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Friday th 9th of September 2016

5 new healthful snack options to keep the doughnut cravings at bay - 09:01

Thursday th 8th of September 2016

Bored with your workouts? Try tree rope climbing - 20:21

Saturday th 3rd of September 2016

The unbelievably sweet reason why Gene Simmons of KISS has never done drugs or gotten drunk - 08:31

4 wellness events to put some good healthy fun into your Labor Day weekend - 07:11

Monday th 29th of August 2016

How to hang on to your yoga glow long after class is over - 10:41

Friday th 26th of August 2016

How newbies, veterans and DIYers can improve their yoga and meditation practices - 17:01

How L.A.: Free beachfront yoga in Marina del Rey taught by 'the Yoga Bunny' - 16:31

Let actress Yvette Nicole Brown inspire you to volunteer - 08:31

Saturday th 20th of August 2016

Grab your smartphone: These inspiring fitness apps will get you off the couch - 07:31

Ready to get serious about your diet? Here are six great weight loss apps - 07:31

Friday th 19th of August 2016

How Derek Hough of 'Dancing With the Stars' plans to get the world moving - 09:31

There's just one name for yoga done to the sounds of Drake: Introducing Namasdrake - 09:31

Thursday th 18th of August 2016

Fewer Californians were uninsured in 2016, but medical costs remain a concern for many - 02:31

Friday th 12th of August 2016

Amid meningitis outbreak, officials urge vaccination - but not for everyone - 18:31

This L.A. walk takes you - and your dog - on a scenic oceanfront stroll in Long Beach - 10:01

Josh Duhamel says 'I wish that women were more celebrated for being curvy and round' - 10:01

No wardrobe malfunctions here: These bikinis stay put - 08:31

How Margot Robbie got into superhuman shape for 'Suicide Squad' - 07:31

Friday th 5th of August 2016

Five trending superfoods you need to know about - 16:31

Olympian Allyson Felix says faith is her fitness fuel - 13:31

Thursday th 4th of August 2016

Two babies in California born with microcephaly from Zika, officials say - 14:31

Wednesday th 3rd of August 2016

Making use of California's aid-in-dying law: One man's story - 08:01

Saturday th 30th of July 2016

Meningitis outbreaks among gay men have experts puzzled - 05:31

Friday th 29th of July 2016

This magazine is ditching 'body shaming' language - 08:31

The two signs your music is 'aging' your hearing - 08:01

Zendaya explains why 'fearless' is the best compliment you can pay her - 08:01

Caring for cuts, burns and scrapes: The rules have changed - 07:31

Tuesday th 26th of July 2016

Amid outbreak, health officials want more gay men vaccinated for meningitis - 12:31

Saturday th 23rd of July 2016

A stretch to relieve your tension headache after a stupid day at work - 09:51

Do you really need to shell out money for a pricey 'organic bed'? - 07:21

Friday th 22nd of July 2016

Are pool workouts the next big thing? Swimwear giant Speedo is working on it - 19:01

Why Olympian Natalie Coughlin says swimming is anything but 'boring' - 17:11

Friday th 15th of July 2016

Seven reasons why you can't lose the weight - and seven fixes to turn it around - 20:41

Trend alert! Why beets are the hot new 'superfood' - 08:01

'Modern Family' actress Sofia Vergara shares her fitness secret: Lifting weights - 08:01

4 L.A. running clubs that are way more more than just running clubs - 07:31

Saturday th 9th of July 2016

Those pricey alkaline waters aren't doing much for your health, expert says - 10:31

Why midnight snacking is one of the worst things you can do - 08:31

You'd never believe this serene hike is just outside DTLA - 08:31

Friday th 8th of July 2016

5 ways to keep mosquitoes from ruining your summer - 09:01

Thursday th 30th of June 2016

Sharon Osbourne says Ozzy will have to do this to win her back - 10:21

Cricket chips, dehydrated organs: 'Healthy' snack foods that may be hard to swallow - 10:21

3 ways setting goals can help you get - and stay - in shape - 10:21

Friday th 24th of June 2016

Take a look at how hip hotels are helping guests break a sweat - 09:31

Thursday th 23rd of June 2016

Vacation is no excuse: 14 ways to stick to your fitness goals when you hit the road - 09:21

7 ways to play it safe at the pool this summer - 08:51

Tuesday th 21st of June 2016

You can get birth control from an app - but should you? - 18:01

Saturday th 18th of June 2016

Want to get off the diet merry-go-round? Maybe it's time to try 'mindful eating' - 09:00

No Internet, TV, junk food or alcohol allowed at Aja, a new luxury retreat in Malibu - 09:00

Wednesday th 15th of June 2016

The L.A. workout that will help you build a better booty - 09:31