CBC: Health

Friday th 10th of March 2017

'Our complacency will be paid for in full with children's lives,' warns Indigenous health care advocate - 15:01

Ontario and Quebec sign health-care deals with federal government - 11:02

Woman with diabetes, anemia struggling after special diet funds slashed - 09:31

Buckley's maker voluntarily recalls 6 syrups over potential choking hazard - 09:01

Thursday th 9th of March 2017

Zika virus linked to heart problems in some adults - 16:51

Abortion pill available at HSC in Winnipeg — but patients will pay - 15:21

Diet changes key to manage 'silent killer' of chronic kidney disease - 14:21

Marijuana producer moves to get ahead of tainted pot concerns - 12:21

Why this specific form of exercise helps keep muscle cells young - 09:31

Cheaper hospital parking across Quebec to start April 1 - 09:01

'May the rights of loving parents be restored': Alberta couple fight conviction in son's meningitis death - 09:01

Wednesday th 8th of March 2017

Liberal backbenchers defy cabinet wishes and vote to enact genetic discrimination law - 21:01

Quadriplegic Manitoba politician wants presumed consent for organ donation - 17:51

'Scientific quackery': UBC study says it's debunked controversial MS procedure - 13:01

Obesity in pregnancy tied to cerebral palsy risk in kids - 11:31

Justin Trudeau marks International Women's Day with $650M for reproductive rights - 09:31

Auditor general finds Nunavut's support of health-care workers lacking - 09:01

Parents make tough decision to save sick son by having a 'saviour sibling' - 09:01

Tuesday th 7th of March 2017

Insurance lobby could be linked to cabinet opposition to genetic discrimination bill, senator says - 19:01

Syrian children show symptoms of 'toxic stress' after 6 years of war, report says - 18:01

Not 'just girl problems': A Calgary woman's 6-year fight to validate her period pain - 15:02

Ontario doctors bracing for possible job action, clinic closures, OMA says - 14:31

Research explores brain injury in women exposed to domestic violence - 11:31

'We are failing children inside Syria,' mental health adviser says - 09:21

Monday th 6th of March 2017

Snowbirds may soon be allowed 8 months in U.S., but could risk provincial health benefits - 19:51

Chemotherapy drug shortage delays treatment north of Toronto - 19:21

Children with disabilities may face higher risk of abuse - 15:01

What rubella vaccine can teach us about fighting Zika virus - 13:01

5 reasons you won't get children's fitness and arts tax credits for 2017 - 09:21

Thomas Starzl, first surgeon to perform a liver transplant, dead at 90 - 00:31

Zika complications in Canadian travellers surprise researcher - 00:31

Sunday th 5th of March 2017

Unhealthy, polluted environments kill 1.7 million children each year: WHO - 20:01

Big pharma and patient advocacy groups, plus how much pee is in that pool? - 08:31

Saturday th 4th of March 2017

Parents should know 'there are options' in Canada for cerebral palsy surgery, father says - 10:01

The fresh, young face of Ottawa's fentanyl tragedy - 05:21

Friday th 3rd of March 2017

Meet the Montreal optician on a radical mission to make glasses affordable for everyone - 20:01

Alberta doctors given new rules for prescribing opioids - 18:11

10 days, 8 more cases: Manitoba mumps outbreak continues to spread - 17:11

Airbnb, similar rentals may draw smokers as hotels butt out - 15:21

Manitoba takes step to negotiate health-care deal with Ottawa - 14:21

Here's why health care funds for First Nations children aren't being spent - 12:51

How prescription heroin worked when nothing else would for Bridgewater woman - 11:01

Hospital TV bill leaves family frustrated: 'What they're charging is not right' - 09:01

Thursday th 2nd of March 2017

Ontario health-care workers struggle to track spread of fentanyl epidemic - 18:51

Ebola health care worker dies after childbirth in Liberia - 12:51

Mould from penicillin discoverer auctioned off - 12:01

No pediatricians in Yarmouth has health authority 'urgently' trying to recruit - 08:32

Subway defends its chicken after CBC Marketplace report - 08:32

Wednesday th 1st of March 2017

3 people in Ontario contract Seoul virus spread by rats - 20:51

Genetic discrimination bill could turn into a showdown between MPs and justice minister - 18:21