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Friday th 10th of June 2016

Take the ultimate Hollywood sign selfie on this Griffith Park hike - 10:00

'New Girl' star Hannah Simone likes to 'treat the entire world like it's my neighborhood' - 09:30

The weirdest weight loss tip we've ever heard: Eat in front of a mirror - 09:00

Thursday th 9th of June 2016

What we know about physician-assisted death from Oregon, by the numbers - 05:20

Monday th 6th of June 2016

California physicians are skeptical as aid-in-dying law goes into effect - 05:20

Friday th 3rd of June 2016

5 reasons why you need to get in shape now - before it's too late - 10:21

The Now boutique aims to deliver a reasonably priced massage in a chic setting - 09:51

Why filmmaker David Lynch says Transcendental Meditation is the secret to success - 09:21

Saturday th 28th of May 2016

Grab your yoga mat and hit the road for one of these summertime festivals - 10:01

What you need to know to protect your skin this summer - 09:30

Why over-the-counter birth control could actually lead to more unwanted pregnancies - 08:30

Make this the summer of the fitness vacation: Here are 3 great getaways - 08:00

Saturday th 21st of May 2016

Surfing icon Laird Hamilton shares his 10-point plan to live forever - 09:30

Do you sit at a desk all day? Here's the perfect stretch for your back - 08:30

Using yoga to heal after the devastating loss of a child - 07:30

Friday th 20th of May 2016

6 nutritional rules that everyone can agree upon - 08:30

California's fight against the Zika-carrying 'cockroach of mosquitoes' - 06:30

Saturday th 14th of May 2016

6 nutritional rules that everyone can agree upon - 14:00

6 subscription boxes for the fitness fanatic in you - 10:00

L.A.'s newest fitness mashup? Cardio pilates - 08:30

This Memorial Day, take a walk to honor those who died serving their country - 07:30

Saturday th 7th of May 2016

7 tips to hiring the best personal trainer - for you - 08:00

Why roses may be the cure to your stressed-out, hyperconnected life - 08:00

How 'Matrix' star Carrie-Anne Moss has been transformed by motherhood - 08:00

When this L.A. personal trainer says 'I'm here for you,' her clients say she means it - 08:00

You'll feel peaced-out by the end of this Crystal Healing meditation class - 08:00

Saturday th 30th of April 2016

Why dieting for just one day -- or just one meal -- changes everything - 07:30

These new fitness fashion looks work at the gym -- and on Instagram - 07:30

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson's hot new L.A. dance class is inspired by J. Lo - 07:30

Friday th 29th of April 2016

How did Kevin Hart get so ripped? With workouts that are no joke - 13:00

Friday th 22nd of April 2016

The best workout you're not doing: Taiko drumming - 08:50

How cancer shaped the way this up-and-coming actress eats and cooks - 08:20

If you think Mexican food is unhealthy, then you need to read this cookbook - 07:20

Tuesday th 19th of April 2016

Doctors' message to Asian Americans: Watch out for diabetes even if you're young and thin - 05:30

Saturday th 16th of April 2016

Coffee lovers rejoice: 4 reasons why coffee is good for your health - 12:30

You're taking care of someone with Alzheimer's, but who is taking care of you? - 07:30

In the sand or atop a surfboard, the classes at Sandbox make for heart-pumping workouts - 07:30

7 easy ways to become a fitness model -- for your kids - 03:09

Tuesday th 12th of April 2016

Patients increasingly rely on mobile health apps, but their reliability is an issue - 05:00

Saturday th 9th of April 2016

Spinning creator Johnny G returns - at a less intense pace - with In-Trinity - 10:50

This game makes you feel like you're 10 again (while giving you a full workout) - 10:50

How 'Outlander' star Sam Heughan gets ready for all those shirtless scenes - 10:50

In-Trinity is the euphoric new workout from the inventor of Spinning - 10:50

Just outside DTLA, there's a scenic, dog-friendly hike where race cars once roared - 10:20

Tuesday th 5th of April 2016

Ultimate frisbee - 20:40

Saturday th 2nd of April 2016

See how Midcentury 'breeze blocks' are being used in contemporary L.A. restaurant design - 08:01

Friday th 1st of April 2016

Meditate your way to weight loss? Instagram star Tiffany Cruikshank says awareness is key - 10:50

Are you getting enough vitamin B12? - 09:50

Thursday th 31st of March 2016

The Den on La Brea opens its doors with meditation-only rooms for the stressed-out secular masses - 09:30

3 products that might make meditation easier and more enjoyable - 09:30