CBC: Health

Saturday th 17th of June 2017

Canadian Blood Services pleading for donors as blood shortage reaches 'critical' level - 10:11

SECOND OPINION | The science of sitting - 07:22

Friday th 16th of June 2017

Probation lifted at McGill's med school, but accrediting body slams program's diversity - 14:02

'Please don't ask for tranquillizers': Doctor's note to First Nations patients has chief calling for apology - 13:02

Frontline workers meet to find new strategies to combat B.C.'s opioid crisis - 11:32

Teen vaping rates fall in U.S., survey finds - 10:32

How to stay safe when lightning strikes - 07:51

Thursday th 15th of June 2017

Study shows unhealthy scepticism about flu shot - 16:21

3 brands of travel bassinets recalled - 15:52

Bird flu could spread more easily among humans through 3 mutations: researchers - 14:22

How a men-only support group is helping those struggling with chronic pain - 13:51

Canada lags when it comes to child hunger, violence: UNICEF ranking - 10:22

Nature's Path recalling granola for possible listeria contamination - 09:22

Flint water crisis: Deceased man at centre of case lived there all his life - 08:22

Legalizing cannabis could help reduce opioid use: experts - 08:22

Canadians can be smug about our health care system when public coverage extends to dental care - 04:22

Wednesday th 14th of June 2017

Body Mass Index flawed measure of healthy body weight, U of C study suggests - 15:52

'It's been a roller-coaster': Patient questions $750K price tag for life-changing drug - 13:21

Supervised-injection site proposed for downtown Calgary health centre - 12:22

Do you shower before swimming in public pools? - 12:22

Canadian assisted dying laws challenged by Montrealers with degenerative diseases - 11:22

'This isn't living, this is existing,' says Winnipeg man who hasn't been out of bed in 4 months - 08:52

Polio outbreaks hit Congo in new eradication setback - 08:22

Michigan health chief charged in Flint water probe - 08:22

Tuesday th 13th of June 2017

Police officers agitate people with autism, worsen situation in a third of encounters, study finds - 15:31

Ontario researchers to study dust for carcinogens after Fort McMurray fire - 15:02

Soccer star Christine Sinclair embarks on personal mission to help fight MS - 14:31

Edmonton philanthropist left millions to enhance health care in city he loved - 13:02

Baseball program for kids with disabilities catches on in Alberta - 09:32

Doctors challenge Ontario policy requiring referral for services that clash with morals - 08:32

Maldives, Bhutan have eliminated measles: WHO - 08:01

This N.L. man overcame cancer, obesity while training for road race - 08:01

Blood glucose testing offers little value to some Type 2 diabetes patients: study - 04:31

Monday th 12th of June 2017

Ontario announces new funding, naloxone distribution plan in battle against opioid crisis - 18:32

'It's going to get worse before it gets better:' federal health minister on opioid crisis - 18:31

Sweet sizzlin' beans: Fancy names may boost healthy dining - 11:42

About 30% of the world's population now overweight, study finds - 11:11

Syrian refugee's baby born with brain outside her skull survives surgery - 08:52

'Poor performer': Study finds Canada pays more for prescription drugs than other wealthy countries - 08:22

Sunday th 11th of June 2017

Musical Ride horses help build character and confidence for troubled youth - 04:31

Saturday th 10th of June 2017

Extreme cold may affect results from roadside drug-screening devices: report - 16:22

Senator Nicole Eaton gave kidney through paired donation to help her husband - 12:32

SECOND OPINION | Home blood pressure readings are off the mark, and a sex guide for scientists - 07:21

Health Canada considers sweeping ban on junk food ads aimed at children and teens - 05:51

Pokemon No Go: Research shows gaming fad's physical fitness appeal was limited - 04:52

Canada hit with another flour recall, more illnesses due to 2nd E. coli outbreak - 04:21

Friday th 9th of June 2017

Newborns sickened with Legionnaire's disease in home water births - 15:31

FDA asks drugmaker to stop selling opioid painkiller Opana ER - 10:31

The slow killer: living with HIV on campus - 09:32

Windsor, Ont. pharmacist uses pool cue to fight off knife-wielding man demanding opioids - 09:01