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Thursday th 17th of August 2017

Breastfeeding as a working mom: It's as hard as you think - 09:22

Sunday th 13th of August 2017

Despite California's strict new law, hundreds of schools still don't have enough vaccinated kids - 07:42

Friday th 11th of August 2017

Meditation in fashion? Designers share how the practice helps them reboot, refresh and stay grounded - 18:32

Thursday th 10th of August 2017

Food-borne parasite infections on the rise in L.A. County - 18:02

Watch out for rattlesnakes and mountain lions on this hike - 16:32

Health happenings: Eat better, skip the treadmill and try a triathlon - 16:02

Monday th 7th of August 2017

Mental illness and homelessness are connected. But not how you might think - 07:32

Thursday th 3rd of August 2017

7 things you need to know before buying sunglasses this summer - 09:32

Sunday th 30th of July 2017

Maybe this is why you can't lose the weight - 09:32

Judge says Aliso Canyon natural gas facility can reopen - 01:02

Saturday th 29th of July 2017

Here's your chance to work on your yoga handstand - 09:02

Sunday th 23rd of July 2017

Dump the junk with these barbecue treats that still carry plenty of pop - 09:32

Knock, knock! Subscription box services are at your door - 09:02

Saturday th 22nd of July 2017

The 'Tone It Up' girls share 8 rules for living the fit life - 09:32

Sunday th 16th of July 2017

One child, a $21-million medical bill: How a tiny number of patients poses a huge challenge for Medi-Cal - 11:32

One child, a $21-million medical bill: How a tiny number of patients poses a huge challenge for Medi-Cal - 07:22

Saturday th 15th of July 2017

Looking for a one-stop park-spin-nosh-and-shop? Start with Studio City's EvolvCycle - 09:22

Wednesday th 12th of July 2017

Nike just does it: applies footwear technology to apparel - 17:32

Medi-Cal patients sue state, claiming widespread discrimination - 15:42

Tuesday th 11th of July 2017

With diabetes rising at alarming rate, California puts money behind prevention campaign - 20:32

Saturday th 8th of July 2017

Take a free barre class in Bel-Air - 14:02

Friday th 7th of July 2017

Try this great L.A. Walk: Strolling around the Rose Bowl in Pasadena - 09:32

Saturday th 1st of July 2017

How to keep skin looking young? We asked the experts - 11:22

Jillian Michaels wants to jump start your fitness (and swears it will be fun!) - 09:22

Friday th 30th of June 2017

She watched her ex-husband end his life under California's new right-to-die law. 'I felt proud' - 09:12

She watched her ex-husband end his life under California's new right-to-die law. 'I felt proud' - 08:42

Wednesday th 28th of June 2017

Senate health bill would leave Medi-Cal with $115-billion shortfall through 2027, analysis finds - 19:02

Tuesday th 27th of June 2017

In first 6 months of California right-to-die law, 111 terminally ill patients took their own lives - 16:02

Senate healthcare bill would be 'devastating' for L.A. County, officials warn - 13:51

Saturday th 24th of June 2017

4 deep breathing tips that can change your life - 08:32

Hot yoga done to live violin music is coming to Echo Park and Venice - 08:02

Friday th 23rd of June 2017

Pimp out your home gym: 11 gadgets we'd love to own right now - 09:32

What the Senate healthcare bill could mean for Californians - 07:32

Inside Gwyneth Paltrow's first wellness summit, In Goop Health - 05:02

Thursday th 22nd of June 2017

Lawsuit blames transport giant LogistiCare for missed appointments and injuries suffered by Medi-Cal patients - 08:22

An LAPD officer needs a bone marrow transplant. His ethnicity limits his chances of getting one - 07:22

Saturday th 17th of June 2017

L.A. County health officials say 42 people have been infected with mumps - 09:22

We've done the work for you: Here are 12 of the best sunscreens you can buy this summer - 09:22

Protect yourself from summer's harsh rays with these sun-protection clothing picks - 08:22

Friday th 16th of June 2017

L.A. County reports 2017's first case of West Nile virus - 15:52

Wednesday th 14th of June 2017

Torrance Memorial hospital receives $32-million donation - 23:31

Monday th 12th of June 2017

A simple test is helping thousands of diabetics in L.A. County who face an increased risk of going blind - 06:32

Saturday th 10th of June 2017

Yoga is happening at Bungalow bar in Santa Monica - 13:52

Six wellness vacations to take this summer: Get home fitter than before you left - 13:01

This urban stroll along the L.A. River includes a prime picnicking spot - 09:22

Friday th 9th of June 2017

Health officials urge meningitis vaccination amid L.A. Pride festival - 16:32

Thursday th 8th of June 2017

Chocolate may be good medicine for reducing the risk of an irregular heartbeat, study says - 19:01

Friday th 2nd of June 2017

9 ways to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s - 18:51

Thursday th 1st of June 2017

Wearable X introduces yoga pants embedded with sensors - 16:21

Kids shouldn't have all the fun. Here are 8 summer camps for adults. Ready to stomp some grapes? - 09:52