AP Health

Wednesday th 21st of May 2008

Bush signs bill outlawing genetic discrimination - 15:56

Merck ends study of cholesterol drug - 15:56

Tuesday th 20th of May 2008

A grim diagnosis: Kennedy's brain cancer is worst kind - 16:56

Problems rare but more likely in teen blood donors - 16:14

Google makes health service publicly available - 08:07

Monday th 19th of May 2008

Those with rare diseases offered a chance for free treatment - 17:07

Do we know enough about presidential health? - 15:14

68 pct. of young drivers killed at night unbuckled - 15:14

Myanmar health system strained by cyclone - 05:07

Friday th 16th of May 2008

Survival of quake victims depends on many factors - 17:28

FDA stresses birth defect risks with Roche drug - 12:35

Drug combo helps women with advanced breast cancer - 00:35

Thursday th 15th of May 2008

Study finds heart risks in young cancer survivors - 20:28

More cancer patients having whole breast removed - 20:28

Tips on getting vitamin D for cancer prevention - 20:28

Vitamin D may help curb breast cancer, study finds - 20:28

Canada eyes OTC sale of Plan B `morning-after' pill - 18:14

People over 60 urged to get one-time shingles shot - 14:28

TV drug ads may have to zoom in on side effects - 13:21

9-year-old girl's twin is found inside her stomach - 07:21

Global market expected to drive cancer drug growth - 01:21

Indonesia to provide bird flu data online - 00:35

Wednesday th 14th of May 2008

Study likely spells end for anti-bleeding drug - 15:14

Doctors told to check up on heart device patients - 13:21

Tuesday th 13th of May 2008

Government to unveil fitness test for adults - 23:28

Study: Over half of Americans on chronic medicines - 23:28

Disclosing drug makers payments to docs gets boost - 16:21

Exercise may protect girls from future breast cancer - 15:14

Monday th 12th of May 2008

Genetically modified human embryo stirs criticism - 17:07

Study: Older brains don't benefit from painkillers - 15:14

Nagging via text messages to help teens remember meds - 13:42

Sunday th 11th of May 2008

Families will make case for vaccine link to autism - 11:28

Saturday th 10th of May 2008

South Korea to double Tamiflu stockpile - 05:49

Friday th 9th of May 2008

Flu vaccine makers to set new doses record for next season - 12:56

77 more hepatitis cases may trace to clinic, officials say - 09:14

Thursday th 8th of May 2008

Feds: Teen use of pot can lead to dependency, mental illness - 23:49

Armstrong urges Congress to renew war on cancer - 22:21

More than half of US diabetics have arthritis - 15:56

Medical know-how raises suicide risk for doctors - 14:49

New rule would limit insurers contact with elderly, disabled - 12:56

Wednesday th 7th of May 2008

Chantix recommended to quit smoking despite safety concerns - 18:14

Too much, too little sleep tied to ill health in CDC study - 10:21

Tuesday th 6th of May 2008

Charges dropped against doctor over autistic boy's death - 19:21

China accuses US of shoddy probe into tainted heparin - 15:35

Calling all carbs: Dietitian hired to arrest officer obesity - 14:49

European athletes in asthma study at Beijing Olympics - 13:21

Pandemic flu threat remains substantial, health experts say - 11:07

WHO fears Myanmar disease outbreaks in wake of cyclone - 10:21

Veterans chief says there was no-cover up on suicide data - 09:35

10M children worldwide die from lack of health care - 02:28