CBC: Health

Thursday th 21st of August 2008

Despite expanding diagnostic imaging, Canada lags behind other developed countries - 13:56

Listeria FAQs - 12:49

Canadian HIV expert named to France's highest order - 12:28

Source of listeriosis outbreak investigated - 10:56

P.E.I. mental patients released too early: report - 09:07

Wednesday th 20th of August 2008

Stress of war on mothers linked to risk of schizophrenia - 19:56

University welcomes largest-ever class of med students - 15:49

Lasting relief from back pain found after posture lessons - 15:49

Cape Breton woman upset over paying again for medical records - 14:42

Parents give more reliable assessment of children's activity than kids: StatsCan - 13:35

Parenting: Easing the change to middle school - 11:42

Fewer teenage girls report having sex: StatsCan - 11:42

Some doctors wary new CMA president will expand private delivery - 10:56

Maple Leaf expands meat recall, closes Toronto plant - 10:35

Alberta may have 1st case of West Nile virus this year - 09:07

Alberta orders 2nd review into newborns' deadly infections - 09:07

West Nile: What you need to know - 07:35

Tuesday th 19th of August 2008

Juice blocks absorption of some drugs, study finds - 18:07

Trace arsenic levels in water linked to diabetes - 17:21

10 more cancer patients' results sent for retesting, Eastern Health says - 15:07

Cape Breton woman runs out of time, money for lung transplant - 14:42

Risk of high blood pressure higher among sleepier teens: study - 13:56

Length of hospital stays for mental illness hits record low: report - 12:07

Moncton Hospital to get new equipment for breast cancer screening - 09:49

Quebec's ex-health minister joins private health-care firm - 09:49

Next, federal government will weigh in on safety of printer inks, cosmetics - 08:21

Monday th 18th of August 2008

Art classes improve diagnostic skills of medical students - 16:56

West Nile patients recover over long term: study - 16:14

Clement questions MDs who favour safe injection sites - 15:49

Rain brings bumper mushroom crop to N.B. - 12:49

Sunday th 17th of August 2008

Stigma of mental illness common among Canadians: report - 23:21

Listeria concerns prompt beef recall - 09:49

Friday th 15th of August 2008

Regina woman infected with West Nile - 18:07

Chemical found in plastic bottles is safe: U.S. regulator - 15:07

Boys more likely to outgrow asthma, study shows - 14:21

Nova Scotia rolls out Avastin drug program - 11:21

Ice storm babies prone to developmental delays: study - 10:14

Thursday th 14th of August 2008

Teens lack judgment when driving, trauma study finds - 16:56

Manitoba investigates first West Nile cases of the summer - 16:35

Ontario hands out free bike helmets to kids - 15:28

Health Canada expands Natural Factors Ltd. product warning - 15:07

Focused radiation limits cancer spread: study - 14:21

New nurses quitting because of overwork, Alberta union says - 12:07

Antibiotic reactions send thousands of Americans to ERs: CDC - 10:56

Soldiers in combat at higher risk for binge drinking: U.S. study - 09:07

P.E.I. going digital with mammography - 08:21

Wednesday th 13th of August 2008

Earlier harvesting of hearts stirs ethics debate - 17:21

CMA honours Sherbrooke doctor who volunteers abroad - 15:28

Talks open to avert resignations of 3 gynecologic oncologists - 14:42

Project studies saliva test to assess breast cancer risk - 14:42