CBC: Health

Thursday th 16th of October 2008

Canadians urged to get flu shots despite problems - 13:07

Alberta delivers good news for midwives, expectant mothers - 12:42

CFIA recalls strawberry sour milk due to melamine contamination - 10:28

Cellphone use may trigger skin allergy, doctors warn - 10:07

Nova Scotia revamps food allergy rules for schools - 08:49

Wednesday th 15th of October 2008

Proposed test may help reveal deadliest liver cancers - 16:21

Ontario failing adults with autism spectrum disorders: report - 15:14

Regina babies recovering from C. difficile outbreak: health region - 15:14

Brain signals revive paralyzed muscles in monkeys - 14:49

The winter weight-gain blues - 13:21

Sweet malaria pill goes down easier for children: study - 13:21

Stroke on P.E.I.? 'God help you,' says doctor - 12:35

Ancient bones show tuberculosis older than thought - 12:35

CFIA updates warning over No Name flour - 09:42

Wash hands with soap to prevent disease, UNICEF tells kids - 08:35

Tuesday th 14th of October 2008

Dangerous bacteria hit newborns in Regina hospital - 20:35

B vitamins no help in slowing Alzheimer's: study - 16:49

Drinking leads to shrinking, brain study suggests - 14:14

China issues blanket recall of milk for melamine testing - 12:42

Web searches boost aging brain beyond books: study - 11:35

Turn down personal music players, EU warns youth - 10:49

'Go back to basics' on health care, WHO tells governments - 08:56

Monday th 13th of October 2008

High caffeine intake linked to worsening of some breast cancers: study - 15:21

Bedbugs should be declared a health hazard: councillor - 14:56

Sunday th 12th of October 2008

More genetic baldness links uncovered - 12:21

Friday th 10th of October 2008

Economic downturn poses threat to mental health: WHO - 14:14

Strep strain not a widespread threat: health officials - 13:07

Nurses trying to undermine contract, N.L. health boards claim - 10:49

Morgentaler receives Order of Canada in Quebec City - 10:49

Thursday th 9th of October 2008

Advocates want funding restored for community AIDS programs - 19:07

N.L. nurses say employers threatening discipline over job action - 16:28

Chinatown restaurant closed after rat spied in window - 15:15

Drug makers to change codeine labels to prevent overdose in babies - 15:15

Check driving ability of seniors with dementia: study - 13:49

Most recent listeria finding 'very, very low' says Maple Leaf CEO - 13:49

New rules could lead to fewer doctors for rural Sask. - 12:21

Canadian researchers call for end to 'politicization' of science - 11:35

Strep outbreak kills 10 in Thunder Bay area - 10:49

Auditor says Ontario should post wait times for every surgeon - 09:21

Friendship will keep hospitals ticking, minister says amid nurses' campaign - 07:28

Computer records at dump, breast cancer inquiry learns - 07:28

Tests results show extent of listeria contamination, experts say - 04:49

4 more products test positive for listeria at Maple Leaf's Toronto plant - 00:42

Wednesday th 8th of October 2008

CFIA told to warn public about tainted meat days before advisory - 22:28

Scientists construct genetic map for malaria parasites - 15:21

BPA linked to chemotherapy resistance - 15:21

Honey to treat burns? Sweet - 14:14

Paramedics protest in Vancouver over underfunding of ambulance service - 11:54

China milk victims may have doubled to over 90,000 - 11:28

Dunn's smoked meat may contain listeria: CFIA - 11:28