CBC: Health

Wednesday th 1st of March 2017

Saskatoon medical marijuana producer gets clean bill of health after voluntarily submitting pot for testing - 13:31

WHO sees bird flu changes, calls risk of spread in people low - 09:21

Tuesday th 28th of February 2017

'Strong evidence' of link between obesity and some major cancers, new study finds - 19:01

Implant offers new help for blurry close-up vision - 17:31

Hospital's gender gap hasn't improved in 15 years - 17:01

Mumps outbreak prompts warning to Manitoba parents - 16:01

'Super-high' levels of mercury still leaking near Grassy Narrows, report suggests - 15:31

'I will give up a kidney': Canadian seeks aid for family trapped in Libyan conflict - 14:01

Make HIV testing easier in Atlantic Canada with new insti-kits, professor advises - 12:32

'I feel like a failure': Moms still being shamed for choosing formula over breastfeeding - 05:31

Monday th 27th of February 2017

Review into Hugh Papik's death calls for cultural training for health care workers - 17:31

Doctors 'should interact with kids and their families about smoking,' Canadian task force says - 13:31

'You can lose everything': Tenant's medical marijuana grow-op costs landlord insurance - 10:21

When there's no energy left to cook: New P.E.I.-based group shares simple recipes - 09:21

Universal public coverage of essential drugs would improve health care, research suggests - 00:31

Sunday th 26th of February 2017

Publicly funding dental care could help ease the fentanyl crisis, and more - 16:31

'Off-label' antidepressant use lacks evidence, and a link between math skills and your health - 08:31

MDs under pressure: U.S. Navy SEAL training adapted to help Canadian doctors fight stress - 05:31

Saturday th 25th of February 2017

3D printer lets surgeons hold a child's heart before surgery starts - 09:31

Asylum seekers learning to cope without hands after frostbitten walk into Canada - 08:31

What's in your chicken sandwich? DNA test shows Subway sandwiches could contain just 50% chicken - 08:31

Friday th 24th of February 2017

5 Vancouver Canucks sidelined due to mumps - 20:21

Quebec MNA says consider 'advanced consent' for Alzheimer's patients in assisted dying law - 19:01

5 Vancouver Canucks benched due to mumps - 19:01

Thousands of Northern B.C. patients' X-rays, CT scans and ultrasounds may have been misread - 18:01

Millions at risk from African famine in Lake Chad region:UN - 12:31

Canopy Growth CEO apologizes over tainted medical marijuana - 08:51

Toronto Public Health concerned new anti-HIV drug could contribute to spread of other STDs - 05:31

Deadly overdoses involving heroin multiplied over 5 years, U.S. study finds - 04:01

Thursday th 23rd of February 2017

Mumps makes a comeback in Canada and the U.S. - 19:01

Depression top cause of disability, WHO says - 18:31

The truth about fat: the body's least understood organ - 13:31

Ontario teacher who told students they 'could die' from vaccines found guilty of professional misconduct - 09:31

'Such courage': How one First Nation is fighting opioid addiction - 05:02

Wednesday th 22nd of February 2017

'It's a silent disease': popular heartburn drugs linked to gradual kidney damage - 18:01

Health Canada approves sale of irradiated ground beef - 17:01

SodaStream recalls bottles that could burst and cause injury - 16:32

Why life expectancy in Canada, other countries is reaching 'breathtaking' levels - 15:01

Hate the gym? History explains why the treadmill can feel like torture - 13:31

Re-thinking Canada's Food Guide 'a tall order', but P.E.I. dietitians have suggestions - 11:31

Sask. mom speaks out after boy, 12, severely burned having cast removed - 11:31

Ontario teacher faces discipline for allegedly telling students they 'could die' from vaccination - 09:01

Do we still need 3 square meals a day and breakfast in the morning? - 05:31

Tuesday th 21st of February 2017

$30K fine proposed for nurse who vented online about grandfather's care - 13:01

Exercise, keeping weight down help prevent breast cancer recurrence, review finds - 12:31

'She was actually burning from it,' Manitoba mom says about toddler's cast removal - 12:01

'Keep our kids from dying': Ottawa dad pens letter warning of overdoses - 09:31

91% vs. 47%: Why vaccination rates are so different in these neighbouring Alberta towns - 09:01

Monday th 20th of February 2017

U.S. teen suicide attempts fell as same-sex marriage became legal - 16:21

Fish still healthy, but study suggests species with more mercury may be linked to ALS - 16:21