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Saturday th 27th of February 2016

Feeling sick but still want to exercise? Let the 'neck rule' be your guide - 09:30

Friday th 26th of February 2016

Think your kid (or you) could be a screen zombie? Take the 'Screenagers' test - 17:30

Thursday th 25th of February 2016

'Screenagers' info - 21:00

Tuesday th 23rd of February 2016

Oscars 2016: The workouts celebrities use to get red-carpet ready - 07:20

Sunday th 21st of February 2016

26.2 survival tips for the L.A. Marathon - 02:30

Strolling Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park - 02:30

Fluidity barre classes are a breeze - for 10 seconds - 02:30

Country star Clay Walker says exercise keeps him moving through multiple sclerosis - 02:30

You'll take in reservoir views and patrolling hawks on this scenic San Dimas walk - 02:30

Rooftop workouts in L.A. aim for top-of-the-world experiences - 02:30

Saturday th 13th of February 2016

4 'thrilling' date ideas to put your romance in overdrive this Valentine's Day - 14:00

6 pro tips for giving an at-home massage to your special someone - 14:00

Want to win Valentine's Day this year? How about a couples' massage - 14:00

Two sexperts tell us: Which Valentine's Day rituals actually work? - 14:00

This fashion model is passing up the L.A. Marathon for a 100-mile run -- in Alaska - 10:30

On this cycling Trip in Santa Monica, the scenery is on screen but your workout is real - 09:30

Friday th 12th of February 2016

The Marathon Goddess is running her 100th in L.A. -- all to raise research funds - 13:10

26.2 survival tips for the L.A. Marathon - 13:10

12 free (or almost free!) ways to romance your sweetie this Valentine's Day - 12:40

Sunday th 7th of February 2016

Want a well-rounded workout regimen? Add tai chi for flexibility -- and serenity - 09:30

Saturday th 6th of February 2016

Jenna Wolfe's new book sets up 30 easy goals in a row to make that New Year's resolution a reality - 11:32

Yes, you should stretch before exercise - but only the proper way - 10:31

Why the long run soothes this marathoner's soul - 09:33

Saturday th 30th of January 2016

We tried it: The Fixx class at Wanderlust Hollywood, where yoga goes with a musical flow - 13:32

How Marianne Williamson advocates for mindful activism - 13:00

11 way to jumpstart your fitness in 2016. (One will even shock you.) - 12:01

Saturday th 23rd of January 2016

Relax with a bath ... of sound. Its practitioners say it's like a massage or meditation. - 12:20

How Mario Lopez trains to stay in Mario Lopez shape - 11:50

Here are the dead giveaways to spotting a liar - 10:20

How I reduced my prednisone use through diet and exercise - 09:50

Saturday th 16th of January 2016

Four thought leaders weigh in on the new dietary guidelines - 12:20

How the ancient art of writing therapy can help you create a brighter future - 11:20

Sure, essential oils smell great. But are they good for anything else? - 10:22

Why 'Billions' star Malin Akerman has no need for a personal trainer - 09:20

Saturday th 9th of January 2016

11 winter sports safety tips for the great outdoors - 12:30

How road noise might shorten some people's life span - 11:34

Here's a walk in Manhattan Beach that's all about the grass instead of the sand - 10:30

A gentle stretch to loosen thighs and hamstrings - 09:30

Monday th 4th of January 2016

Why CrossFit's founder wants the government to put warning labels on sugary drinks - 14:29

Drink to your health! The Blender Girl shares three smoothie recipes to kick off 2016 - 13:54

Why John Stamos dropped the weights to get lean for 'Grandfathered' - 13:54

Monday th 28th of December 2015

After I was sexually assaulted, it was yoga that transformed my life - 14:52

To strengthen the thighs, push through the ups and downs - 09:40

Christie Brinkley keeps on smiling with daily exercise and relaxation - 08:10

Sunday th 27th of December 2015

Medical professionals disagree about new hangover remedies - 08:20

Saturday th 19th of December 2015

Solve the puzzle, explore the city: They're off on the Fantastic Los Angeles Race - 11:31

Family recipes and bike rides help actress Bridget Moynahan stay balanced - 10:31

Five tips to get a jump on your weight-loss resolution - 09:02

Want to lose weight in 2016? Experts say start right now - 09:02

Saturday th 12th of December 2015

Michael O'Neill's 'On Yoga' captures the practice's bends and curves - 09:36