Newswise - Scinews

Wednesday th 18th of June 2008

Exciton-Based Circuits Eliminate a 'Speed Trap' Between Computing and Communication Signals - 16:28

Science Magazine Features Profs' Research on Antarctica - 14:14

Black Holes Have Simple Feeding Habits - 14:14

Worm-like Marine Animal Providing Fresh Clues About Human Evolution - 14:14

Chemistry Professor Receives NSF CAREER Award - 14:14

Argonne's Supercomputer Named World's Fastest for Open Science, Third Overall - 13:28

Newly Born Identical Twin Stars Show Surprising Differences - 12:21

Calif., Conn., Mo. and N.J. Students Named to 2008 U.s. Chemistry Olympiad Team - 10:28

Web Site Following Archaeologists to the Bottom of Mut Temple's Sacred Lake - 08:35

World-Class Environment Vision to "Bring Back the Species" - 08:35

New Technology May Prevent Vitamin B12 Deficient Seniors and Vegetarians from Needing Injections - 08:35

Tuesday th 17th of June 2008

Steroids in Female Mouse Urine Light Up Male Nose Nerves - 16:28

Researcher Seeks to Protect Muscles of Astronauts - 16:28

Iodine Helps Kelp Fight Free Radicals and May Aid Humans, Too - 14:35

Scientists Discover DNA Knot Keeps Viral Genes Tightly Corked Inside Shell - 13:28

San Diego Region's First Science Festival to be Launched March 2009 - 12:21

Efficiency Experts Seek to Save Precious Minutes in Deploying Ambulances - 09:21

Conference on Sustaining the Science and Engineering Workforce - 04:28

Monday th 16th of June 2008

Media Registration Opens for Acs National Meeting in Philadelphia, Aug. 17-21 - 16:28

Web Site Shows Daily Tornadoes Across the Country - 16:28

Aquatic Insect 'Family Trees' Provide Clues About Sensitivity to Pollution - 16:28

Michigan Tech Scientist Models Molecular Switch - 14:35

Sunday th 15th of June 2008

Hunger Hormone Increases During Stress, May Have Antidepressant Effect - 22:43

Researchers Create Molecule That Nudges Nerve Stem Cells to Mature - 22:43

Ebb and Flow of the Sea Drives World's Big Extinction Events - 22:43

Saturday th 14th of June 2008

How Montezuma Gets His Revenge - 16:21

Friday th 13th of June 2008

Ancient Mineral Shows Early Earth Climate Tough on Continents - 16:21

Microchip Sets Low-power Record with Extreme Sleep Mode - 16:21

Plants Can Make Golf Courses Greener by Filtering Pesticides - 13:21

Ecotourism in Belize is Damaging Environmentally Sensitive Sites - 13:21

Scientists Discover Mutation Related to ADHD Drug Metabolism - 11:28

UD Nets NOAA Funding to Advance Mid-Atlantic Ocean Observing - 11:28

Decision-Making, Risk Taking Similar in Bees and Humans - 10:21

Threatened or Invasive? Species' Fates Identified - 08:28

University of Maryland, Baltimore to participate in 2008 BIO International Convention - 05:28

Thursday th 12th of June 2008

Like a Rock: New Mineral Named for Astronomer - 16:21

Ceramic Scientist Named Inaugural DoD Security Fellow - 16:21

Argonne Materials Scientist Wins Young Investigator Award - 14:28

Physicists Produce Quantum-Entangled Images - 13:21

Pfizer's Work on Penicillin for World War II Becomes a National Historic Chemical Landmark - 12:35

Highlights of Upcoming Acoustics Meeting -- June 30 to July 4 in Paris, France - 11:28

Field Project Seeks Clues to Climate Change in Remote Atmospheric Region - 11:28

Students Explore the Physics of Fizz - 08:35

Guidelines for Translating Stem Cell Therapies from the Lab to the Bedside - 08:35

Wednesday th 11th of June 2008

Microwave Synthesis Connects with the (Quantum) Dots - 16:28

Rising Costs Renew Interest in Fuel-Saving Techniques - 16:07

Chemists Get Scoop on Crude 'Oil' from Pig Manure - 16:07

'Nanoglassblowing' Seen as Boon to Study of Individual Molecules - 16:07

Tests Check Out Rescue Robots' Life-Saving Vision - 16:07

50th Anniversary Celebration for Physical Review Letters - 13:21