CBC: Health

Friday th 16th of May 2008

Pharmacists unhappy about new morning-after-pill availability - 11:28

Alberta consumers warned about possible beef E. coli contamination - 10:42

Vitamin D: Boning up on the sunshine vitamin - 09:56

Ontario to resume coverage of sex-change operations - 07:42

Cancer testing crisis too much to be handled alone, inquiry told - 05:49

Thursday th 15th of May 2008

Chemicals Ottawa's watching: The feds take a closer look at 17 substances - 16:21

Health Canada issues warning about Trophic's Kelp product - 15:56

Court finds HIV-positive man guilty - 15:14

Canadian researchers make autism diagnosis at 9 months: study - 14:28

Mixed reaction to merging Alberta health regions - 14:07

Ground beef recalled in British Columbia - 12:14

Canadians' drug spending on the rise, CIHI says - 12:14

Cancer inquiry questions have precedent, Kennedy insists - 08:07

P.E.I. about halfway through radiologist review - 05:28

Eastern Health 'a real blur' during early months, cancer inquiry told - 05:07

Wednesday th 14th of May 2008

Boy forced to get chemo treatments returned to parents - 16:21

No new treatment required in reviewed cases of Winnipeg pathologist - 16:21

MDs, patients stay to side as Williams decries inquiry - 12:14

Overworked, unsupported nurses more likely to report drug errors - 12:14

Discovery of HPV in male oral cancers leads to vaccination call - 11:07

Boy forced to get chemo treatments returned to parents - 09:14

Eastern Health sends written apology to breast cancer patients - 04:42

Tuesday th 13th of May 2008

Heavy pot smoking could raise risk of heart attack, stroke - 15:56

Montrealers to study genetic factors in autism - 14:28

Schools opt out of chance to see play dealing with drug addiction - 13:42

Alberta nurses rally for more workers, better work conditions - 12:35

Group calls for national policy to cover drugs for rare diseases - 11:07

Ontario considering partial restrictions on older drivers - 09:14

Williams out of bounds with cancer inquiry criticism: Gomery - 08:28

Williams rejects bullying accusations over cancer inquiry - 05:07

Monday th 12th of May 2008

Alberta to cover drug treatment for teen with rare muscle disorder - 15:56

If stressed, men more likely to crave alcohol than women: study - 15:35

Health Canada issues lobster tomalley advisory - 13:21

Despite criticism, electroshock therapy commonly used in depression - 11:28

Judge grills lawyer as N.L. probes cancer inquiry rules - 10:21

Saturday th 10th of May 2008

Breast cancer inquiry could ruin N.L. health system: minister - 10:21

Quarantined train arrives in Toronto, passengers relieved - 09:35

Friday th 9th of May 2008

Boy seized by child welfare to make sure he gets chemotherapy - 19:42

Criticism of natural health products Bill C-51 mounts - 16:42

Edmonton doctor loses medical licence - 16:21

Phoney drugs a growing threat in developing countries: report - 14:28

Cholera: Disease of disaster - 13:42

Cancer test data errors should have been caught: official - 11:49

Rising food costs: Are they sabotaging nutrition? - 11:28

Via train quarantined in northern Ontario, 1 dead - 10:42

Williams lashes cancer inquiry for 'inquisitorial methods' - 07:42

Thursday th 8th of May 2008

Sask. nurses vote to strike - 17:07

Ultrasound before CT in appendicitis diagnosis: Study - 15:14

Health authority had concerns about pathologist, inquiry told - 14:28

N.B. government to host uranium information sessions - 10:21