Newswise - Scinews

Thursday th 18th of September 2008

Plants in Forest Emit Aspirin Chemical to Deal with Stress; Discovery May Help Agriculture - 10:21

Wednesday th 17th of September 2008

Study Finds Lead in Synthetic Turf Can Be Absorbed into Gastric Fluids - 20:28

Engineer Works to Clean and Improve Engine Performance - 15:35

Award Will Lay Groundwork for Next Generation Computers - 10:21

Nitrate Concentrations of Ground Water Increasing in Many Areas of the United States - 10:21

Research Leads to Revisions in California Building Code - 10:21

Tuesday th 16th of September 2008

Looking Versus Seeing - 16:21

From Xbox to T-Cells: Researchers Borrow Video Game Technology to Model Human Biology - 15:35

Tampa Bay Rays Sent Six Local Teachers on International Earthwatch Expeditions - 15:35

Hurricane Ike and Increasing Vulnerability to Hurricanes: Global Warming's Wake-Up Call for the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts - 13:42

Whale Songs Are Heard for the First Time Around New York City Waters - 10:22

Cornell Announces Its First Greenhouse Gas Inventory - 10:22

NIEHS Invests $21.25 Million to Find Environmental Causes of Parkinson's Disease - 09:35

Galaxy Silhouettes - 09:14

Burnham Researcher Awarded $8 Million Grant - 09:14

Podcast Looks At Role of Chlamydia in Serious Diseases - 04:21

Monday th 15th of September 2008

Researchers Develop Coating to Improve Electrical Stimulation Therapy Used for Parkinson's, Depression, Chronic Pain - 23:28

Photosynthesizing Bacteria with a Day-night Cycle Contain Rare Chromosome - 16:35

Immigrant Sun: Our Star Could be Far from Where It Started in Milky Way - 15:28

Small Glaciers Account for Most of Greenland's Recent Ice Loss - 13:35

Giant Grass Offers Clues to Growing Corn in Cooler Climes, Researchers Report - 12:21

World's Smallest UWB Antenna Introduced - 11:29

Researchers Show the Flaws in Estimating Risk Measures - 11:29

Biological Selenium Removal: The Solution to Pollution? - 10:43

Neuroscientists Discover a Critical Early Step of Memory Formation - 08:21

Prosthetic Vein Valve Designed To Improve Blood Flow - 08:21

Viruses Communicate to Determine Bacterial Cell Fate - 08:21

Sunday th 14th of September 2008

Slicing Solar Power Costs with New Wafer-Cutting Method - 22:35

Friday th 12th of September 2008

Two Congressmen Honored with USGS Coalition Leadership Award - 12:28

Enjoy a 'Spook-Tacular' Halloween at Haunted Birch Aquarium - 12:28

Ecological Society of America Experts Available to Comment on Environmental Education - 12:28

Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, September 2008 - 08:28

Research Shows Mad Cow Disease Also Caused by Genetic Mutation - 00:35

Thursday th 11th of September 2008

Early Fossil Whales Used Well Developed Back Legs for Swimming - 19:21

My, What Big Teeth You Had! - Extinct Species Had Large Teeth on Roof of Mouth - 19:21

Researchers Develop Nano-Sized 'Cargo Ships' to Target and Destroy Tumors - 18:35

Lighting Research Center Named Recipient of U.S. Green Building Council's 2008 Green Building Research Fund Grant - 16:21

A Second Career for a Growth Factor Receptor: Keeping Nerve Axons on Target - 15:35

In Biodiversity, What You Do Matters More Than Who You Are - 14:28

Watch and Learn: Time Teaches Us How to Recognize Visual Objects - 13:21

USU Announces Addition of Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine - 11:28

New Technology Used to Increase Accuracy, Ease Measurement of Harmful Environmental Exposures - 10:21

Crystalline Compound Found in Asian Medicine, Cuisine Shown to be Cancer Chemopreventive - 10:21

Expedition to Explore Seamounts in Sea Of Cortez - 08:28

Cleaning Requirements for Heat Treatment Event Aids Companies and the Environment - 08:28

Wednesday th 10th of September 2008

Photo Reveals Rare Okapi Survives Poaching Onslaught - 13:21

Can Love Change Your Mind? New Project Explores Neuroscience of 'Positive Qualities' - 13:21

Computational Biochemist Uncovers a Molecular Clue to Evolution - 11:28

New Field Guide Provides a Practical Primer on Soils - 11:28

DNA 'Tattoos' Link Adult, Daughter Stell Cells - 11:28