CBC: Health

Tuesday th 27th of June 2017

'World's largest sleep study' seeks online volunteers - 12:02

California to list glyphosate as cancer-causing - 11:33

FIFA didn't follow its own concussion guidelines at 2014 World Cup: study - 10:32

'Quite remarkable': Roberto Osuna's anxiety disclosure could encourage others who are struggling - 04:22

Monday th 26th of June 2017

22 million more Americans would become uninsured under Senate health-care bill, CBO estimates - 19:11

Nunavut announces most comprehensive, cohesive, suicide prevention plan to date - 18:42

22 million Americans would become uninsured under Senate health-care bill, CBO estimates - 16:52

Dal medical school now screens character traits of would-be doctors - 15:32

'Deception must end': Medical journal takes aim at naturopathic remedies - 12:02

'Deception must end': Medical journal takes aim at naturopathic remedies - 08:32

'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli's trial starts today in Brooklyn, N.Y. - 07:32

Sunday th 25th of June 2017

Banning of junk food sales in Canadian schools having a positive effect: study - 15:02

Embodying Barbie: Cosmetic gynecology on the rise in Canada - 10:32

Cholera cases in Yemen now more 200,000 - 10:02

Saturday th 24th of June 2017

Freezing frenzy: Cryotherapy makes big promises despite dearth of evidence - 06:12

Fentanyl spiral: How the guilt and shame of addiction stole a B.C.'s man's life - 04:22

SECOND OPINION | Scary cancer statistic is not personal - 04:22

Friday th 23rd of June 2017

Federal government announces funding for midwifery services in Indigenous communities - 15:31

Women losing out over hormone therapy fears, some experts say - 10:31

Alberta Health Services employee suspended for texting racial slur to Indigenous woman - 07:32

With legalization a year away, experts offer tips on minimizing pot harm - 07:32

Opioids prescribed for pets might be going to humans, vet warns - 04:32

Thursday th 22nd of June 2017

Hints of some steps that may boost brain health in old age - 14:22

U.S. rejects UN call for access to safe abortions - 11:22

Doctors 'gun shy' to prescribe opioids hurting those in pain, say experts - 09:52

Wednesday th 21st of June 2017

Alcohol responsible for more hospital admissions than heart attacks last year: report - 23:22

Children's weight, physical activity linked to parents': report - 13:12

U.S. Supreme Court ruling may hurt claims of talc link to cancer - 10:51

Vaccines can be blamed for illnesses without proof: EU court - 09:22

Coconut oil health claims not all they're cracked up to be, says new study - 08:52

Tuesday th 20th of June 2017

Canada's pharma companies disclose payments to doctors for 1st time - 20:51

More Robin Hood products added to Canada's E. coli flour recall - 18:52

More Robin Hood products added to Canada's E. coli flour recall - 17:52

Belgium fights for its famous fries after EU deems them unsafe - 14:52

What Google searches reveal about the human psyche - 12:52

Yoga as good for low back pain as physiotherapy: study - 10:53

Indigenous people need resources 24/7 to cut suicide rates, committee recommends - 09:01

1 in 2 Canadians will get cancer: Cancer Society - 08:31

CanadaDrugs.com still has Manitoba pharmacy licence - 08:02

'Killing our youth': Natuashish leaders call for crackdown on bootlegging - 04:32

'Our new normal': Hard-hit Ohio community fears opioid overdoses will be perpetual crisis - 04:32

Monday th 19th of June 2017

Health Canada warns of shortage of drug used in critical care, chemo, other conditions - 10:42

6 Canadians accused of selling counterfeit cancer drugs to U.S. doctors - 08:12

Does your doctor get money from drug companies? It's not easy to find out - 04:21

Sunday th 18th of June 2017

'I just started hating myself': Young people dying as stigma, misunderstanding prevent HIV treatment - 13:52

On Father's Day: How my daughter's essay shed a new light on my Parkinson's diagnosis - 13:22

'Exponential' whooping cough outbreak in Alberta has officials urging immunization - 08:21

Need for Ontario midwives 'past the tipping point,' say pros - 06:22

One year after Canada's medically assisted dying law, patients face uneven access - 05:21

Saturday th 17th of June 2017

Cookie dough sold through fundraisers added to national E. coli flour recall - 13:32