Newswise - Scinews

Thursday th 15th of May 2008

Nanostructures Will Raise Thin-Film Solar Cell Efficiency - 08:35

Aerospace Coatings Symposium Sponsored by ASM Thermal Spray Society Coming to Milwaukee - 08:35

Four Leading Companies Join Int. Serious Adverse Events Consortium to Help Further Global Research Collaboration - 08:35

Biologist is Working to Limit Impact of Hydroelectric Dams in Asia - 04:28

Wednesday th 14th of May 2008

Genetic Risk for Prostate Cancer among Hispanics/Caucasians - 23:35

Researcher Creates 'Smart' Bandages to Test Cholesterol, Blood without Needles - 16:28

Estimated 3.2 Million Burmese Potentially Affected by Cyclone - 15:21

Submarine Captain Recounts Voyage Under Arctic Ice - 15:21

Discovery of Most Recent Supernova in Our Galaxy - 12:21

Mouse Can Do without Man's Most Treasured Genes - 11:35

Commencement 2008: Student Innovation Could Improve Data Storage, Magnetic Sensors - 10:28

Tuesday th 13th of May 2008

Mouse Aging Study: It's Better to Go Hungry than Go Running - 23:35

Emergency Links: Researchers Identify 'Sweet Spot' for Radios in Tunnels - 16:28

Public Invited to See Nanosoccer Robots in Action in Pittsburgh - 16:28

Scientists Use Lasers to Align Molecules - 12:21

Student Invents Alternative to Silicon Chip - 11:35

Failure Analysis of Heat Treated Steel Components Published by ASM - 11:35

Research Team Part of International Effort to Thwart Viruses - 10:28

Fecal Microorganisms Inhabit Sandy Beaches of Florida - 09:21

Worldwide Telescope Brings Space Exploration to Earth - 09:21

New Molecules Could Change the Face of Explosives Detection - 08:35

Monday th 12th of May 2008

A Genetic Variation Is Linked to Sugary Food Consumption - 15:21

Too Hot to Handle! Scientists Identify Heat Sensing Regulator - 14:35

New MRI Technique Detects Subtle but Serious Brain Injury - 14:35

Growth Factor Promotes New Neuron Growth in Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease - 14:35

University Research and Science Parks Create Sustainable Innovation - 13:28

Study: Kids Think Eyeglasses Make Other Kids Look Smart - 11:35

Researchers Using Fruit to Aid the Sun's Work - 10:28

Sunday th 11th of May 2008

Scientists Dig Deeper into the Genetics of Schizophrenia by Evaluating MicroRNAs - 12:21

Friday th 9th of May 2008

Made-to-order Isotopes Hold Promise on Science's Frontier - 12:21

Take the Bite Out of Backyard Living - 12:21

Experts Available as 2008 Hurricane Season Begins - 12:21

USU Celebrates Excellence in Research - 12:21

Dr. Neil Turok Appointed Executive Director of Perimeter Institute - 10:28

Obituary Notice: Renowned Physicist and Inventor of Wetsuit: Hugh Bradner - 08:35

Great Salt Lake Institute Offers Resource for Salty Scientists - 08:35

Researcher Develops Groundbreaking Methodology to Identify Cancerous Cells - 06:21

Global Temperature Report - April 2008 - 05:35

Thursday th 8th of May 2008

Inventor, Engineering Students Explore New Type of Solar Collectors - 15:21

Get Your Motor Running: Rowan U, Virginia Tech Team with NJDOT, MVC on Motorcycle Safety Research - 15:21

Magnet Lab Researchers Make Observing Cell Functions Easier - 14:35

Science Diplomacy Initiative - US-Libya - 14:35

Technique Measures Ultrashort Laser Pulse at Focus - 14:35

New Evidence About Earliest Americans Supports Coastal Migration Theory - 13:28

Computer Game's High Score Could Earn the Nobel Prize in Medicine - 12:21

Grants Help Researchers Clean Up, Understand Iraq Nuclear Program - 11:35

Biologist Names 'Young' Spider - 11:35

NCAR Installs 76-Teraflop Supercomputer for Critical Research on Climate Change, Severe Weather - 11:35

Researchers Discover New Link to Schizophrenia - 11:35

Model Successfully Predicts Large River System Fish Diversity - 10:22