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Sunday th 11th of June 2023

Abcarian: Two gay men walk into a Red Cross blood donation center ... - 06:42

Wednesday th 7th of June 2023

Shannen Doherty says 'my fear is obvious' as breast cancer metastasizes to brain - 18:53

Tuesday th 6th of June 2023

'Let's stand firm': Supervisors move to boost LGBTQ+ rights, gender-affirming healthcare - 17:33

'Orgasmic meditation' group manipulated members with forced labor, sex abuse, feds say - 17:33

This rural California county lost its only hospital, leaving residents with dire healthcare choices - 07:28

Opinion: Can a four-day workweek really work? Many companies have already learned the answer - 06:33

Editorial: Forcing treatment on mentally ill homeless people is a bad idea - 05:42

Sunday th 4th of June 2023

Opinion: My son the vandal — and the untreated, unaddressed epidemic of mental illness - 06:04

Friday th 2nd of June 2023

Danny Bonaduce will have brain surgery for a neurological disorder: 'I can't walk ' - 15:23

Struggling to calm your mind? Buddhist monks in Hacienda Heights offer meditation tips - 09:33

Thursday th 1st of June 2023

Tallulah Willis knew 'something was wrong' before Bruce Willis' dementia diagnosis - 15:42

'Queer ecology' gifted him new perspective. Take his hikes to find it too - 06:02

Wednesday th 31st of May 2023

Democratic lawmakers press Newsom to spend millions from health insurance fines - 09:03

Tuesday th 30th of May 2023

Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman is 'back in action' after mental health break - 22:53

Arnold Schwarzenegger says Bruce Willis 'never really' retired: Action stars 'reload' - 16:03

Al Roker is back on 'Today' and 'feeling good enough' after knee surgery - 12:13

'Just do kegels' is tired. What's next for this hot women's health market? - 09:03

Monday th 29th of May 2023

Column: A school threat. Do you send your child or keep them home? - 18:04

L.A. County-run hospitals could expand free and discounted care - 18:04

'Profoundly disappointing': Health inequities continue to hit Black Californians hardest - 18:04

Preparing your child — and yourself — for a doctor's appointment - 18:04

亚裔长者应该继续跳舞,在悲剧之后如何重建的其他建议 - 18:04

亞裔長者應該繼續跳舞,在悲劇之後如何重建的其他建議 - 18:04

Amid an overdose crisis, a California grant that helped syringe programs is drying up - 18:04

How a Cucamonga Peak hiker survived a 200-foot fall from an icy trail - 18:04

Bosses say they care about mental health — can workers trust them? - 18:04

Nature-curious? This 'cool kids' outdoors club will introduce you to L.A.'s best asset - 18:04

Mexico promised healthcare for all. Its failure to deliver made this smiling mascot famous - 18:04

Reclaiming Black masculinity: An L.A. father's journey toward healing himself, building community - 18:04

Atonio Mafi draft diary: Mental health should be a priority, even in football culture - 18:04

Legislators propose changes to California's conservatorship law - 18:04

UCLA, UCSF hospital nurses voice complaints about overcrowding, staffing shortages - 18:04

A gym for your feelings? Emotional support now comes with a membership fee - 18:04

'So frustrating': L.A. County condom program has faced delays, complaints - 18:04

Opinion: What elephant seals taught me about parenting my adult son with psychosis - 18:04

How an injury renewed Sarah Gorden's fight for mental wellness and social justice - 18:04

Amid youth mental health crisis, teens ask for a kinder college admissions process - 18:04

Editorial: Walgreens is despicable for bowing to pressure not to sell abortion pills in some states - 18:04

With humor and Xanax earrings, she fearlessly puts Latino mental health on display - 18:04

Drew Barrymore's therapist explains why he quit: 'Chronic self-destructive behaviors' - 18:04

Con humor y aretes de Xanax, expone sin miedo la salud mental de los latinos - 18:04

Federal lawmakers call for travel advisory about fentanyl in pills at Mexican pharmacies - 18:04

Judging what others feed their kids is a blood sport. Why? - 18:04

These Japanese mothers banded together through a support group to talk about mental illness - 18:04

Newsom proposes bond measure, sweeping mental health reform in California - 18:04

Prescription for housing? California wants Medicaid to cover 6 months of rent - 18:04

After ambitious single-payer healthcare plans sputter, a new California bill tries an incremental approach - 18:04

Aaron Sorkin had a stroke but kept it private for months: 'It was a loud wake-up call' - 18:04

Abcarian: Relax, candy lovers. No one is trying to ban Skittles. Well, not exactly. - 18:04

Hospitals complain problems persist a year after L.A. Care was hit with record fines - 18:04