LA Times - Health

Sunday th 22nd of November 2015

It doesn't have to hurt: How to use soft rollers and balls to gently melt away aches and pains - 05:22

Try these 'reverse push-ups' to tighten up back-of-the-arm flab - 05:22

A triathlete discovers 6 ways to get faster, including: Stop with all the selfies - 05:22

Why 'Once Upon a Time' star Jennifer Morrison is a fan of yoga -- naps - 05:22

Saturday th 14th of November 2015

Patricia Arquette of 'CSI: Cyber' on equality, laughter and the joy of an empty in-box - 12:30

The gym comes to you with the rolling L.A. workout studio G.I.T. Fit - 11:30

Are you a nail biter? A hair twister? Or always late? 4 tips for breaking bad habits - 10:30

Want to hang with La Jolla's rock stars? Kayak to them. - 09:40

Friday th 13th of November 2015

Is this the funnest workout in L.A.? Sweat like a dancer in Derrick Garcia's rhythmic exercise class - 19:00

Monday th 9th of November 2015

Flu season is coming: How to protect your kids from the illness - 04:28

For former professional drummer Robin Russell, no gig tops Griffith Park - 04:28

Telehealth: Patient care via smartphone - 04:28

A glutes/hamstrings workout by BarreAmped creator Suzanne Bowen - 04:28

Blast from the past: doctor house calls. An app, Heal, facilitates them. - 04:28

From a bicycle seat, she can really see Los Angeles - 04:28

Exercise as rave: Local Skill events seek to unleash freedom in exercise - 04:28

How to improve willpower? Feed it. - 04:28

Saturday th 31st of October 2015

Dance fitness classes make exercise like a party - 10:30

An accidental hike in Griffith Park leaves a confirmed city girl wanting more - 09:30

Why do we like scary movies? It's an escape and adrenaline rush, expert says - 08:30

We're far more afraid of failure than ghosts: Here's how to stare it down - 08:30

Don't call her a psychic: 'Intuitive counselor' Susan King sets up shop at Hotel Bel-Air - 07:30

Saturday th 24th of October 2015

P90X's Tony Horton says this workout will boost your balance and flexibility - 11:40

'Wild' author Cheryl Strayed says you need to be 'be brave enough to break your own heart' - 10:42

This Sierra Madre trail conjures the 'great hiking era' of the Old West - 09:20

Neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to adapt - offers hope to those with debilitating diseases - 08:20

Why Barre fitness classes are exploding in popularity: 'Everyone can do it' - 07:20

Saturday th 17th of October 2015

Author Jane Smiley talks about the corporatization of food and how she always knows what's for dinner - 11:30

When your workout is a pool party: water aerobics in West Hollywood - 10:30

Rowing is a full-body workout, a full-team sport and fun enough to want to go full speed ahead - 08:30

Friday th 16th of October 2015

Scratching your head over lice? You're not alone, but experts say don't panic - 08:30

Thursday th 15th of October 2015

Getting Out - 14:00

Sunday th 11th of October 2015

How Shiva Rea found yoga -- and how it changed her life - 10:30

Saturday th 10th of October 2015

Barefoot running may be over, but here's why barefoot training is still smart - 09:30

How hugs make everything better, even running the stairs at the Hollywood Bowl - 08:30

Sunday th 4th of October 2015

'Devious Maids' star Brianna Brown shares her favorite L.A. workouts - 09:30

Pioneers of mindfulness meditation gather in Santa Monica Nov. 15 for 'Joyful Spirit' - 08:30

Saturday th 3rd of October 2015

At Campowerment in Malibu, women find joy, inner strength or simple relaxation - 09:20

Why are 'holistic' dentists on the rise? They treat the whole body, not just teeth - 08:20

Should you be worried about the mercury in your teeth? - 08:20

Monday th 28th of September 2015

A cozy, chatty class for the armchair Spinner in East Hollywood - 20:10

Would you let someone zap your brain? Why 'electronic brain stimulation' is trending - 09:30

Sunday th 27th of September 2015

You don't need to be in shape to try kiteboarding, but expect a few face plants before you're flying - 09:30

Saturday th 26th of September 2015

L.A. Walks: Trek a ghost route left by the long-gone Red Car trolley line in Silver Lake - 09:30

As 'CSI' comes to a close, actress Jorja Fox is open to an uncertain future - 08:30

Saturday th 19th of September 2015

Grid (that's competitive CrossFit) championship pulls up to Anaheim on Sunday - 09:40

Roni Eshel's relies on surfers' reports for what's really going on with the waves - 08:40

Some surfing tips to help newbies hang ten - 08:40

Friday th 18th of September 2015

How Larry King, at 81, stays active and fit despite Type 2 diabetes - 08:30

Thursday th 17th of September 2015

Ariel Winter's breast reduction puts the procedure in a spotlight - 08:30