 05:41

Blackboard: Digital Detox at Liberty University - 05:41

Blackboard: The New Niche: Gluten-Free Dining Halls - 05:41

Ties: What a Muppet With Autism Means to My Family - 05:41

New Mexico Outlaws School ‘Lunch Shaming’ - 05:41

Ask Well: Is Low Iron, Without Symptoms, a Problem? - 05:41

Does Uber Really Prevent Drunken Driving? It Depends on the Study - 05:41

Sleep Is the New Status Symbol - 05:41

The New Health Care: How Many Pills Are Too Many? - 05:41

Dead Bat Found Inside Package of Salad in Florida, Officials Say - 05:41

Global Health: Volcanic Minerals, Not Worms, Caused Disease Outbreak in Uganda - 05:41

Disability: Seeing Outside the Disability Box - 05:41

A Healthy Nudge: Answer to Better Health Care: Behavioral Economics? - 05:41

Living With Cancer: At the End of Life, a Way to Go Gentle - 05:41

The Trump Resistance Found Early Success. Can It Also Find Momentum? - 05:41

Heart Risks in Midlife Tied to Brain Plaques of Alzheimer’s - 05:41

Trans Fat Bans Tied to Fewer Heart Attacks and Strokes - 05:41

Personal Health: Learning From Our Parents’ Heart Health Mistakes - 05:41

The New Old Age: The Patients Were Saved. That’s Why the Families Are Suing. - 05:41

Tackling Weight Loss and Diabetes With Video Chats - 05:41

Discuss Prostate Screening With Your Doctor, Experts Now Say - 05:41

Phys Ed: An Hour of Running May Add 7 Hours to Your Life - 05:41

Thursday th 6th of April 2017

Do DHA Supplements Make Babies Smarter? - 05:41

Living With Cancer: The Haves and Have-Nots of Cancer Care - 05:41

Healthy Gums May Signal a Longer Life - 05:41