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Saturday th 10th of June 2017

Six wellness vacations to take this summer: Get home fitter than before you left - 13:01

This urban stroll along the L.A. River includes a prime picnicking spot - 09:22

Friday th 9th of June 2017

Health officials urge meningitis vaccination amid L.A. Pride festival - 16:32

Thursday th 8th of June 2017

Chocolate may be good medicine for reducing the risk of an irregular heartbeat, study says - 19:01

Friday th 2nd of June 2017

9 ways to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s - 18:51

Thursday th 1st of June 2017

Wearable X introduces yoga pants embedded with sensors - 16:21

Kids shouldn't have all the fun. Here are 8 summer camps for adults. Ready to stomp some grapes? - 09:52

This is why you're seeing more purple at the supermarket - 08:52

Tuesday th 30th of May 2017

Can virtual reality reduce high blood pressure at a church in South L.A.? - 07:41

Saturday th 27th of May 2017

The name of Everybody gym says it all. Leave your pronouns at the door and come on in to sweat - 09:22

Thursday th 25th of May 2017

When self-improvement is self-destruction: The 4 warning signs - 19:01

Wednesday th 24th of May 2017

New dating app matches the meditating, green living, 'conscious eating' crowd - 09:32

Tuesday th 23rd of May 2017

Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato collaborate on a sporty new collection for Fabletics - 08:21

Thursday th 18th of May 2017

California, 14 other states take legal action to preserve Obamacare cost-sharing - 19:01

The hot new thing? Infrared saunas. Three L.A. places to try out the trend - 17:31

Wednesday th 17th of May 2017

Explore the new historic park outside DTLA - 09:31

Thirsty? 4 new artesian waters you'll want to try - 08:31

Friday th 12th of May 2017

Yes, you can eat your way to beautiful skin. Here's how - 07:32

How 'Scandal's' Katie Lowes hid her psoriasis - 07:32

Thursday th 11th of May 2017

11 Mother's Day gifts for the active mom: Help her get her 'Om' on! - 16:31

Monday th 8th of May 2017

Doctors turn to the power of peer groups to help diabetics - 05:32

Sunday th 7th of May 2017

A deadly diagnosis led actress Shiva Rose to a holistic, happy life - 09:21

This Beverly Hills workout aims to help you torch fat - 08:51

Saturday th 6th of May 2017

That moment you realize you can't work out like you used to ... - 08:21

Tuesday th 2nd of May 2017

Lululemon Athletica uses science to reinvent the sports bra - 13:51

This former NFL player lost 84 pounds in four months — and kept it off - 08:31

Monday th 1st of May 2017

The amputation rate for diabetics in poor areas is high. This Boyle Heights clinic is trying to change that - 05:31

Friday th 28th of April 2017

Curious about using cannabis for wellness? This is for you. - 13:01

Saturday th 22nd of April 2017

It's called the 'Supermodel Workout' - 12:51

A body image activist wants you to embrace the way you look - 09:01

Saturday th 15th of April 2017

You know CPR. Now, firefighters want you to triage and treat shooting, bombing victims - 06:31

Friday th 14th of April 2017

A stash of calorie-friendly treats to get you through your Coachella weekend - 09:51

10 gym bags so glam you'll want to get up off the couch - 09:51

Thursday th 13th of April 2017

An L.A. way to get to 10K steps: Hike a former Hollywood movie ranch - 09:31

Oprah and Deepak want to teach you to meditate - 09:01

7 steps to making your health your No. 1 priority - 08:31

Wednesday th 12th of April 2017

Your fitness tracker can count your steps, but it's not that good at monitoring your heart rate - 21:01

Saturday th 8th of April 2017

The 25-minute workout that will leave you soaked in sweat - 09:31

Thursday th 6th of April 2017

10 high-tech gadgets to help you get to sleep - 09:32

Friday th 31st of March 2017

Can you snack your way to a healthier brain? - 09:31

How one of the fittest guys in Hollywood was inspired by Oprah - 08:31

Thursday th 30th of March 2017

This OG boot camp still delivers one of the toughest workouts in L.A. - 09:22

Thursday th 23rd of March 2017

They want to enlist 1 million yoga fans for the world's largest class - 16:31

Why actor Josh Lucas will never let his son play tackle football - 13:41

This workout takes less than an hour, but you'll feel it for days - 09:31

Saturday th 18th of March 2017

Three workouts that promise spiritual fitness — and happiness - 12:32

Norovirus outbreak continues at Santa Monica schools - 05:32

Friday th 17th of March 2017

14 last-minute tips for running the L.A. Marathon - 08:31

Wednesday th 15th of March 2017

First person: For long-suffering Northwestern basketball fans, it's time to dance - 14:31

9 ways to give your running gear a spring makeover - 09:31