CBC: Health

Wednesday th 3rd of June 2009

Hydrogen peroxide summons wound-healing blood cells - 17:21

Montreal dad got to hospital in time, but still delivered wife's baby himself - 15:28

Diabetes drug may help fight cancer, mouse study suggests - 14:21

St. John's cancer specialist 'ecstatic' with PET scanner decision - 13:35

Eastern Health released cancer numbers under duress: documents - 13:35

Winnipeg paramedics might have contracted swine flu from patients - 13:35

Doctors see more cases of 'cellphone elbow' - 12:49

People with Down syndrome oppose universal prenatal testing - 10:56

WHO says swine flu cases approaching 20,000 - 10:35

'Secret' government documents left behind at news bureau: CTV - 10:35

Personal ties exposed in eHealth's untendered contracts - 03:28

Tuesday th 2nd of June 2009

EHealth storm may trigger reforms for taxpayer-funded consultants: McGuinty - 17:42

Swine flu 'getting closer' to pandemic level: WHO - 17:21

N.B. government proposes wage freeze laws for doctors, MLAs - 16:56

3 Nunavut children with swine flu recovering in hospital - 16:56

Space doctors outline astronaut's dangers and precautions - 16:56

Assign running, jumping, active play as homework: report - 16:14

Ombudsman faults inspection process in Quebec listeria outbreak - 14:42

Expand sex ed to all grades: report - 13:14

Look at restarting MAPLE reactors, isotope firm urges - 12:07

'Comedy of errors' delays opening of Moncton hospital's new wing - 08:42

Thousands in N.L. 'suffer hideously,' palliative care report finds - 08:42

Toronto man's death is the latest associated with swine flu - 08:42

Monday th 1st of June 2009

Third person in Canada to die with swine flu was from Ontario - 21:07

Babies use fewer words when hearing TV - 17:21

N.B. doctors, health department meet over proposed wage freeze - 16:14

Class action claim launched over doctor's alleged misreading of X-rays - 16:14

Inherited genes linked to testicular cancer genes found - 16:14

Ottawa hospitals struggle through isotope shortage - 14:21

Third party to review spending at eHealth Ontario - 14:21

New swine flu cases confirmed in N.W.T., Nunavut - 13:35

B.C. plan to cover costly eye drug raises potential conflict of interest, doctors say - 13:14

N.B. bill to fix firefighters compensation plan - 10:14

P.E.I. feels shortage of medical isotopes - 08:21

Sunday th 31st of May 2009

Breast cancer study misinterpreted: Quebec health minister - 22:35

Saturday th 30th of May 2009

Quebec re-examining breast cancer study - 12:28

Canada's swine flu case count rising - 09:28

Friday th 29th of May 2009

Quebec considers breast cancer treatment test monitoring - 18:07

Type 1 diabetes projected to double in young European children - 17:21

Researchers identify new deadly virus in Africa - 16:14

Nunavut confirms 1st swine flu case - 14:42

Manitoba scientists find gene abnormality that causes infant deaths - 14:21

$22M for upgrades to McMaster University's nuclear reactor - 12:28

Caffeinated chewing gum risky for children, doctors warn - 10:35

Eastern Health loosens cellphone policy - 08:43

Possibility of legislated wage freeze looms over N.B. doctors' meeting - 08:42

Anti-poverty groups slams 'callous' hike in seniors drug costs - 08:42

Thursday th 28th of May 2009

Aspirin: the versatile drug - 18:07

Aspirin's risks outweigh benefits for healthy people: review - 17:42

Health officials warn of TB patient on Alberta-to-B.C. bus - 15:28